Turkish Dramas On Hum TV

The latest news is that Hum TV is going to be the next in line to air dubbed Turkish plays despite of all the criticism that the other channels that are airing the dramas are facing. It is a very disappointing development because Hum TV is one of the most favorite Pakistani channels. Hum TV has always promoted good Pakistani dramas. It has made a unique name for itself in all these years. It is very sad that Hum TV feels that they may lose the TRP race if they do not air Turkish dramas.

Even with all the wonderful dramas that are airing on Hum TV right now, they must feel that it is not enough. We may hear a lot of criticism against Turkish dramas but this move by Hum TV goes to prove that people do in fact follow these plays and even prefer them over some of the Pakistani plays.

It seems like the craze for Turkish plays is rising like an epidemic and all the fears and insecurities of our celebrities who were against these plays are turning out to be true.

Since its inception in 2005 Hum TV has worked very actively to revive the drama industry in Pakistan and has done a very good job of it too. From time to time some Indian shows were being aired on Hum TV but never has been a foreign drama aired on the channel. From time to time some Indian shows were being aired on Hum TV but never has been a foreign drama aired on the channel.

What do you think about this latest development? Do you think Hum TV is justified in taking this decision? Does this mean that no channel in Pakistan can be on the top until and unless it airs Turkish dramas? Please share your views.

  • It is just not right. Why are we broadcasting other dramas when our own Pakistani dramas are doing great? Someone has got to stop this. I was so proud because hum tv hadn't broadcasted any Turkish dramas, but last night I saw a promo and I was shocked.hum tv is one of the most popular channels which air dramas. The why do they need to stoop so low? quite disappointing.

  • I think it's not bad to air Turkish dramas. We will get to see a new look in dramas. And it's not bad!
    Don't curse turkish dramas, they are channels who are buying them to get good price and that's all :)

    • i also think there is no harm in telecasting turkish dramas, at least these are better than the over-acted, poor-acted. horribly-scripted indian dramas which are regularly telecasted on our channels.

    • No harm in airing few Turkish dramas. It's nice to have freedom of choice. Those who don't want to watch Turkish dramas can stick to local dramas only. I don't understand what the fuss is about?!

    • I only agree with your second point which is why channels ar actually buying such crap? But totally disagree with the first one! We should not air any Turkish, American or Indian content on any of our Pakistani channels as Foreign doesn't air ours.

    • How are they better? Content wise? No, our content is better, in all aspects. Story wise? Not at all! Cast wise? No, Pakistan has better legendary actors and actresses. Then how are they better?

    • Agree with you. Turkish dramas are far superior in terms of acting skills, style of direction, cinematography and over all production value. We watch Indian films, play Indian songs on weddings, love to know about Rambir Kapoor and
      Martina Kaif. However we get fit of patriotism when it comes to Turkish dramas. Mind boggles!!

      • I believe that the topic of this article is not about which is better, but about news that another leading channel airing Turkish dramas. There is no need to mention which is better or not because in the given circumstances, Pakistani dramas are doing an exceptional job.

        • Pakistani dramas are good and they are doing very well. Comparison between pakistani and Turkish drama is natural and why u annoyed on by other peoples opinion. We all have equal right to express opinions. Please calm down

      • Which world do you live in man? It is as if comparing Avatar to Krishh or Titanic to Veer Zara. Turkey is a much more liberal country than ours and more open to entertainment. It is only recently that Pakistanis have turned to dramas in large numbers. Ours is an industry in work in progress phase whereas Turkey is way ahead of us because they have a larger scale of production. Our drama do not have the potential yet to earn crores and hence the budget is far lesser and this leads to normal quality. I think that within the next few years we may reach a greater level but if people like you remain to degrade local stuff I hardly see the industry progressing.

  • I dont like turkish dramaz at all. they dont show our culture but are so called "MODERN". i think that these dramas shuld not b shown on our channels. HUM TV is the best wid there pakistani dramas. they dont need to show these turkish dramaz just bcoz they have a demand. i think its not a development its a destruction of our industry.

  • i don't know what has happened to our channels. why they aare airing so much foreign contenet. strongly condemn the airing of foreign content. HUM TV disappointed alot :(

    • hum tv was first to air indian show called utran, before criticising please get your facts straight, they do this so indian channel can play pakistani shows in return, they went into agreement with colors tv like that, you never know they will dub thier shows to air in turkey?? please be positive poeple and stop critisicing just for the heck of it, hum tv network is run by smart people who know how to trade atleast and pormote pak serials!

      • & can you please stop posting the same comment again & again on the same thread? It's very annoying

  • Hum tv is probably the worst channel they played safe now airing the drama. Smh hum tv owners are puppets of India!

  • The actual threat were Indian dramas and shows,it is always ridiculous how openly these Indian shows has been played on our channels from past so many years. No step was taken against that,honestly if anyone of us wanted to watch those stupid Indian dramas we could have simply switched that particular Indian channel but no,some *GREAT* people forcefully attracted audience to these dramas through unlimited advertisement!

    As for the Turkish dramas,I totally I agree with the fact that it is bring nothing but vulgarity in our culture. Our industry just think on their individual benefits,they are not concerned about the whole development of industry and that's the reason why we are behind Indian Industry.

    Have you ever seen any Pakistani shows/dramas being played on Indian media? or ad made my Pakistan being played on Indian channels? Though we are far better than them but no! they will never play our dramas,why? Because they know it will collapse their industry.

    • hum tv was first to air indian show called utran, before criticising please get your facts straight, they do this so indian channel can play pakistani shows in return, they went into agreement with colors tv like that, you never know they will dub thier shows to air in turkey?? please be positive poeple and stop critisicing just for the heck of it, hum tv network is run by smart people who know how to trade atleast and pormote pak serials!

      also pakistani dramas are very vulgar also, they dont show skin but themes are horrible, waderas sleeping with naukraanis, sisters sleeping with brother in laws, teachers sleeping with 16 year school boys, these are stories from hum tv and geo ary drams such as 'mera saeein', 'ulo barei farokhth', 'maat' etc. give me a break, your argument is flawed,most shows you cant watch with family ok. pak serials are very bold and vulgar too.

      • Get your facts correct first dear,Hum Tv is not the first channel to play Indian material. Even before utran our channels were continuously playing their other shows . Acha so they went into agreement? It has been years our channels are playing their material but they have not yet played any of ours? For you information let me tell you that by Indian law no Indian channel can play Pakistani dramas/shows and Pakistani channels are banned there. People who watch Pakistani channels in India are only this who has dish,so talk with knowledge or better not.

        I agree with the fact that many of our dramas has extremely pathetic themes but don't forget that they were badly criticized. You can no way compare Pakistani dramas with Turkish/Indian dramas/shows. It's just not about showing "skin" it's alot more than that. And by the way you are saying to be positive? We are already over positive nation,we got our ads made from India and what happened in the end? Brought our Ad industry to dead end? That's what you called as to be "positive" ?
        They promote us with people like Veena Malik,Mona Liza or great artist like Ali Zafar doing bold scenes,to you that is our culture? That is how we are to be promoted.

  • Hum Tv has disappoint us badlyyy! We say the leaders of Pakistan arent good enough but what about others? Are they thinking about the development of their industry or development of their bank accounts?
    If Pakistani audience are sincere to their industry then they must not watch these dramas,because every time you will watch,you will be among those who are increasing the TRP so indirectly you are encouraging them.

  • HUM TV has been the only channel who was the torch bearer of Pakistani styled drama since 2005, it was the time when most of the dramas on GEO and ARY digital (the other two main channels) were greatly impressed from indian soaps like kajal, kuch kahi unkahi on GEO. Also GEO and ARY digital are two channels who don’t spare any moment to onair indian content on special occasions, like Eid and national holidays. They onair indian content in prime time as well, there is a race of on-airing indian content in these two channels, GEO regularly onairs an indian award show every weekend, while indian films and indian dramas are must have for this channel. Come to ARY it is also not behind GEO, it announces with great honor and pride that BIG Boss will be on-aired ‘exclusively’ for Pakistani audience on ARY. Whatever veena did in big boss was criticized being unethical, vulgar blah blah, there was not a single line of condemnation for ARY which onaired this unethical, vulgar show. The practice of GEO and ARY is still the same, indian content is onaired daily on these two. Come to less famous channels, Express Entertainment, Urdu 1, APlus, TV One also regularly onairs indian dramas, reality shows and films.
    HUM TV has been a distinction, they also onair indian content it includes reality shows and dramas. But these are never onaired in prime time, the only drama Utran is onaired before 7 pm and the reality dance shows were onaired at 9:45 pm, late in nite. Also in the whole year HUM onairs three to four indian movies mostly on Eid. So their prime time slot has always been reserved for Pakistani content. So credit must goes to Sultana Sidiqi for sticking with the policy of promoting Pakistani content.
    For Turkish dramas, we have to see at which time these are onaired, if these are onaired in prime time (from 7 pm – 10 pm) then it will show a shift in the policy of hum tv, otherwise it should be taken as a normal broadcast of foreign content like indian content which is not onaired in prime time.

  • How stupid is this .. Hum is on it's success ,, they have focus more on their own products and advertise their own dramas. Like humsafar, ZGH, Khamoshiyan, Shehr e zaat and many more .. They were the best dramas, they should've concentrate to produce dramas and have to think about their own popularity … CEO of hum tv sultana sadiqi please show your sensibility to do the right thing ..

    • hum tv was first to air indian show called 'kya hoti utran', before criticising please get your facts straight, they do this so indian channel can play pakistani shows in return, they went into agreement with colors tv like that, you never know they will dub thier shows to air in turkey?? please be positive poeple and stop critisicing just for the heck of it, hum tv network is run by smart people who know how to trade atleast and pormote pak serials!

      • thanks atleast someone is portraying a positive aspect of telecasting foreign content. Every channel is allowed to onair 10% foreign content as per pemra rules, so if hum is doing that its not something alien or unusual. Don't know there is so much indian content telecasted on all of our major channels but we seldom hear any voice against it whereas it promotes indian culture indian religion values. Strangely Turkish dramas are opposed unanimously whereas these are at least better than indian content that is continuously telecasted.

  • oh cumon… whats so bad in airing turkish dramas when the channels are continously broadcasting cheap indian dramas and programs…!!! atleast they have very strong scripts and great directions…!!

    • Yes I agree.
      And they have much better stories than our dramas too, Pakistani dramas only take topics about women and house problems but there are alot more topics which can be applied for best.

    • Turkish dramas are far superior than Indian dramas. We have been silent about Indian films, shows and dramas for years. Why so much fuss about Turkish dramas.

      I for one think Turkish dramas are pretty good. They have better story telling skills and style of direction is far superior. I'm fed up same boring themes and same actors and writers in every other play.

      Turkish dramas are breath of fresh air.

  • Not good Hum TV should not telecast turkish drammas because HUM TV shows top dramams of Pakistan,
    Hum TV revival of Pakistani Dramams.
    Hum TV should be consider not to telecast turkish plays

  • Excuse me if every one has forgotten then let me remind you that hum tv was the first to start this shishka of airing cheap foreing indian dramas on its channel called ;utran'and then every other channel followed suit.

    urdu1 is foreign channel so it can air whatever it wants to air turkish indian korean or timbuktu shows no one cares.
    why do people forget that npo doubt hum tv kick started our drama industry with good plays but it also was the first to bring cheap indian dramas to pakistani channels and screen legally. even before urdu1 or geo!!!!

    pls everyone dont forget and get your facts right!

    • you are utterly rite it is a fact that HUM tv was first to start an indian drama on Pakistani channel through legal means. But GEO and ARY, TV One, Indus TV were telecasting indian content including award shows, indian films, indian talk show (celebrity interview shows) even before HUM TV was started since 2002. Adding further indus TV (the first Pakistani private satellite channel), ARY, GEO started telecasted dramas in 2004 onwards, known as joint production in which indian tv actors like parwatee (from kahani ghar ghar kee), kashish and sujal an many others were casted these dramas were shot in Dubai.

      Its true hum tv was the first one which onaired an indian produced drama, but indian content in the form of award shows, films, talk shows was present on our screens even before hum tv started its transmission

    • Also many regional channels, like Punjab tv, apnaa channel, seraiki channels like kook, waseeb, rohi telecast many cheap indian dramas for past many years but since viewership of these channels is limited so these not noticed by a great number of audience

  • I saw the promos and I was deeply dissapointed. I expected this from ALL other channels except for Hum TV. Too bad :( hopefully the trend will fade away as quickly as it came.

  • Pleaseeeeee any body stop these turkish dramas atleast not on HUM….hum has been my fav channel n i love pakistani darams…but please somebody tell sultana siddiqui not to do this zulm with this channel

  • I liked to watch hum tv dramas as there content is to the mark n dramas are based close to real stories but if they wana enter in the race of turkish dramas with no content just lame dramaz thn i m sorry i wont support hum tv in tht !!!! whatz going on with our drama industry? y r they put on back and rather than promoting our dramas we r following some thing which is not ours, no related to our own stories!!!!! we have good actor/actresses, good directors, good story writers still we r lacking i dont know where????

  • Our tv stations are showing Indian films, dramas, soaps, reality shows and award functions for years and years without much fuss. But few Turkish dramas seem to have rattled the cage, and I don't know why?
    Bit of healthy competition will do us good. Our drama industry has gone too complacent, showing the same themes, and same tired faces again and again. They should learn few things from Turkish products which have much higher production value and better acting skills. We'll continue watching our own dramas, but it's nice to have alternative, just for a change.
    Our drama industry is strong enough to survive this influx of foriegn dramas.

  • First film industry vanished then advertisement industry suffered , then theatre …now dramas ( hopefully not ) any foreign dramas don't come cheap, channel has to pay price in foreign currency. Think of all the jobs which the drama industry along with other entertainment and creative industry creates, a lot of people are involved in 30 sec advertisement or a 40 min drama. We have got the talent , we have got the market then WHY take our money somewhere else ???? Turkish or Indian what does it matter, it's the loss of jobs and investing abroad then investing in our country …..sad very sad.

  • jo sirf hum tv dekh rhe thay wo bhi chorr den ge.bhala HAMSAFAR, ZGH, DASTAN, QAID E TANHAI aur bht saray dramon k baad bhi hum tv ko rating chahye aur wo bhi turkish dramay broadcast kr k..that's strange!!

    • as per dramasonline the highest rating a show ever achieved in Pakistan was ishqe memnu which was above 10 while humsafar rating was perhaps 7. So why everybody is blaming channels, its the business of channels to telecast content of public choice, every other channel is telecasting Turkish drama, infact keeping up with the tradition of telecasting indian content geo tv has specially opened a new channel GEO KAHANI which will totally dedicated to turkish and indian drama,

      • Well I do not blame channels at all.Obviously they are showing what people want.The point is why our people prefer Trurkish dramas?

  • ''Quddusi ki bewah'' dramay pe to bari criticism hoti hai k fazool dialogues wala drama hai which actually shows our national talent.What about turkish dramas.Unka toh promo bhi family k sath dekhne wala nhi hota..Are you able to watch those dramas with your family??

    • Qudusi ki bewa can be nauseating and it is vulgar and it is aired at prime time. Another play Mohabbat jaye Bharrh mein was worse. We can watch vulgar and silly Indian shows. Then what's wrong with Turkish plays I don't understand. Nahin dekhna to channel badal lein.
      I am fed up of Saas/ bahoo dramas and Doosri shaadi and stories on sibling rivalry.

    • What sort of natural talent we are lacking about. Is it vulgarity or ugliness of these characters. If Qudusi kee baiwa is popular then perhaps we have double standards.

    • OH dear!! me, I never knew that vulgar dialogues and "men hungry women" were our 'national talents'.

      QK Bewa may have funny lines. But if one approves of this drama, they should take high moral ground, and shouldn't condemn Turkish dramas on basis of vulgarity.

      My stand is clear. If I am happy to digest Indian nonsense for so many years without saying a word, then I have no right to find flimsy excuses against Turkish products.

      TV. House are buying these dramas ONLY because they are popular here otherwise they won't waste money.

      So we should agree to disagree.

      • absolutely right, its the business of TV channels to telecast content based upon public liking and disliking, Turkish drama are in demand. So why a channel will let go a chance to earn more revenue. Also Turkish dramas are atleast better and decent than indian content which is continuously telecasted on geo and ary, and our public just love to watch it with very few opposing voices against it. Infact indian channels star plus, colors, sony are still coming on cable despite ban by supreme court, when ask cable operators they say, "bas jee public demand hai, log kehtay hain indian channel dain warna hum nay monthly paisay nahin denay"

        • Exactly. This is my main argument. Indian films, Indian reality shows, Indian award ceremonies, big Boss, Indian commercials every thing Indian every day on all our channels…..for years and years. And that wasn't any threat to our culture or our local industry.
          Why? What was the rationale behind?
          Few Turkish dramas of high quality have made us so insecure. And suddenly we are worried about local industry, family values, culture and country. Oh come on it's laughable, really.
          I value pakistani dramas despite inherent deficiencies and I'm sure it will survive this influx. But it's the argument against Turkish drama that reeks of hypocrisy and defies logic.

      • Sir, but at the time of Indian dramas, there was not such a strong social network stop those freaking dramas.But now you are in a position to preserve our drama industry.Ok ignore QUDUSI SAHAB KI BEWAH, BELIEVE ME our other dramas are not that bad!!

        • Some of our dramas are actually pretty good while some are mediocre.
          Now social media is pretty strong. Still I haven't seen strong condemnation of Indian stuff while we are getting hysterical about few Turkish dramas.
          What annoys me is simply " why do we single out Turkish product but not Indian junk"?
          Is it because Turkish dramas are much better, and that we feel threatened!
          We need to be honest at least to ourself.
          Hypocrisy and double standards are really annoying.

          • The reason is that people just ignore Indian dramas as they are not interested in them.So they don't need to talk about them.But when it comes to Turkish dramas.they could feel the fear of downfall of pakistani dramas.Because Turkish dramas are giving competition to them.I do not criticize Turkish dramas.Obviously they would be better so people are liking them.But these dramas should be broadcasted to a limit.That's all!

    • Okay guys.If you people are giving high rating to Turkish dramas,then instead of appreciating your own talent and dramas..Do prefer Turkish dramas and let us welcome DEMISE OF OUR DRAMA INDUSTRY after FILM INDUSTRY

      • I'll say that are drama industry will be very much there and perhaps it will get stronger.
        I still prefer local drama, but I'll like to have the choice of watching something different every now and then.
        Good Bye.

  • ZGH and SHEHR E ZAAT are the only dramas which we watched in the presence of our dad even in this era because of the uniqiue concepts and decent direction of these dramas.Are you able to see SUPER HIT ISHQ E MEMNU type dramas like that??

  • dear shayd apko is bary men complete info nae hay. aap ny bagyr tsdeeq k e article likh dia hay . hum tv is also airing an indian drama called utran monday to thursday 6.50. isk elawa wo or b boht sara foerign material chalaty ryhty hen. i think its a very bad habit of our tv channlz. we should promote our own artist. or hmary dramas trkuish ya indian dramas say hazar darjay byhtar hoty hen or log unhen pasand b karty hen. so why we promote bollywod or turkishwood? govt ko is bat pay action lyna chahieay. jistrha supremecourt or govt ny mill k foreign channlz band karway hen usi trha foreign material b band karway because ye hmari national identity ka masla hay. paki channlz should promote only paki artists and paki cluture. or tr ki b kia bat ki aap ny ARY digital koi foerign material onair nae karta but phir be wo top3 channlz men hay. aap quality ki chez dikhaen gy to log zaror apreciate karen gay or quality dramas and shows pakistan men b ban skty hen but hmary channlz apny pysy bachany k liy bahir k purany shows chala dyty hen.our govt should take action on it kiunk media ka aj kal hamari zindagion men boht imp role hay

    • And perhaps we ask Supreme Court to put a ban on Pepsi & Coke, simply to promote Pakola and RC cola.

      And if we apply the principle of using local products ONLY, life will come to a stand still.

      Why can't we a bit tolerant? Live and let live is the best motto.

      • Anwar Saheb I agree with your point but why is it seeming as if you are on an agenda to defend Turkish Stuff. First you criticize local stuff and then you go on to defend turkish dramas.

        • Dear Ehsan, nice to hear from you. Since you asked I have to say that there is NO Agenda.
          I have healthy interest in performing arts, and I'm critical of "Mediocrity", And that's it.I strongly believe in self analysis and self criticism. And believe me, at times I am visciously critical of myself as a person.
          Discussion on Turkish verses Pakistani drama will go on for a while but i feel our drama Industry is strong enough to survive this influx.
          I don't think i have ever uttered a single word against Daastaan, kuch Pyarey ka pagal pan Bhai that, Behadd, Mallal or Humsafar…. Just because I found them good.
          Take care.

      • if we become tolerant and follow live and let live it will solve most of our problems, the worst problem we have when we run out of arguments suddenly we put religion as a reference, we should spare our religion at least and try not to drag it into discussion on performing arts

        • Mr Rahid Ali,
          I fully agree with you. We seem to have double standards even when it comes to etertainment.
          I's laughable to see our drama community feigning concern about culture. And what patriotism has to do with all this!!
          I think it's more like storm in a tea cup. Our entertainment industry just need to put their act together, get out of their smugness. Turkish drama is just a passing phase, soon novelty will wear off and I'm sure our entertainment industry will come out stronger.
          In the mean time we should live and let live. It's not a big deal.

    • jahanzaib who said ARY not telecasts foreign material, they along with GEO are pioneers in telecasting indian content on Pakistani channels. they were the first one to bring cheap, third class indian reality shows to a Pakistani channel screen, yes it was the famous BIG BOSS, they also onair an indian drama promoting hindu religious values Monday – Thursday at 10 pm. Also an indian film on sunday afternoon is telecasted atleast once a month. indian award shows and films are a must have for ARY on eid, Christmas and on weekends.

      if we compare GEO, ARY and HUM the top three channels overall with regards to foreign content GEO is first, ARY is second and HUM is third.

  • indian content portraying hindu religion in every possible way are telecasted on our channels for years without having much opposition, indian celebrities are selling every other item in commercials in tv from shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, shaving cream and even paan supaari. news bulletin of tv channels is incomplete without adding a gossip of indian celebrities.

    Atleast Turkish dramas are not promoting hindu religion, turkish dramas are far more superior in quality and production values.

    • I agree completely. We are eating, sleeping and breathing Indian junk for years. But NO, due to reason beyond my comrehension, it's the Turkish dramas that have put our society and country at grave risk!!!
      Can some enlighten me on this point.

  • hey dnt do this to us… dnt play turkish dramas it will ruin our drama esp hum drama culture… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dnt do thhis terrible act to play turkish plays… hope ul consider our Pakistani viewers points ..

  • I was not expecting Turkish crap to be aired on HUM tv. This is really very bad! I hope something happens and HUM bans to air such stupid content! Agree guys?

    • can u just tell me what is the message of the drama … let me tell u .. that's (romance )love, the drama is completely based on love .. now u tell me should u watch these type of dramas …
      just have a look on Pakistani dramas .. I swear u will find a great difference.

  • i only say that i love"janoon teray pyaar ka" i am the biggest fan of this serial no doubt our dramas are best i love and like hum tv……..

  • I don’t know when people are going to learn. Zia-ul-Huq destroyed the pakistani film indutry. The only thing left decent was pakistani dramas which is also going to be destroyed by the greed of TV Channels. The Pakistanis should wake up and see that there is nothing common between Turks and Pakistanis. Their culture is pure westernized. They don’t care about the religion.

  • Turkish dramas are just nonsense, no proximity to our culture. Our own drama is the best. TV channel owners are damn and wolves in a sheep skin who want to mint money only with these dramas as they are cheap to purchase and dub. We can stop these dramas only when we stop watching these nonsense.

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