Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas have Bonded Well on the set of Creature-3D!

It is always a pleasure when out Pakistani celebrities are welcomed outside the country and are respected and appreciated for their work, and not criticized for vulgarity. Adding his name in the hit list, Imran Abbas is now enjoying his time on the sets of his upcoming Bollywood Movie Creature which is a 3D movie. What makes this movie worth watching is its cast which includes Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas in lead roles. 

We have been sharing much of the stuff on the movie updates, highlighting the pictures, the news and what not with our readers but what we have today to share with you all is the fact that Bipasha has found Imran as a lovely person to work with and is highly impressed by Imran’s Hindi.

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Sharing a tweet about his hindi. Bipasha revealed that it is Imran Abbas who is polishing her hindi skills on the set and keeps telling her to communicate in hindi on the sets. She said that Imran and she enjoys a good bond and often play UNO and LUDO on sets when free to fight against the cold harsh climate.

The actress said:

Imran’s Hindi is flawless. So, I have made sure that we interact only in Hindi on the sets of film. The unit of Creature is super fun. I and my co-star, Imran, have bonded well. In between shots, it’s either Uno (card game) or Ludo (board game) or some other kind of game that we all play to get distracted from the cold”

We have been watching many photo shares of the two on social media and according to the analysts of Bollywood industry, Creature movie can be a good beginning of Imran Abbas’s acting career in India.

These days, the actor is hated for his role of Adeel in drama serial “Dil-e-Muzter” and appreciated for his work as an actor by his fans!

More power to him,


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  • Salam.
    I think we all appreciate Pakistani actors working abroad, but one thing I am unable to comprehend is that: why are these 'Muslim' actors so desperate to work in India, of all countries? I mean, there are so many other places to work in, but these people chose India, out of all of them! India, I mean seriously?! India is that one country that doesn't give a damn about Pakistan's welfare or success, and oh my God, these actors are so…so troubled about the fact that they are not offered of films in India, or that their films are not such a big hit there, or that their performance in the current film is worth applause or not. We Pakistani Muslims are not so cheap, or worthless, and we have a pride of our own. And, I am afraid to say, these actors are shattering it. Astaghfirullah hul Azeem. May Allah guide them and us all. :)

    • App jesey log hi hay jin ki wajay se hum Pakistanio ka naam kharab hay aur hamerey actors aur actresses khud pakistan main itney popular nahi hay jitnay bhar mulko main hay. What do you mean desperate? They are not desperate, their job is to ACT so they are acting where ever they get the best offers from. Please jahilo jesi batein apney pas rakhey.

      • khalil rightly said, acting is bread and butter of any actor, and he has to act to make his living whether its in their own country or somewhere else. Its same like other professions, many people went to abroad for earning even india, many traders trade with india, many patients go to india for treatment. Are all such persons cheap, worthless and not have pride of their own or do they shatter our dignity.

        Lets be fair and have same yardsticks for all professions, whether its showbiz or trade, employment, health services, or whatever, a professional has the right to work anywhere in his own field. Anyone given an opportunity would love to take his picture with any indian actor, but when someone from pakistan works there why we have our eye brows raised. India is the only country, where our actor can act in their native language, where else they should act, farsi films or arabic films, first choice of an actor is always their native language. Many english speaking actors from australia, newzealand, south africa and england work in hollywood for the very same reason, similarly many latin american actors work in spanish films as their native language is same.

  • Previously, all pakistani male actor worked in indian films have failed to left an impact, Muhammad Ali, Nadeem and Moammar Rana are prime examples. Lets see how it goes with Imran Abbas. Come to female actors, it is a mix story, Zeba Bakhtiar enjoyed success with her first film, anita ayub failed badly, while meera and veena malik have also failed to make their presence felt. A British pakistani femal actor salma agha also enjoyed some success in indian films.

  • Why would Vikram Bhatt who hasn't seen any work of Imran Abbas before would cast him in film "Creature"? The fact is Creature is a different genre film much like Jurassic Park and there is no BIG main lead required (Bhatt's are good at saving money) for this film. The HERO of the film is the animal "Creature" itself along with Bipasha. Imran plays one of the 2 male leads which includes a former Indian idol contestant!!!

  • this guy wont survive bollywood, he`s a dumb model,
    why humaima is not taking offers from mahesh bhatt?
    shes so hot