HUM TV turns Controversial for showing ‘GAY’ Scenes!

The channel thats owns a bold attitude since the day of its launch, is again in news, but this time not for the intimate scenes of male and female actors but something even bigger. Thanks to the influences of the world outside and the neighboring country the most, Pakistani society is now enjoying an ease of discussing the Gay love and the Gay existence openly. The topics that were once not even discussed in homes openly are now becoming a part of entertainment industry-Openly.

If you have watched the latest episode of ‘Humnasheen’ that went on-air this Sunday, June 9th’ 13, you must be knowing what the news is all about. The drama showed Gays making love with a blurred picture, still intimate enough to guess what the channel was trying to show. Living in a Muslim Country, the audience who watched it took a notice against this and up till now PEMRA has received a lot of complaints, asking it to take right actions against the channel, which is trying to promote unethical acts within the country (as stated in the complaints). 


HUM TV, in response to the fingers pointed at it stated that the channel had no intentions of promoting vulgarity and the motive of letting such a scene going on air was to show the bitter reality of the society. It is not the first time that HUM TV landed up in this scenario, in fact it was before too that the channel was criticized for a drama called ‘Larki Chahie?’.

It is really indecent of media that such ideas are first implemented and then shown on screen. 

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Nida Zaidi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • bikul Pakistan aik Muslim Country hai o yaha py west values ko promote nhi krna chaiye good actoin by PEMRA

    • Everyone should read the translation of Surah hood and read about how the Nation of Loot Alaih Aslaam were punished for such act….

  • PEMRA should take action against HUMTV. apni limits cross kar rahe hain. muasharay mein pai jaane wali her burai drama mein dikhana must nahi hai. drama is a family entertainment.

      • Miss Nida, I was reading another review written by you on in which you say in the second last paragraph, “Moreover, although it was quite a bold step of showing gay love-making scenes on screen, it too highlighted the bitter truth of the society where many girls get to know the reality of their husbands once they are tied in the bong of marriage. Thanks to the western culture, subjects that were once never discussed in front of families are now been shown on screen and adopted by people as a freedom trend”. Is it not hypocrisy? You are saying something very different here and something very different there. Can you make it clear if you support gay scenes or you are against them or you just write what suits you and don’t have a definite opinion? Waiting for your reply.

    • Kashaf, i dont agree with many of Hum Tv's policies. But this is happening ,believe me, it happened in my own family. And Nida Zaidi let me tell u the guy is a Naqvi Syed.
      It is time we tell our daughters where to draw a line and tell their mothers if their husband is strange in ways. They must not stay quite, thinking… 'parents ko kiya keh ke bataaoun? It will break their hearts, and it will kill my grandparents with grief '…..
      This is my advice to all girls, if your husband says 'i would come near you as I respect you too much' for months….. DON'T keep quiet. Tell your parents or any elders.

    • PEMRA should take action on many many things, the reenactment crime shows that are telecasted by every news channel dunya, ary, samaa, cnbc, dawn should be banned, way before hum tv such scenes and stories and much more than that are shown in these crime shows in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. then comes the indian content that is a regular part of most of our channels,

      the day pemra will come into action perhaps most of our news channels will be closed forever.

  • the pain of ending up in marriage with such a guy can only be felt by some one who has experienced it. And believe me, this is happening in Pak now, too. Seemingly shareef,educated family boys have this 'illness' or whatever u may say. But young educated girls' lives are being ruined, and I would all parents to be very very careful.

    • Sorry to break it to you but this is not an illness, nor is it a lifestyle. Saying that a person is gay on purpose is like saying that a person is straight on purpose.
      And the reason that is happening is because the Pakistani society is so intolerant that gay men are forced to live double lives because they can not actually go out and marry or have a relationship with a man as they might like, thereby making the women suffer who have to get arranged married to them.

      • my request to all gay Pakistani men is that they should not marry normal healthy intelligent girls. DONOT give in to family pressure.
        And my request to Pakistani parents is, if yr son says he doesn't wanna get married, plz leave him alone, don't pressurize him into a marriage that will ruin a young girl's life. I have seen this happen in my family, and I curse the guy and his parents.

      • Mr tolerant it is a mental sickness .. Maybe u are gay so u want to promote this.. City of sodom that is why they are called sodomites were warned continuously to stop this heinous disgusting act by God and were ultimately punished and the city was wiped out ! Isn't AIDS enough to punish u ?

        • I have no idea how you thought I was gay OR a man. I am neither. I am a girl and I like boys as much as the next girl, but that does not mean I am going to bash on the girls who like girls. Allah told you to be tolerant and He told you to get education even if you have to go to the ends of the Earth. I suggest you do both of that before you try to preach religion to anyone else.

          • Tolerant dear…the idea that people are born gay have still not been proven scientifically yet. There are various theories and studies which propose homosexuality is by birth whereas there are several which say it isn't. I believe that Allah cannot make a human being a certain way and then forbid him or her to be like that. InshAllah one day it will be proved that it is not by birth. Allah has told us to acquire "knowledge" and knowledge of Quran and Hadith is the best of all. And I hope you'll agree that both Quran and Hadith have forbidden homosexuality. Now are you suggesting Allah has told us to be tolerant towards all evils in the society e.g. murder, rape etc.? Or has Allah told us to be specifically tolerant towards homosexuality? 'll be very interested to know where you get your "education"?

          • I'm always glad to share information.
            It has not been proven yet, but that is because there hasn't been a theory that can work against it. If you're a scientist you have to put room in your theory to get it disproved which hasn't been completely done yet.
            When times around the world were like how Pakistan is everyone wanted it to be a mental illness and there were various camps that were set up to brainwash people out of homosexuality. There were highly unsuccessful and ended up in those people, more often than not, committing suicide. There was no root psychological cause discovered as has been discovered with other mental illnesses, INCLUDING paedophillia for those who are so fast to condemn it the same.

            I'm not asking you all to become gay, I'm asking you to be tolerant. Allah created many things. Why can't you think that maybe He created gay people to see how well we work being tolerant about something that we may personally think is disgusting? No one has a right to tell anyone what to do in their bedroom or who to do it with. As long as it is not affecting you, why can't the gay population of the country live in peace?

            Here are some sources, that are recent and from reliable news/med sources. Let it be known that the research is not complete and still in early stages. Hopefully, it might open your minds up a bit.

          • Also, adding to that paedophillia is done on a NON-CONSENTING individual, usually a child who is traumatised for the rest of their life. That is why age of consent exists. Children can't understand what is going on and they don't want it to happen. It is RAPE. And I hope you all understand why rape is bad.

          • Where are you living my dear. These days children are more curious then adults and like to end up in situations like this. Watch msnbc after 10 pm showing reality shows where kids invite these people knowlngly what is expected. Anyone under 18 cannot have consenting sex either with an adult here in USA. So stop this nonsense. Allah has drawn the lines very clearly. It's us who want one thing to be legal and another illegal and make fool of ourselves while doing that. If you want to be free then everybody needs to be acoording to you who are you to decide what s wrong or right.

          • And one more thing if it would have been genetic then these gay genes should have been extinct long time ago as no procreation is possible with this lifestyle. How about that? Please do give me the scientific reason to that

          • Homosexuality exists in about 1500 species on the planet. There are studies going on that are researching the evolution perspective.
            However, I am surprised you are looking for an evolutionary opinion when you are so hell-bent on your religion.
            A reason that I speculate is population control, if everyone were to procreate then the resources of a community would be diminished very fast.

          • I believe you are referring to Catch a Predator, the whole premise of the show is to CATCH a pedophile. Pedophilia is illegal and anyone partaking in that is doing something illegal, because they are using the power that comes with being an adult. Children are legally not allowed to make any decisions under 18, because they may be naive or easily swayed, thereby even if they consent, it IS wrong.That being said, the age of consent in the US varies from 16-18, and people can have sex. I believe it is a +/- 2 years that is allowed where you can have a relationship with someone who is 2 years older or 2 years younger.
            Age of consent doesn't exist in the Qura'an or Hadith, just FYI.

            Taking advantage of someone to be free as you put it is different than being free. Rape is being free for the rapist, but it is illegal because it is harming someone else, same as pedophilia, the person themselves may enjoy it but the non-consenting party does not.

          • You have linked a religion based website. This is biased, I suggest you look up the study and form your own views rather than absorbing what this PASTOR is saying. :)

          • Oh now I get it you do t believe in any religion that's why you think that beliving in something is bigotry. Sorry wasted your time and mine. By the way open your eyes that's an independent study done by a Texas based sociologist. And if the kids don't know what they want howcome they know that they are gays from the beginning of their years as its claimed. You contradict yourself. Bottom line is homosexuality is frowned upon in every religion and society until now and there are solid reasons for that. If you believe an amoeba and human are the same or have a right to be same then your friends Darwin's theory is wrong too. We are supposed to be evolved in something cultured and sophisticated not having same urges as sea urchins. I am just amazed how our minds have been twisted to say something wrong is right and be proud of it and fight for it without the hereafter in mind. Even if you were born Christian or any other religion there is a hereafter or next stage so think about it TORRENT

          • What's torrent?

            I hate to burst your bubble, but I am a Muslim. I was trying to put forward how you sound so unbased. The bottom line is I am giving you Islamic AND scientific reasons for everything but you are too stubborn and ignorant to see any other point of view. I was hoping not get rude but you left me no choice.

          • Wow, being a Muslim and then openly rejecting Allahs orders I must admit I thought that you are an atheist or something not as an insult but just the fact. Dear you seriously need some Islamic education. In this day and age everything is available online. Take some classes with renowned scholar if you are not from Pakistan and if you are there join some classes. Please don't try to educate yourself from websites. You need a teacher. That's just an honest advice. I am Heart broken because I cannot believe a Muslim can have these ideas in the name of equality and fairness. Please try to educate yourself before its too late to repent.

          • I am sorry I couldn't find any reliable source to talk about this issue online. I would suggest
   as they have some renowned ulemas. The closest I could find is as follows
            But please do educate yourself before discussing this any further. I really feel horrible right now about this and by the way Torrent was a cheeky joke about the virus but no more funny business. Please please Please educate yourself
            Wishing you the best

          • I have read the translation of the Quran, and all the Hadith. I have taken courses in Islamic Studies, so thanks for your offer, but no thanks. I'd rather form my own opinions and values based on the source material itself than a bunch of scholars. Especially since I lost faith in these so called scholars when they ordered DNA evidence to be dismissed in rape cases. That said I do appreciate your concern.

            All I am saying that we be tolerant because that's written in the Quran. What everyone here is suggesting is that gay people should not exist, when the fact of the matter is they do. It is Allah testing our patience and grace. If you have faith in Him then know that it is not YOUR responsibility to shun them, He will do as He thinks is right.

            Gay people and straight people and everything in between are Allah's creations. Allah gave us free will so we could make our own decisions, whether they be right or wrong, He will judge us on those decisions after we die. To put OUR decisions down someone else's throat is wrong. Just worry about yourself because that is what you will have to answer for. But at the same time make an effort to understand other people's point of view.

          • Well you are contradicting yourself again. I don't think anybody believes here that gays don't exist. The argument is about if its a natural phenomenon or not. And yes I do believe and respect my scholars not the fake Amir Liaqut style but like mufti Aazim mufti taqi usmani. If Allah wanted us to come to our own conclusions he would have never sent so many prophets to guide and sahabah never questioned our prophet even when he took out a very routine practice like drinking out of our lives. Allah could have easily sent the book and left us to form our own interpretations but that never happened. You always need a guide and teacher and underestimating a teacher is form of stubbornness and following your own will and not smartness.
            Try to give some respect to ulamahs. I don't know who did in DNA case but if he is a correct renowned scholar with all the history of how he got his education then he must have some reason to do that. Without knowing the facts I can't say why r what but underestimating our learned scholars is a definite step towards doom.

          • I don't think you are understanding where I am coming from. I am not undermining teachers, I am looking out for biases. Also, I really don't think you should compare scholars to the Prophets. Scholars are people who are highly learned in a subject, just like PhD students. They know their subject matter. However, if you read the Quran there are many things that can be interpreted differently. Many scholars even disagree with each other about the same matters. Just how Islam is one religion but each different sect has a different perspective.

            I am advocating critical thinking. I don't want to be someone's sheep, just following what they teach. I want to think for myself. That being said, I believe religion is a very personal issue. What my perspective of Islam and Allah is may be completely different from yours, even though we are in the same religion. We should accept diversity not shun it.

            Oh and here's where i read about the DNA debacle:

          • Well different sects do differ but not on the beliefs. They differ on shareah. Not on issues like homosexuality. The article I forwarded has all sects coming together to say no. And that's the whole point be as gay as you want but don't show it to me because its perverted. Don't defend the mentality because its pathetic and against Islam. And don't bring in limelight as we have better things to do and think about.

          • I'm not defending their mentality. I am defending that some people just can't help it, because if you look at it this way, the amount of hardships the gay community faces, you'd think they'd give up and stop being gay instead of killing themselves.

            It needs to be seen in the media because it is a reality that exists in the world, sweeping it under the rug won't make it go away. The women who actually do end up living unhappy unfulfilling lives because their husbands are gay would agree that by bringing the issue into the limelight, the issue of marriages and double lives can at least be discussed if not resolved.

          • You know what my sister went through the same thing that she got married to a gay man. But whose fault it was the society or that guy. If he can't come to the terms with his self he shouldn't be getting married in the first place but does that mean that we give them rights to practice this perversion openly so they can steer others to experimentation. Like crazy people need to be off the roads these people should get psychological help or just stay hidden like before. It is something to be ashamed about but what does bringing it out achieves. Absolutely nothing you can't tell by just looking if someone is gay or straight. Or are they showing any signs to figure it out. That's my issue with media either show me a solution or keep quiet. Don't try to win my sympathies that I am up at 1:00 am in the morning trying to convince an unknown person. I am dog tired now so bye now will try to see your post tomorrow

          • And she is an x prosecutor and professor at Boston university and not the one with beard

          • I agree with this article
            Consent trial > DNA >> 4 witnesses (which is what the scholars say)

          • Oh and yeah I know it's done by a sociologist, that's why I said go to the source article, which will state his study without the opinions of this reporter. Come on, keep up. Surely you're smarter than that.

          • Mr.Tolerant if u r really a muslim plz do read QURAN….and read abt the people of Hazrat Loot (A.S) then u will get a clear answer about that….

          • Homosexuality has always been unacceptable in all societies until recently because of the belief that its by choice and not by birth. Now the advocates of homosexuality have to disprove it and not the other way round. Scientists have not been able to find a gay gene yet so until they do these are just a bunch of theories and nobody needs to disprove them. We don't personally think it's disgusting….its what Quran and hadith tell us…what's wrong with you? You keep saying you're well-versed in Quran and Hadith yet you keep ignoring what they say about homosexuality. Why the hell should we think that "maybe Allah created gay people to test our tolerance"? we have the word of Allah infront of us and that has the highest position…your thinking and my thinking doesnt matter…why should i come up with the far-fetched ideas that maybe He created them to test us. Why would Allah himself create gay people and then send adhaab on them all and destroy them all for something which is not their fault? I pray to Allah that He opens up your mind and guide you to the right path ameen

          • Your argument is baseless.If God created gays to teach His creations to be tolerant of them,then why would He send His punishment on the nation of LUT.By the way even christiany condems the people of Lot.
            It is illogical how can God create such people and condemn them in the Holy Quran.He is a JUST God,He cannot be unfair to His own creations.Moreover,medical science has not proven that some men and women are born gays.It is either a lifestyle or manifestations of psychological issues stemming from childhood.

          • Next thing we know the pedophiles are natural urges too as that's what they claim. You better not condemn those either what CAn THEy DO that's how god made them as well. Hail for the freedom of expression.

      • Thank god there is one voice of reason on this forum. He who is without sin cast the first stone! And because of this bigotry and intolerance people have no option but to hide their sexuality. You might not agree with their sexual orientation but who are you to judge it?
        And to Saima – get your facts rights. AIDs is not restricted to gay people. More heterosexual people have AIDs than gay people. Time to stop being such a bigot. How come we are always quick to bring religion into the debate and talk about Sodom. How about the very important message about tolerance and forgiveness!

        • Thanks Mahine. I was getting a bit lonely here being the only one making sense :3

        • Search yourself and educate yourself , studies have been proven that homosexuality is ILLNESS

          • For your information,
            "In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. The American Psychological Association Council of Representatives followed in 1975.[3] Thereafter other major mental health organizations followed and it was finally declassified by the World Health Organization in 1990. Consequently, while some still believe homosexuality is a mental disorder, the current research and clinical literature demonstrate that same-sex sexual and romantic attractions, feelings, and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality, reflecting the official positions of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association."

          • It is most definitely not, right or wrong, it is an urge with which people are born

        • FYI Aids in heterosexuals are spread only through intravenous transfusions,drug users using contaminated needles and crack users.
          Aids got its world wide attention when Rock Hudson,the movie star died of Aids in 1980's. Before that it was a taboo to even talk about homosexuality in U.S.After his death the gays came "out of closet"
          Gay rights in America is more of a political issue as the politicians in order to get their votes are vocal about their rights and nothing else.

      • Dude, being gay is a MENTAL condition which can be cured with conselling. Gays are gaye on purpose, probably because they have been influenced by some male figure in their life. If it were natural, it would not have been a sin. God won't punish you for something that is not in your hands.

      • sorry tolerant but its frowned upon becoz gay people are never loyal to same partner.they are promiscuous and they know it and they accept,even if they are a couple its an open relationship.thats why aids is common in homos,coz they cant keep their_________ to themselves,and will f*** any man available.also i think its considered an ilness by many becoz they cant keep thier feelings to themselves.

    • Lesbian girls are also ruining lives of straight men….every issue is not a women's rights issue! There are two sides to every story!

    • yes u r ryt nowadays many girls life r being ruined and now its the fashion of pakisan.who is going to explain these men and boys who always make love.yes parents need to be careful

  • Such a disgusting drama I can't believe it Pakistani media will even think about this to show this kind of cheap secens on tv gays secen and people are watching these while they are seating with there family's and they are showing these secens and telling people to be comfertable it's just a drama and making young people aware of these thing which they shouldn't even think about its just not right Pakistan is Islamic country but now days media is showing some valgiraty shows like living on the edge where Zak's ashraf tell there contestens to go and celebrate clubbing night and showing dancing and in same games which was just not acceptable telling guys to take all there cloths off and they did what the hell is going on this should be banned today majority of Pakistan young boys and girl follow these craps show and they became like what the see smoking drinking is just normal these days Only becuse media is behind this they making things Abvoius and telling people to be just comfortable what they see and changing people minds disgusting just not acceptable .,parents should not allow there children to watch these kind of shows …Media is enmy of Pakistan around 10years ago Pakistani media was far better where no family member should walk out of there room or change there channel while watching some valgarity there were few channels but they all knew there limits …

    • Such programmes should definitely have age restrictions and shouldnt be watched with kids. Personally even before this issue of homsexuality, this drama really isnt for kids…a much older man marrying a much younnger woman, a second wife etc.
      However to call it disgusting because it depicts homosexuality which is a reality and the fact that gay men or women are forced to marry – that is bigotry and reflects the narrow mindedness and prejudiced society we live in.

      • Agreed. Its true that society isn't open minded enough right now but maybe time can teach people not to shove their beliefs down other people's throats.

  • totally disgusting…HUM is not at all a family channel you cant watch its programme with ur family……what v r transferring to our next generation? this culture, this vulgarity???? Haya Iman ka hissa hay….being a musklim.Its our compulsion to refrain from such vulgarities …Kindly read Surah Noor (Parah 18) once then u ll come to know that spreading vulgarity is a major sin

    • yes u are right maria …these things and such types of drama not giving us good information but it is destroying our society and our childrens very much shuld banned ..why they dont think these are bad even these peolpe who have made all these dramas cannot watch these thypes of silly episode with their childrens and family member … i only want to say all of these ppls kay plz ALLAH say daro …. these are not good thing plz stop all these stupid episode …

  • correction….. if your husband says ' i would NOT come near you as I respect you too much'…

  • that's indeed a shameful act by hum tv network, who need tto be remindedd that hum tv is a family channel..

    • Oh yeh lolzz thanks for reminding after losing matches cricket is just getting in to my head..

  • Go to google and search "Flag of international gay and lesbian association" in images you'll find the flag,
    Now search "Hum Tv Logo" and Match them……….. Its the same, even the color pattern is the same….

      • Its Shocking for me! Even iam not viewer of pakistani dramas But its Shamefull for being a muslim n being a pakistani! Thanks for nice post.

        • Muslim hone pe shamefull? Islam is only religion which speaks against these bad things and you are saying shamefull for being a muslim disgusting.Shocking

    • I agree nd i think first they won their hearts,, today evry Pakistani is talking about hum tv nd its dramas but now they r promoting these thng actully to accept ths in our society……i condemn ths strongly!!!!

    • well don't misguide others, HUM TV logo is based upon the colors of Rainbow and it was nature who designed the rainbow pattern. If Gays and Lesbian association has chosen rainbow color as their flag, it doesnot mean that rainbow is bad or anyone adopting rainbow colors as logo is filthy and dirty. Many other brands in Pakistan like rainbow paints also use rainbow color flag as their logo, if consider your argument correct, would it mean rainbow color sign is a 'gays and lesbian' sign?

  • Sub hum tv k peche pare ho yr geo kam ha in sub ka bap ha ase chezo me ha to galat ya good action pr geo pr bh action hona chye

    • yeah right didnt bol meri machli showed girl married to gay guy,no one said anything then.and guy was always weraing make up saying cheesy dialgues to other gay man…..and to burst your bubble,gay love is not made like that in blurry scene.sorry for pointing that out.

  • Now can anyone realize how slowly West planning crawled into our culture and corrupted society … Long ago left seeing Pakistani dramas .. but how much our new generation is affected ..


    • ya u r r8 dy r nt alowd 2 shw make dez cheep scnzn if u c d celebritez pix dy r also illegal i.e shehroz n syra's pre wedng pix.dy al r spoiling our society specialy our teen agerz bt al fingrz r nt equal.May Allah Almighty protect al ov us 4m bad deedz n shw us r8 path(Ameen)

  • god damn it.. its just like pigeon closing eyes to the fact cat wont eat em.. guys this is the fact of ur/mine so-called muslim country.There is no harm in addressing these issues in fact should be shown/discussed within families and media. this is happening ppl in every mohallah of ur city and u cant eradicate it by ignoring it.

    • we r nt ignoring nd ths not abt awarenwss okay we dnt need to knw ths in front of evry one!!!! but by showing these kinda scenes means tht ppl shud accept ths nd ths is unbearable fo a Islamic stae whether it iz jst of name!!!!

    • Mr Khan it is good to be open minded however showing these type of scene in public media is opening a door to evil,these type of things should be strongly condemend and discourged ,Mr Khan it is not the matter of Muslim or non muslim it is the society which will effect at large , true it is no harm to address bitter facts of society however some issues should be left alone get unnoticed and die in its own pod.

    • a bitter fact that prevails in our society since very beginning even the famous muslim rulers of this region have interest in such activities, it is nothing new neither something imposed upon us from west nor from india, jews or Israel , one of the linguistic group (which most consider the most pious) of our country is quite famous for such acts for ages, and that group is well know to general public.

      u wrote it is happening in every mohallah, I should say it is happening in every other home but it was all under the carpet for decades. many young kids have been victims of molestation, only in recent years due to constant efforts by some NGO like saahil our society has opened its eyes and now atleast ready to accept that it is happening in our society.

    • empty barten shoor bohat karta hai so they are so called muslim rest of the world's muslim's are dead talk about your culture it is not appropriate in our culture this has happened in my family he was force to get marry but after 7 years they divorce my ant she got married again and have 2 beautiful girl and a boy but he never had children he use to go on long business trips ha ha get it what kinda trip so this is as l said part of human nature just because it is a muslim country camel pour is famous and another place as well and in the name of religion people are killing other muslims ONE THING KIDS ARE NOT ALLOED TO WATCH ADULT DRAMAS AND THIS DRAMA IS VERY TRUE NOT BECAUSE OF THAT INCIDENT BUT OTHER THINGS TO

  • I have seen many women having kids and their husbands r gays.. It's understood n not talked about… It's not acceptable and when u start showing it again and again it means slowly ur preparing the society to accept them. Thy are abnormal acts…Against nature…. There's nothing cool about it….go to any female hostel in Punjab and kpk… U will find many lesbian couples… I was traumatised when I saw them getting intimate in the middle of the night when I woke up in our room of four gals… Thy need moral guidance ….

    • ouh my God…..MONA that u r mentioned is really happend in pak r in girls hostel am shocked……where we r going??/

    • homosexuality is opposed in islam and even all religons,
      But the thing we are talking about is media should be carefull about exotic programs and their pormotions..
      our protest may mitigate the situation for some extent… silence is nothing but giving chance to medis to destroy our culture and traditions.

    • Damn it woman. What have you done. Now I'll have to buy a girls hostel, install secret video cams in it and wait for action …

    • That's your belief. Unfortunately, we aren't talking about you here. It's their life. If they're minding their own business, who are you to poke your nose into their business? Live and let live.

    • shagy fact is fact, bur we as a nation don't accept what is bad in us, we have india, west, Israel, jews to blame for all of this

    • Idiocity. Don't promote shit in the name of fact. If you mother has an affair with some one, would you like to share the scene of your mother meeting that guy with the society just in the name of fact?

      • THE mothers ,fathers daughters and sons are all doing what u call shit sir,visits the chat rooms and see for ur self………………….

  • Drama me bhi is cheez ko dikhane ka purpose is ko promote krna nhe balke is issue ko point out krna tha..After this scene, The girl clearly speaks against it and discusses it with her mother it from Islamic point of view with maturity..Now what is wrong with that..Jis trah aur issues per dramay bnae jate hn isi trah agr is issue ko le kr ak scene dikha kr iske negativity ko highlight kia gya hy to kia problem hy.

    • your observation is absolutely right, the way it is highlighted and then it is condemned with arguments is the most decent way such issue could be highlighted.

      • yeah i really liked the girl's attitude when she saw her husband like that and her reaction and the way she discussed with Islamic point of view mujhe to such me khushi hoe uska mature attitude dekh ke r jis trah usne Islamic history se iska hawala de ke is pe apna stand liya was great to see wrna aj ki society me baten to boht ki jate hn mgr Islam se door door hi reh ke.

    • Okay in that case what about showing sex with a girl like this. Thats also happening in our society since the era of Mughals. Would you prefer showing it on TV and letting your children see and learn bad things from it?

      • Well you can see in the whole drama this scene was shown only for few seconds and then after it nothing such was shown only it was discussed islamically come on ap to ase bat krhe ho jese pore dramay me yahe kuch dikhate rahe..Ise kehte hnn "Rai ka Pahar bnana"

        • lykin is scene ko dekhaiy bgair b jb sab smjh aa ra tha to dekhany ke kia zaroort
          the.mjy to ye ni smjh aya..pehly b aik tele film ma hum tv ny iss topic
          ko highlight kia tha lykin show ni kia tha kuch directly…mgr iss
          Drama main to had he kr de.

        • wot so ever wethr d scene was few seconds or a few minutes………… her cheez kee koi shuruwat hote hae……….or hum tv ne vulgarity kee shuruwat kerdee hae.n wot r u tokin abt awreness ,A v.much mature person can b aware of all these things without watching such scenes such a vague concept is only putting bad impression on our new generation mind………….n if u were tokin abt maa da ladla …………. u cant say dat it was seen by the whole generation.itx an indian film n v pakistanis r promoting it ……………. a few people watchd dat but no one raise voice against it soo today our children r use to of watchn such films nw? wot u want dat ur new generation shd use to of watch such nude dramas as well…………….please stopp promoting it………………Think abt it. Hav a gud day

          • I am not saying that they should have shown the scene too uske bghair bhi kam chal skta tha lkn iska ye mtlb bhi nhe ke pori episode me se bs ak hi cheez nikal ke uspe to bolna shoro hojaen r jo usme positive cheezen dikhae hn wo sb ak traf kr ke bs ak cheez ko pkar len.Atleast appreciate the positivity besides criticizing..Lkn yahan to bs Rai ka pahar bna lya jata hy har bat ko..Aur apne to pkar ke pore dramay ko hi nude drama declare kr dya, Disgusting

          • How you can say that the duration of scene has no importance..technically scene duration determines its impact on its viewers besides the type of scene..So be logical..And it will be more better if we speak about Gay issue and discuss it Islamically rather than the scene..

      • Usman, why are your children watching mature-themed dramas instead of something more age appropriate?

        Or better yet, off studying?

        Don't blame the media for something that is the responsibility of the parent. Parenting has gone to hell these days because our modern parents are letting Nannies and Television do THEIR job.

    • bilkul thik baat ki aap nay hamary logon ko pata nahi kia ho gaya hai sochay baghari criticise kr rahay hai

  • I don't know why the reviews done by you guys always paints the "neighbouring country" as responsible for all the bad influences on you TV/Print media,be it the influence on how the HUM awards were done or gay scenes in the dramas.Take your own responsibility and quit blaming others, evils exsist in all societies and bringing them to the forefront to inform and educate people is not a bad thing.

  • There should be a rating system for all TV dramas and Movies. This system is followed by majority of the countries. A reminder is issued before the program and after resuming from the commercial break. Also, they display a rating logo on top of the screen.

    Furthermore, we need to educate our children about all controversial issues such as homosexuality, drug usage, violence, racism etc. A child getting such information from the parent will absorb it in a better way rather than knowing about it from some stranger. On this particular topic, we can tell our kids about Hazrat Loot A.S and the people living during his times. Surah Shoraa has got all the details.….

    I do agree, that we need to highlight such issues, but with care.

  • I am sorry but yall are a bunch of hypocrites and bigots. they are showing what is going on in society, you are trying to say that if they dont show it on tv, there will not be any gay people in society … excuse me, even before they showed it, it was going on and it has been going on. i just hope you all of yall get some sense knocked into you. idiots!

    • diskus, can you tell you have been given a single chance by your parents when you were a little child to see such indecent scenes on pakistani channels? NO.

      Can you watch such scenes with your child??? NO

      Promoting such scenes should not be mixed with giving AWARENESS.

      • The scene was of few seconds with blurred picture well if i would have been seeing it as a child to itne short blurred scene se kia pta lg jana tha????????hmari adat hy har positive me se sirf negative cheez cheez ko dekhne r usi pe bat krne ki.

        • sister , if its blur then it means its not a bad thing ? get a life
          to ap ja kar defence aur clifton pe rahy behan, humai to to shok nai hai ye sab daikhna ka

          when children at such young age will see this then whts going to happen, ALLAH SWT help our future generation

  • This is not promotion of bad values. They to show the evils of the society. The video doesn't clearly shows any gay sex. only the meaning was taken.

  • Only one question,'What would you answer your little children when they see this dirty scene and ask you Dad/Mom what was going on there?"

    As most of you are saying "Awareness" and "Awareness" Then would you tell them actually what was that? Please stop making such channels and scenes a "FIRST STEP TOWARDS MAKING GAY MARRIAGES LEGAL". Please please stop this and dont favour this please, Allah forbid you don't know by watching such scenes your own child may become gay tomorrow. Allha help us all.

    It has not at all to do with so called AWARENESS, Please grow up guys what are you favoring???? Allah help us all.

    • Really l did even not understand it until l l start reading your comments and why will your children watch this drama this is a very serious did you tell them why he got married second time what is all this bull shit you guys are making a big drama you r all big drama queens

      • Agree even i did not realized what happened in drama, i though he was with another woman

        • Me too did not understand what was shown in the scene unless the girl talked about it and after reading this review..:)

    • i will tell my kids awareness, because that is what it is.
      Realising that other views exist, not everyone is like us. Not everyone likes the opposite sex. Accept that not everyone follows Islam. Pakistan is an Islamic state but Islam also says never to insult or look badly upon other beliefs, so why are we so adamant on doing so?

      YOU CAN'T BECOME GAY. IT'S NOT A CHOICE. This is why we need more of such shows so people realize that by watching this you will not get affected. It's not like the flu people. You're not going to catch it if someone sneezes on you. It's more like that birthmark you were BORN WITH.

      • This is an excellent discussion about homosexuality from an Islamic point of view that can help Pakistanis and other Muslims better understand this behavior. And while we all struggle with urges, let us make it clear that we can also choose not to act on those urges. A heterosexual man may have the urge to rape, but he can clearly control it if he chooses.

      • Becoming gay is indeed a choice,Allah only created men and women and it is written in the holy Quran and the Bible. As of influencing the society, the individual follows the crowd, in case you didn't know, so the more media portrays, especially the Pakistani media, the more the individual will follow the media and the crowd, because a revolution is always started by an individual. By the way, being gay is not a birthmark, it is a choice, and it is not innate!

        • I suggest you go and research not only homosexuality but Islam itself. NOWHERE in Quran or Ahadith does it state that "homosexuality is by choice"
          BEING gay is not haram because that's how you're made.
          ACTING on those desires is.

          I know for a fact because I didn't choose it. It chose me.

          Get your bloody facts straight before preaching, people. This is exactly whats wrong with the "Muslims" of today.

          • Naozubillah you mean to say Allah made you gay are you in your senses khuda ne to saaf farma diya hy ke usne mard aur orat bnae aur youn insanon ke zameen pe jooray bnae hn tak ak dosre se rahat hasil kren..Apne ghalat cheez ko naturally qrar dena tak ap khud us se satisfied hojaen ke nhe ap jo krhe hn sahe krhe hn qk apko asa hi baqol apke bnaya gya hy us se zada foolish bat koe ho nhe skte..Agr ye natural hote to iski wja se kisi qoum pe azab na ata..Allah ke samne pesh hoge to iska yahe jwab doge ke apne mujhe asa bnaya???????khuda ne asa bnana hota to wo iski saza na rakhta Quran ki bat krhe ho r itna nhe pta ke Qoum e Loot ke sath kia hoa tha wo q tbah hoe??????

          • Once again you've completely missed what I was trying to say.

            I am in no way disagreeing that it is a sin or that it is against Islamic values and culture. But likewise you have no evidence that states that I CHOSE TO BE THIS WAY! You have no right to tell me I'm choosing to be this way when you have not lived the way I have.

            Do you think anyone in the world wants to be hated and hear all the nasty things people say about gay people? Do you think anyone would choose to be different and get ignored and rejected by society?

            I didn't want to be attracted to men, and I certainly didn't choose it! For years, as a teenager, I used to be depressed because all my friends were attracted to girls and I wasn't My depression only increased when I realised how great a sin it is. Ever since I can remember since childhood, I have been attracted to boys, I have NEVER thought of girls in that way, in fact the thought repulses me same as a straight man would be disgusted by the thought of being with another man. But I recognize myself as a man, I behave like any normal man does.

            So If ALLAH didn't make me this way, and I didn't choose this willingly, then YOU tell me how I'm gay. Since you clearly seem to have a lot of answers. But you know in your heart that you cannot answer this question, just as I cannot answer why you are straight.

          • Well you need to ask this question from you and not from me that why you have developed yourself like this becuase these kinds of un natural things don't develop naturally they are surely due to external factors and environment in which the person is living..Its good that you think it bad i think whatever the reasons behind it are, you should pray to Allah to have control on such un natural things and you need to consider those factors which have made you to feel attraction towards men..Because i don't know your life history.

    • Are you insane? You dont become gay by watching people on tv who might be gay. How jahil are you? I agree that the content of this drama is not for children and that HUMTv and all other channels should have specific time slots where adult content material is shown.

    • Nobody said anything about making it legal, the episode later talks about how the wife of this homo guy anguishes, how she bears the brunt of the marriage. The drama or the channel showed that what was happening in the scene is wrong, YOU are assuming that it is a step towards legalization etc. however its not.
      The girl tells her mother she doesnt want to live with a person who is following what Hazrat Loot's (PBUH) people did in their times and went through azaab. She doesnt say its good or anything.
      There is a hadith which translates to (Allah forgive me for any addition or subtraction) "Do not portray a message without certifying it" I guess you havent seen the complete episode of that drama, go to youtube or dailymotion and search for the episode 13 of the drama stated above, then you'll know the context and how the channel and the drama condemns the act of homosexuality.
      May Allah keep us all in His Hifz o Amaan. Ammeen

    • well actually little children shouldnt be watching these dramas…secondly the scene wasnt clear it was blur and they didnt showed the other guy..if u have seen this drama what will u tell ur children about 2nd marriages? why a teenage girl is being married to the old man..and will u explain why was his 2nd wife crying when he spent the nite with her? …THESE DRAMAS AREN'T FOR LITTLE CHILDREN my dear brother :)

    • watching drama is not a good thing or sawab and all the scenes in dramas are making the minds of children dirty not specifically this scene and mr.USMAN why are u allowing ur children to watch dramas its a sinn dont u know….. and its on ur own mind that u can say to ur children that the scene has its lesson in it……

  • What evil evil of the society,, Gays are reality and medical science also has proved that being Gay is just a normal. what if they have shown this? Our people can easlity watch "Maa da laadla : song, in a fazool bollywodd movie but when thier own channel show it their so called Islamice values wake up..Wt about the maulvies raping innocent children in masajids and madrassas. wt wud u say abt marriage of girls with Quran in sindhi traditional society. what wud u say abt the Pathans involved in molesting of innocent children, wt wud u say abt nangi pungi Katreena Kaif and Kareena kapoor in Geo News Headlines….Wo wo wo Pakistan Rocks and Shocks

    • bht c purrani qoamon pr sirf is gayisam ki wjha se e azaab ay or wo garak hogaeen.. plzz at least agr kuch krnay ki himmat ni h is k khilaaf to apni zuban ko istmaal kr k e isay rok lo .. We are muslims bro.. jo TV p dikhatay he zruri ni saari qoam ki mentlity b wesi e ho ..

    • even gay in pakistan have rights they are like you and me so what if they chose to live different then main stream they have to liv not us how about the mullah who rap boys and girls , gay have been part of this world why mullah are moor awake and rest of the society think this is not islamic look at the country where it is going all of them who have brought the country near bankruptcy they will go to bahest inko apni kaber me jana ha so gay ja straight it is not our business let them liv and mr. mullah work hard for your country bring it back to it's right place

    • no offense.. jus for d info m a medical student myself, cld u plz tell me how science proved it ? :")

    • Being GAY is a learned behaviour, medical science has not proved it to be "normal" it is not a condition you are born with, please don not confuse it with being a hermaphrodite which is a medical condition and not being Gay.

    • Sir, Thanks for sharing your medical information. Having Aids is considered normal too?? I never heard about it like other medical problems before Rock Hudson died, getting involved in such unnatural activities. Even USA Military disqualified these normal Guys. Look where these normal guys are spreading it to women and babies.

  • Assalam-O-Alikum Wa Rahmatullah!
    It should be stopped. People are directed towards a totally wrong direction. I agree that it is in our society, but our Family Dramas should be clean enough to be seen in front of the whole family!
    This is really Shameful! We are Muslims ! Just read Quran! It says that, People's body part will talk to Allah and tell them, what they have been doing. And Watching these kind of scenes will be told by our own eyes to Allah.
    Those who have seen it, are you feeling ashamed after knowing this? You should do! Ask For Allah's Mercy! And stop it!!

    • By praying five times ,keeping a darri or doing hijab does not make us muslims…………………………..To be a muslim one has to adapt the real esscence of islam…………

  • I think everyone is making a bigger deal than it needs to be. If you are a Muslim, then teach your kids what is in the Qura'an and have faith that they will not do what is against it, because at the end of the day that is what Islam and any religion is: FAITH. If you don't have faith, how do you expect to follow your religion?
    What they are showing on t.v. is something that is going on in the world where people are ostracised because they are not what the society believes 'normal' is. Sure, it is against Islam, but so is drinking and that is shown on television and no one has any problem with it. So is hanging out with namehram males, and that is shown.
    I really think we should stop being such hypocrites. Gay people have rights too, and regardless of popular opinion most often it is NOT a choice. It is genetic. Your children are not going to start marrying the same sex if they watch a five second long blurred out scene implying gay sex. It is better that the media is showing something than pretending that it does not exist in Pakistan, when it clearly does.
    People should follow Islam and try to be tolerant of other's opinions. You live your life, let them live theirs. Love is love, regardless of form.

  • Sab Log is channel kay peechay per gaey ho thyek hay they should not show this type of unethical things but ….a dram is a show of its society ….kia app ki society main yeh sab kuch nahi ho rha? ankhaon band kernay say kabootar bach nahi jata .. we should face the reality …..this shows what the hell in we are now…..

  • Sad to see how bigotted our society is. I think that Hum Tv highlighted a major issue although i didnt agree with the way homosexuality was explained or viewed. Many women find themselves stuck in marriages with gay men and its time such issues were highlighted. Homosexuality should be seen as a personal choice. You might nor agree with it but none of us have the right to condemn people for their sexual orientation.

    • How about sexual orientation of pedophiles. They are naturally born as well or so that's they claim. I cannot believe that this is a Pakistani forum having idiots talking. What a piece of work from the mothers of Pakistan.

      • Homosexuality is not a crime in most countries while pedophilia is. Men marrying girls 30 years younger then them is socially accepted and depicted in dramas and thats fine. But depict homosexuality (which if between consenting adults is not a crime even if you dont approve of it) is a huge issue. The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

      • How about prophet at age 51 marrying to a 6 year old Ayesha and having sex when she was 9?? Isn't that pedophilia? How about marrying to Zainab, his own adopted son's daughter? When your own morality is screwed up you have no right to point a finger at somebody else.

        • Get your facts straight about islamic history if you are a muslim before you write utter blasphemy.

      • Pedophiles are mostly actually straight men. Girls are more likely to be victims of pedophilia then boys. You just dropped a hammer on your own foot.

    • you have some messed up principals. or wait maybe your'e not a muslim or aware of the islamic viewpoint on this issue.

  • @ Nadiya ,just ignore zaka ashraf c pcb,…..As Kicked out from champ. T 2013 is really dishearting time for every Pakistani.
    But, your pin point shamefull programs in our media is really big threats that would make voulger environment among us. So, As youth of Pakistan, it is obligatry for all of us that we should oppose this negative side of media war… Thanku

    • wesy tu muslim bechari countries main sab kuch hu raha hy western ki tarah aun sy bi zayda bas fark ye hy wahan sab kuch open hota hy aur yahan shup kr aur western waly sab kr ky accept krty hain aur yahan people sab kuch kr ky bilkul hi mukr jaty hain

  • people who think its right, i think they are much influenced by western society… children would be affected by such dramas n videos.. Muslim country should not promote such things..

  • Ok one question.
    When a bollywood movie showed gay character,was it banned in Pakistan???
    Now tell me do you think your kids do not know about gay thing??
    you might be wrong i know when dostana was released every school kid was dancing on its songs and making fun of gay.homophobia is present in all parts of the world.but still gays exist.
    So i think you guys should open your mind,this has been shown on hum tv before too,som 6 yeas back or so when they used to show some real life stories,,,it was even shown on sama wardat show.its so real you guys it gives a cahnce to discuss with your girls esp to what to do if they are caught in such a relationship with a gay man.I have read it countless times on sunday paper.its a reality but should not be shown on prime time.

    • so true, dostana was welcomed and enjoyed by Pakistani public in great numbers, desi girl a song from that film is still a hit in our marriage functions. its also rite its not the first time such a character is shown on TV, but what HUM has shown was in limits, it was not over exposed like in bol meri machhlee where faisal shah and behroz were portrayed as gays.

      I think before that hum tv some four five years ago has also shown such character in a one episode drama in which shahood alvi played the role of person married to ghazal salam also having children but still having relations with his friend shamoon abbasi. that drama also had a bold scene of shahood and shamoon.

      • Yes i remember bol meri machli and i was schocked when it was portrayed like that,i mean it was so obvious,his dialgoues,he was an open gay.not some one who could pass as straight.
        and also remember hum tv shows when its started,i dont think people will actually say something even this time,may be on forums like this or fb but not otherwise,
        even in bol meri machli when audience were asked about the show all were talking about the girls and what they did but nobody said anything about faisal shah's character.he wore make up throughout the series.
        also people teach parents of such guys that marrying these gay men to girls wont make them straight,
        or watch those reporter or wardat or such shows that have shown this.
        all pakistani people do is curse west but believe me they are much better,they rate their movies and movies with curse words and explicit scenes cannot be shown to kids.whereas pakistanis think bollywood is clean when there is no rating for films,and kids know about every little detail,i dont think kids should not know but a teacher telling them or a parent telling them is different than them watching some movies and picking this as some funny thing,then they may enact too…if you know kids.also someone just told me that there is yet another new gay movie which is also very popular in pakistan :student of the year".now people should see how many of their kids watched that and how many of you took it lightly.

        • People here are talking abut west is this and that………………….these people are nonbelievers because they have not read the KALIMAH,other than that tgey have all the qualitues that islam wants muslims (the believers) to have……………………………..

  • Ok I agree the bitter reality of the society should be portrayed but once things come out in the open from behind the doors it just makes them that much easier for the society to accept them. At the moment homosexuality is considered bad but who knows maybe in 10 years time in a so called Muslim country being gay and its acceptance mite not be considered bad but at the end of the day it's bad and should not be promoted on national level.

  • Agree that the scene was totally unnecessary. The mention of nation of Hadrat Loot later was enough to communicate to the viewers what the girl had seen. All the dialogues shown later were enough to create awareness in public about the issue. I am not against raising and condemning such issues highlighting the evils of society in our dramas. But graphic details are totally uncalled for and can result in spreading of the evil

  • Hmari society main to or b bhht kuch khraab or galt ho ra hy to iss ka
    mtlb hy sare byhyae dykhana shuru kr de jaiy dramas main
    Ta k jin logo ko ni pta un ko b pta lg jy k aysa b kr skty hain…
    Itny or topics hain itny msael hain un ko chor k hum tv ko bas
    bure side dekhane yad rehte hy..pehly mohabat bhar main jaiy
    Ny gand phlaya or ab ye aik or topic.khuda ka wasta itne awareness
    na do humy jo demag main achae ke bjaiy gand bhar dy…or byshak
    Dykhny sy koi khraab ni ho jata lykin haya b koi cheez hoti hy.
    Jis ka paas rkhna sab ke zimadare hy.qyamt ke nishanian hain
    Sab.allah humy or hmary bacho ko hr gunah say bchaiy aameen…

  • I know we should protest against this is not a small thing to ignore ,please write more articles against it so next time they will be more careful so show such heinous scenes,donot promote this or the next thing will be that we will end up seeing protests against gays marriage rights in pakistan too.

  • Why are we making a fuss out of it..?
    As if these things aren't happening in todays world.. Gay marriages been legalized in some parts of the world..
    In Islam it is prohibited yet Muslims are involved in such acts..
    There is a purpose why 'HUMNASHEEN' showed such scene. Because there are guys who get married and are gay..

    It is a reality based Drama. So, they showed whats happening in Pakistan. And in real life. In my opinion, Humnasheen is one of the best dramas of Humtv.

    There is a lot to worry about.. Jaise k, LOADSHEDDING and our NEW POLI-TICians. =)


  • if they all wanted to make us aware spme thing important that could be some thing elseeee……
    but that was out of ethics…and such ashmes hum tv is getting popularity day by day so they are becoming bold day by day….

  • In America, the storm of vulgarity hit in 1980 when their movies television shows start showing love scenes openly… and just after 20 years in 2000 guy law was passed….. now u all knw whats their situation!!! same is happening is Pakistan, we are slowly poisoned, if we keep saying that this is reality blah blah blah and media should show it, then be prepared for that day is not far when there would be a guy person in every steet around the corner……. protest and raise ur voice against this…. what God has forbidden. we have no right to spread that!!!!

    • It is legal in India too, where religious and cultural values are very important than USA. Indian Film Industry and Fashion Indusry is controlled by Gay Culture, turning female models' bodies like a man, tall, just skin and bones, nothing natural. PTV is not behind, currently showing a drama about a male model, doing the same for the producer. It was so disgusting I stopped watcing it, even don't remember the name. Mahwish Hayat & Noman Ejaz. are in the main lead.

  • what u say about "bol keri machi' drama full of vulgarity ? our next generation is in a great trouble how to make them avoid from this influence a great question?

    • The thing is every one should learn that we are living in a very very modernized era in which these things cant be avoided The thing people can do is to tell their kids everything religiously and also mothers should tell about these things to their children but our mothers dont because they are very shy but in western society their parents tell them about these things to avoid it Its other story that some of there kids still get involved in this but their parents guide them whereas our parents they dont even talk!!

  • there is no more modesty in pk .if u r so u r conservative backward and ofcourse can not survive in high society.there was a time when young girls did not like to go to rush place like bazar just bcaz of staring eyes. but time has changed now and if u did not see the dolman mall ( clifton). u r dumb. and u must be stylish head to toe not covered in dupptas. i wolud not blame the media . i will blame the father first of all and then husband. i think culture and values have changed.who changed it ? neighbour influnce? no our roots r from the same neighbour .this is the result of not following the good values of islam.what do u see in morning shows? they r just making the money themselve and fooling people. why dont they host shows which tells us what is acceptable and what is not. what does Quran says about dress code and mix gatherings??????? bcz no body want to listen it . no body want to do it .If they do so next day hey forget it what we did yesterday. who took the dupta and sleeves??????????? designers ? no Gov, which has allowed making such an immodest dress. they have opened the door for more open issues.let see what will be next.

    • well they do tell on Qtv ,why do you watch these channels,watch Q tv or Iqra or Peace tv.
      Nobody would listen alright,you cannot make everyone listen to religious shows,there is so much sawab in good deeds becoz they are difficult to do,if they were easy eveyone would have done it.

  • My god, itna time hai tum sab logon k paas comment karne ko, itna bhi nahi samajh sakte all dese bullshits are just making diversion of minds from actual issues of pakistan, publicity, cross over the new channels, banning channel frm cable nets. Whatever!!! Yar koi ek baat to bataye, yahan sab kuch dekhne ko dekh lete hain, Hollywood, Bollywood, Dirty movies.. Pakistan mein kya dekh liya, paagal ho kar kharay ho gaye, Islam islam keh kar islam ko badnaam karte ho. Hum khud kitne baray musalmaan hain yeh judge karo na ke just criticizing on other's collar… Again and again and again…

      • izzat dil mein honi chahiye, na ke infront of dis world… Well thanks for correction

    • If I would have been watching all the stuff you talked about I wouldn't be here on this forum. We started to watch pakistani dramas as thought that it would be family entertainment but can't do that anymore and that the irony. Otherwise don't we have better looking people, better writers and programming hundred times better all over the world. What bothers me that even people like you feel that objecting against this vulgarity is wrong. Lets start to watch porn here as we'll. Idiot

  • plzzzzz dont display ridicules and shameless adds plz that adds are not part of our norm and traditions.

  • oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh !!!
    uf realy mairai to rongtai kharai hogae ,,,,,,
    sultana aapa u shud realy going to hell …..
    pata nahi dozakh mai konsa tekaana hoga ap kai leyai …
    u shud go to hell ..ALLAH ap ko tabah o barbaad kar dai ……

    • tumhain yakeen hai k tum jannat main jao ge.dont judge others pehle apna to sooch lo agar nai pasand to na dekho simple

      • shocked k ya log un logo per q baat nae krty jo ya gunnah krty hain aik insan is chez ko "burai" k sense me dikha ra hy ya log usk peechy par gy :/

      • ap to haya aor sharam se rahai ..magar kal agar tumharai bachai tum se ye poochi ye kia horaha hai kia jawab do gai ..haa teek hai kai wo achai sense mai dekhaae dai rahai hai par fiza to kharab ho rahi hai …sultana aapa ko mai jaanta hun ..she have told umera ahmad .."bhai mai to aisi film banaanogi jis mai romance aor gaanai bajaanai ho" itni borhi ho kar wo pakistan jaisai nazriaati mulk ko dekhaana kia chahti hai

        • ya jo baat ap keh rae hain k suktana apa ny ki ya aap ny apny kano sy suni? agr nae suni to kc per ghalat ilzam lgana b bara gunnah hy…haan me apny bachon k samny na to indian films dekhti hun aur na he dramy..kunk her dramy me 2nd mariage, romance, cheating bla bla chal raha hota hy…jo cheezain bachon k dekhny ki nae wo q dikhayn unko hum? ya entertainment channels baron k lya hain..and lets suppose meri beti us wkt mery sath hoti jb ya "gay scene" a ra tha to usko kuch smj na ati as it was all blur aur kuch b sae sy nazr nae aya…anyway Allah apki madad kry

          • jee mai ne khud apnai kaano se suna hai aor daikha hai show mai wo bata rahi thi …
            ok aapkai bachchai hai jaisai aapki marzi ..umar kai kisi stage pai aap ko ye baat bhi samajh aa jae ge meri ..ALLAH hamai maaf karai


          • yahi to mai samja raha hun …tht it is a big big sin …aor yahi wo gunah ta jis ki waja se Loot (a.s) kai qom par azab aya ta …..aor hum t.v burae ko dekha rahai hai

    • yar in logo ko ye perwa nhe ha ke awam kia daikh rhe ha bus itna pta ah ke him ne kamana kaisa ha bus

      • bikul mai ap ki baat se 100% agree karta hoon ,,,,inhai sirf paisai aor shohrat chaheyai ..chahai wo shohrat badnaam hokar he keyo haasil na ho ..

    • wah kia soch hy apki aik insan jo ya gunnah hmari society ka dikha ra hy logo k educate kr ra hy k kis qadr gunnah hy is kaam per aap k rae hain wo jahanum me jaye ga wo log nahi jo ya gunnah krty hain….may Allah help u.. may Allah broaden ur scope

      • karnai aor dekhaaanai bhi kaafi farq hai behen ? dekhaanai ka matlab hai kai wo is ghalat cheez ki ishaat kar rahai hai ..ghalat baat ko phaila rahai hai …agar kisi ko is gays ka baarai mai pata na ho seeen kai baaad ab wo bi search karna shuru kardaigai ..aor pata nahi is ki waja se wo aor kitnai ghalat ghalat videos daikhaingai ..jistarah aaj gaanai bajaanai ..aor fahash lebaas ko modernism aor fashion ka naam deya jaata hai aor isai gunah nahi samjha jaata ..kal ko ye gaysim bhi aisa he samjha jaaega ..baqi aap samjhdaar hai

        • Wese to apko boht baten krne arhe hain lkn apko itna nhe pta ke kisi ko youn bad duaen dena r bura bhla kehna jese khud ap un se zada ache hon kitne bure bat hy???????apne burae apko nzar nhe arhe?????

          • jee mai ne khud ko bhi acha to nahi kaha hai ..buraae ko buraae na kehna bhi ek burae aor zulam hai ……aapkai leyai ye scenes daikna shayad aam se baat ho ..par i have watched 1st time ..aor mai bohot ziada hurt huwa ..QASASM se mujhai bht takleef phoonchi ,,,thts y emotional hokai meri moon se bad duaae nikli ,,and m sory 4 that ,,ALLAH unhai he dayat dai ..aor naiki karnai ki lambi umar ata farmae aor jannatulfiros mai jaga ata farmaae … :)


          • yup aisi bohot se buraaeya ..but they want to promote british style ..and zinda dil u ll see one day will come when these people who are not against this scence , will easily tell "gays honai mai koe buraae nahi hai aor pir in kai huq mai dramai bi banai gai pak mai " khuda wo din har giz na laae …v should stand up against it ..aor is kai khelaaf lartai rahai

          • well mere liye bhi ye scene dekhna koe aam si bat nhe lkn iska ye mtlb nhe ke me us scene me reh ke jazbat me ye bhi bhool jaon ke scene dikhane ka purpose kia tha r isko kese dramay me discuss kia gya..isliye mere liye is scene pe bat krne se zada important is scene me dikhae gae issue pe bat krna hy r uske khilaf apne awaz uthana hy.that’s it

      • hairat hai mujhai aap kai soch pai …yani ap ye scene daik sakti hai ….sirf is waja se kai ap mature hai ,,,jab kai ap ki baiti immature hai ..usai samjh nahi aaege ..islam ka mutaalea karai na kai merai coments ki reply mai mujhai neecha dekhaanai par sochi ..apni emaan par nazarsaani karai ..aor mujhai bhi APNAI RAB se gunaaho ki maafi maangni chaheyai …seriously think abt urself with respect to islam …….
        hope u ll not mind it my elder sister .. may ALLAH bless u …

        • hum me sy jo ghalat hy Allah usko hadayat dy…me apsy kia argument krun aap ny apni baat per rehna hy aur me ny apni baat per…but dukh is chez ka hy k aap mjy ya keh rahy/rahi hain k me apko neecha dikha re hun and ur telling me to think about myself with argument is that if they showed some blur scene why is everybody creating sucha a hype over it..and to be honest when i was watching this episode mjy to pta b nae chala tha k gay "scene" hy ya..wo to agy drama dekha to larki ki baton sy pta chala….hum her cheez me mazhb la kr larai krty hain aik dusry sy…idk kab hum her cheez me mazhb la kr aik dusry ki help kren gy aur dosti kren think about it.

          • sister agar hum is chooti cheez ki mumaaneat nahi karaingai to ye log ye samjhai gai kai kisi ne kuch nahi kaha chalo ab is dramai mai mai ek aor gay scene daltai hai aor pir ahista ahista ye log gay kai huq mai bhi drama banae gai ..i m so sorry for that "kai ap meri baat se hurt huwi " I pick UR POINT .but may be k mai ne aap se thora aor barh kai socha hai ..please meri is baat par sochai aor kahai kia mai ne ghalat kaha .? …………….

          • apny pehly apni kc comment me kaha k sultana apa jahanum me jayn ge..ya baat aap Allah per chor dein k wo jahanum me jayn ge k nae…jub hmary prophets itny judgmental nae thy aur sabr sy kaam leny waly thy to aap log dare i say "islamic" log itna jaldi q sabr chor dety hain? may be apny mery sy barh kr socha all i know is k is dramy k kuch seconds k scene ko ap jesy sb logo ny bohat importance di lekin agay is drama me jo logo ko educate kya gya aur btaya gya k hazrat loot as ki qom per azaab is herkat ki wja sy aya usko kisi ny b importance nae di..hum buri baat ko he q phelaty hain?
            aur ya website jis per kae aisy dramas upload kya jaty hain which are against islamic teachings yahi website waly apni rating barhany k lya aisy topics rkh lety hain

        • wo b is website per sb argue kr ry hain jo is drama ko upload krty hain apni website per why people are so hypocrate

          • yea they are so hupocryt,,, sister!.. but me and u will utter a voice against ol bad things ……r u with me ?

          • why not try to make things practically better in our society instead of on this hypocrate website? ya log mazhb k name per logo ko larwaty hain apny matlb k lya…im with u and i'm with all my muslim sisters and doubt islam is the best religion and worth dying for but i'm talking about ISLAM as a whole…not just aurton ko parda krwana,gays,lesbians k khilaf baten likhna…islam complete code of life hy jisko her pehlu sy follow krna chaya just apni pasnd ki cheezon ko nae ya jo apk lya asan hun follow krna :)

    • Islam ka showbiz main koi kaam nahin hai bilawajah aap sab showbiz aur islam ko mix karne chal parhte hain Ab ye purana dawr nahin raha zamana badal gaya hai khud ko bhi zamane ke mutabiq change karain

  • not only hum tv but all other channels are showing the dramas or commercials which are really hard to see with ur family especially with ur father or brother this is not the only issue to be raised our morning show anchors are day by day leaving their islamic values really very very disgusting

  • get a life is a reality in our society why pakistanis are so ignorant or you guys dont want to see the
    reality every one knows what happens in boys hostels and in madrasars our dearest religious institutions it is just we are hypocrites accept the truth it is prevalent in our society and no one can deny and let others live

    • Totally. Unfortunately people love to poke their nose where it doesn't belong. Bigots are always a pain.

    • u r 100% right i am completely agree with u that we r the world number 1 hypocrites people everything happened here but after all we deny it

  • beshak ye fitnon se bhara hua daur hai.ab hum muslims k wo mard he taqreeban khatam ho gaye hain jin k liey irshad erabbani he k 'aur tum me aik jamaat ta qiamat zinda rahe gi jo neki ka hukum de gi aur burayon se rokey gi aur ye sub yaqeenan ziada ter maaon ka qusoor he haan jub ummat e muslima ki maaen behne and batian modrenity k naam pe behayaee ka symbol ban jaaen gi to zahir hai un k hann ese hia oladain paida hon gi begherat mard aur behaya aurtain

  • What do u mean by influence of neighboring country?
    How ignorant can u be? Pakistan has its own values… Just because something vulgar is taking place in Pakistan, doesnt mean that its under the influence of neighboring country…
    And I totally agree with Ahsan.. Hum tv didn't have any wrong intentions, they are just making u aware of the society's reality… Yes it's cheap.. But c'mon u can't deny that gay-ism isn't practiced in Pakistan..

    • True, though I don't believe its vulgar. Everyone has their views, but baseless blames are dumb.

  • Hum tv is no more family channel… when we sit together to watch any drama… such type of rubbish embarrassed us in front of our father and brother… even when they show any pregnant lady and her more details, they r also embarssing moments for girls n front of their father and brothers..

  • achhey logon ko dehshat gard keh ker puri dunya un k peechhey pari huee hai k kisi tarha un ka jeena hi mushkil bana de aur real enemies of ISLAM ko media goverment bana ker hamarey saron pe sawar kar dia gaya hai jahan tak sawal hai in channals ka to aisa lagta hai k inn ko koi muslim nahi balkey kuffar chala rahey hain aap ,ary,hum,geo k bohat sarey programes dekh ker andaza ker saktey hain,big boss me salman khan k peechhey musalsal aik aankh dikhaaee deti hai aur aik aankh siwaa e dajjal k kisi ki nahi hai ye saarey channals hi us k agenda k mutabiq kaam ker k billionairs bantey ja rahe hen chahe mulk,nation jaae bharr men in ko koi perwa nahi ye hamara aur families k baron ka kaam hai k apney bachon per nigah rakhen ALLAH hum sub ko iss society ki gunahon bhari zindagi se mehfooz rakhey aameen

  • All of you overly religious people on here, how would you feel if YOUR right was taken away? I really don't care if you see it as a sin or not, but if you were in their own shoes you'd rather kill yourself than stay in such a society that ridicules and HATES gay people. In Iran 13 teenagers who were presumed gay were EXECUTED. Is this what Islam teaches us? No. We have no right to stop people from living their life their way. Gamblers live freely in Pakistan but no one dares say anything to them. High class people drink and have affairs with men/women. Zina is getting out of control and married women get ABORTIONS. No one seems to think that's wrong? Why do YOU say that gay people can't live the way they can. Only a person who goes through that pain and torture can understand. NO ONE would choose to go through the tough route. No one. I wouldn't either. And before you say I'm gay, i'm not. I'm a woman and I'm proud to support for lgbt brothers and sisters. If you can't take an opinion than don't bother replying. This isn't a choice, and this may be a sin, as it IS stated, but we as muslims and PEOPLE have NO right to judge someone because ALLAH is the only one who can on the Last day of judgment. If your child turns out to be gay and kills themself because they arent accepted then you will understand that it is not the devil or a choice. It is nature and it is proven by the American Psychiatric Association that it is not an illness. Please save the lives of our muslim brothers and sisters and dont condemn them. We can NOT be murders. And I agree, this shouldnt be shown in pakistani media, but they also show men and women touching, and flirting and show love and rebelling.. What about that? Your kids have internet access and watch PORN and FLIRT and you don't know it.. Nothing can save your child's innocence now. Just learn to live and let live and accept.

    • Then never teach or try to make your children understand for what is right and what is wrong if you catch them doin bad things like watching porn…gambling or they may someday chooses to be a gay or lesbian(as this act is only depends on somebody choice its not natural process for your kindest information) dont sstop them instead give the the award of honor that they have learned freedom of speach and life …..same what happens in the west…Lakh di lanat terii soch per

  • If HUM channel is opting to create awareness in Pakistani people about the existence of gays in our society ( the guy who studied in U.S and came back to Pakistan and leading a life style which is out of norm in the mainstream Pakistani society) then they should have been more discreet about it.The dialogue by his wife that he is engaged in the lifestyle condemn by Prophet Lut would have sufficed instead of showing the bedroom scene and the guy putting on his shirt on a naked upper body.
    HUM channels displays itself as a family oriented channel.Perhaps they should retrieve their orientation.

  • hi,i m writting only after seeing people comments abt ds scene,yup in family channel u shud nt show such scenes wiseman can even understand wdout such scenes,nd abt such topics so lots nd lots of men in our society either dy r bi or uni sexual dy exist nd i woud say only bcauz dy r far away from islam i m a doctor nd i know its nt something inborn bt its just a pervertism nd women nd men shud control der NAFS if u put restrictions on ur nafs u cant go dat much………… shud be shown to da society dt do search abt boys before marriaging ur daughters wd dem if dy r involve in such nasty things…

  • k 2 things..
    1st they dint show, it was too blurry and cldnt even see properly what was goin on until i saw the whole episode so i dun think givin awareness about dis should b a pb.atleast parents will watch out for strange behavior ov their kids .. 2nd omG ,2 homos making love on enrique's addicted is d most funniest thing i could imagine :D

  • Hum Tv ne to few seconds ka scene dikha ke mamla khtm bhi kr diya apne to scene pkar ke apne page pe hi chipka diya hy..:P tak jis ne nhe dekha drama wo bhi ye scene zror dekh le

    • I agree– is article ko please Remove kerain yaha se…. enough ! please do not promote Bad / Wrong things

    • haha haan sae baat ki hy ap ny :D inko naya shugal mil gya bilawja baat ko itna promote kr ry hain instead of promoting k actually ya buri cheez hy

  • As we are moving ahead in information age.. the more we know as an info… the more we are loosing a sense to understand the basis, logics, common sense and having complete but valid information about any issue. Our main issue is we just hear or listen anything n start quoting it without even verifying the information at our own and end up creating more confusion and complications.

    Its easy to quote any medical or government organization stating some info about supporting homosexuality and calling it all natural but we must also know what other organizations, authentic and credible sources say to know the whole truth as some organizations be it private or government have their own motives to spread the half info and make profits later .. as we call .. a part of a bigger plan.

    I have gone through many sources but found out one site which is very comprehensive about this whole topic:

    Main pointers:
    – homosexuality is mostly related to child abuses, societal influences and behavioral issues that young kids experience. explore or face through their puberty period.

    – There are therapies to help such people to gain their confidence back toward their sexual orientations they are born with physically.

    more details on the website which would answer many questions.. or maybe would help some people to see a ray of light if they are facing such issues.

    Last, Allah has commanded everything just and best for the human beings. If He has strictly forbidden something which means there must be some very strong and valid reasons not to go to that area. Like in this case, medical science is now proving that practicing homosexuality is creating more complicated and new diseases which are very rare or even not seen in heterosexuals. The most evident of all is psychological issues leading to more problems. The above website discuss that part as well.

    We should overcome our other societal issues as well e.g. bribery, corruption etc but it doesn't mean that we should not talk about this homosexuality issue if other issues are still prevailing and are not being eradicated – Two Wrongs Can Not Make One Right.

    Hope this all helps us to understand this issue with more maturity.

    • oooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggggggg :( afsos hua

  • It's sad to see that Pakistan a Muslim country is embracing the Dajjal system of the West.

  • Well after reading your article n visiting your website,, i feel you people are bigger culprits, cox you are trying to spread the dirt as much as you can,,, i came on your site to watch some other drama,, n then the big adds of th scene on the top right of all your pages… u people are cursed by heart by me… cox many people here are not viewers of HAMNASHEEN…
    And yes onemore thing!! people saying k ye dikha dia,, hmaray bachay hum say poochtay hain that what was shown in the scene,, PLEASE!! yeh scene inna b clear ni tha,,, evn many grown ups were not able to understand the cotent…and stop being diplomatic… u can see DOSTANA… n its really happening in Pakistan,, but is smwhat hidden,,, its happening in all th boy hostels of top universities of country…drinking is also common in this country,, in common ppl n in dramas,, thats also prohibited by Islam…we lie, we decieve, we are dishonest, n we r hypocrites!!!

    • Exactly what i was saying khud to home page pe scene lga ke iske against me bole jarhe jese issue gays nhe balke scene ho r jo bachon ka shor mcha rahe unki bhi smjh nhe arhe ke unke bachay bachay hn ke aflatoon jis scene ki bre bron ko smjh nhe ae unke bachay us scene ka poch rahe hn r whole dramay me poch bhi rahe hn to wohe scene then i am afraid ke kia waqae wo "bachay" hain…

    • asak i hope ur a muslim i live in u.s merey khayal me jo log is k clear hone ya na k barey me keh rahey hen unhain ye sochna chahyey k ho sakta hai k ye sirf start ho aur logon ka reaction dekhney k liey thora hi dikhaya gaya ho lekin aagey is he drama me ya kisi aur drama me ziada openly dikhaya jaaey .i really did,nt know k pakistan me bhi ye gandagi shuroo ho gaee hai ab samajh me aaya hai k kion ek islamic country honey k bawajood wahan itni museebatain murders n besukooni ki shakal me aa rahi hen i believe it is desoster of ALLAH astaghfiruullah k ab in channels pe ye sub itni aasani se dikhaya ja raha hai r bohat se log usey ziada bura bhi nahi samajh rahey agar kisi ko zara bhi iss barey me shakk hai wo QURAN KAREEM me nation loot alaihissalam ka anjaam perh ker apney kahey huey words per astaghfaar parhen ye channels to money earn kerney k liey sub hi kuchh dikha den ge lekin muslims ko sochna chhahyey k hamarey RAB ne hamen kis cheez ka hukum diya hai akhir me ye kehna hai k her problem ko media per nahin dikhana chahyey jo cheez bohat se logon k minds me na bhi ho to wo bhi ussey sochney lagen ge wesey i believe just on my ALLAH k wo jald hi her gunah aur usko karney waley ya uss ko sahi samajh ker uss ka saath deney waley ki jarr kaat de ga INSHAALLAH.

      • their is no doubt in the fact that it was wrong Mr./Mis Zinda dil….we all are Muslims n atleast know th basic doctrine of Islam… we are talking about that why people are being so double faced??? The message conveyed by the drama was positive rather than being negative,,, Many ppl who are involved in this kind of activity dont know what the future results can be,, may be many of them are unaware of the consequences reffered in Quran,,, so admit it the intention of ading the scene in drama was not to hurt som1, or spread the dirt,,, many other scenes like Drinking n intimacy btween opposite sex is also shown on the same channels n all the bollywood hollywood movies,.. n the worst part is they are amired by many ppl… n the utmost of all the article writer dont knows how he/she n the website is also playng part in th same task….which is criticixed by themselves too…

        • yehi tou msla hai agr kal hum drinking ko condemn kertay tou aj media me itni advancement na ati. Hume media pe ye wazya krna hai k humein beshak reality na dikhayen, lkin at least pure entertainment dein.

  • I am not sure what's the purpose of showing that act or even giving a hint of it in the scene as it did. If it was so necessary, then what the young lady said in the her dialogue that her husband was doing an act that is forbidden by Allah was sufficient.

    I am not sure what are we trying to prove by portraying such acts – that we are progressive! Does showing such acts is the only way of showing our progressiveness OR are we playing not knowingly in the hands of those who wants to change our culture. May Allah protect us from all the fitnahs that are around us and give us guidance to lead this life according to Quran & Sunnah.

    A concerned Viewer

  • I am so happy they finely are showing what also happens in our country as well so stupid people only talk about islam and hell look around you not only you r going to hell but will be burned into the hell fire how do you treat your servants in pk is there any home where you ladies work your self buss Gand rakh ker ya sour ke tarha soti rahti ho or larke ager koi larki lift daay to buss gai muft ke sharab chars name it or aba jan in main ager nahi to her woh baimani ker gaa question your wealth if your father is working he cannot make you rich and send you to private school don't talk about religion this is all talk grow up country has gone back to mid-evil time take big action not who is f… who

    • the most stupid person is you ..we will always think with respect to islam …u realy need popcorns ..aor pakistan religion islam kai bunyaad pai bana hai could u say this, tht kickout religion 4rm this matter …..
      just go study islam and study history of pakistan and then comment here
      bewaqoof log ahmaqaana comments ……….

    • ptv has also shown the same thing in its drama KAMI REH GYI… not once or twice,, many times…so dont just feel contended by criticizing Hum Tv


  • seriusly inn scene se zda dukh mujy logon k comments parh k hua hy . mtlb buare ko burae kehna b yahan galt smja ja rha hy n grow up ppl jese cmnts kr rhy hn sab log .stop ppl ths thng z wrng agr ap kahn b dkhaen ye galat he hy . qoam e loot py azaab aya he iss wja se tha n hm aj kal ksy asaani se dscuss kr rhy hn iss sb ko . ye qoamon py azzaaab ka bais hn .ap galat ko mana nai kr skty to atleest galt maanen tow.

    • isay discuss karne main koi burai nahin hai lekin humari qaum bhala kiun in maslon ko samjhegi khud chahe indian films aur turkish dramon main jo marzi dekhte rahain lekin apnay dramas main dekhte hi cheekh uthtay hain Munafqat ki bhi had hoti hai!!

  • mujhy ye dekh kar bohat afsos howa,hum v sy is tarha ki umeed nahi thi,zarori to nahi ky sab fact dikhay jaen,aap sab log bhi apny ghar ka gand saf karty ho ya sab me ishtihar lagaty ho? isi tarha fact fact kar kar k hamari sari sharm o haya mit gai hy,or haya imaan ka zewar hy.

  • hum her cheez me mazhb la kr larai krty hain aik dusry sy…idk kab hum her cheez me mazhb la kr aik dusry ki help kren gy aur dosti kren think about it

    • mazhab islam mai jo sach baatein hai ahkamaat hai ,talemaat hai ..quran hai ..hum un ki bunyaad pai faisla karaingai aor in sab ko madenazar rakh kar comment karaiingai ,awaaz utaaegai ..ab jo log in baato ko maanai gai wo log aapas mai dost other wise un kai dil kaalai aor bughaz aor tassub se bhaarai parai hongai …

  • Why do u bring Islam in everything,its a drama and what they have shown is a reality in our society and mind u this is somthing that is there in all the so called classes of our society……………..face the realities rather than sweep everything under the carpet or hide behind the curtains……….AND another thing why do u drag west into every thing……
    We have to take responsiblities of our issues rather blame others

  • Excuse me…
    Hud hai doghlaypan ki… jab yahii channels dostana kay previews dekha rahay hutay hain aur bachay maa da ladla biggar gaya kay uppar dance ker rahay hotay hain tab koi masla nahii huta… I am not taking side of homosexuality or gays… all I am saying is hum tv depicted an evil which exists in our society.
    Buss app ko burri saas aur masoom bahu rotay huay nazar ayein tau bus koi masla nahii hai, where is ur intellect then when ur children get the idea that the only relationship a mother in law and a daughter in law can have is of violence. Hum Nasheen did not say what happened was right, it did not show anything explicitly… it told that such people exist and the moral is that paisoon kay peechay na bhagain jab apnii betiyaan biyaahain tu dekh lain larkaa kaisa hai… OMG gay scene jo sahii tarhaan dikhaya bhii nahii hai uskoo raai ka pahar bana liiya hai…
    The main problem is when chamelis and munnis are dancing on indian award shows with their bodies half naked u dont mind it then, and then u r least bothered with the fact kay bachay kiya dekhain gay… the only problem is kay pakistani channel nay sachaai kiun dekhaa dii hai… guys get a life…

  • well all those whining about this "gay love making scene" should also know that Pakistan is on #2 in a very recent research conducted on gay porn search on the internet! Does that blink a light?!! this is how our society is in reality. Please people open up your eyes . we are not as religious as we pose to be. thats our sad reality.

  • I do agree with you kashhaf PEMRA should take action hum tv
    plz Do not cross your limits
    The program also looks at individual
    This is a family channel

    What words can I take care of ethics that go well is not good enough to take

  • Kiya shameful shameful ki raatt lagai hoi hai aap sabnay? baray keh aur achey kaam kartay hein aap log jo issay bura keh rahe hein… kiya hei iss mein bura? kuch dikhaya tou nahi hai na! Aik idea diya hai… yeh aaj kal ki societies mein ho raha hai… keh log apnay bachoun ki shaadiyan tou kar daitey hein magr sahi tarhan larkey ko nahi daikhtey. Meray apney close family friends ke sath ye hoa hai.. uss ka shohar gay nikla aur shaadi keh baad pata chala. Uss bechari larki ki tou ho gai na zindagi barbaad. Tou logoun ko aware cur na achi baat hai. Aur kuch explicit bhi nahi tha itna!

    Please thora apnay zehan ko badlein… jo oopar comments hein kitnay neech comments hein… jannat aur dozzakh ki batein. Islam ko na laya curein har baat mein. Izzat curein uss ki…
    pehlay apney aap ko dekhein phir doosroun ki baat karein… dosaroun ko POSITIVE laina seekhein…

  • Like all of us…I grew up watching PTV…
    I remember i was 8 we were all watching this was based upon interior sindh..this wadera was forcefully taking this village girl into a room..clearly indicating that he was about to rape her..i asked my mom.. mom whats going on?..she said he is just being rude..being rude is bad!

  • So the moral of my story is..
    It only depends what kind of household you grow up… the better your environment is..the stronger your roots are …TV, internet can cause you no damage

    Gays exist everywhere… & I feel really sorry for our gay community … (lets face it we have that community!!) … I have read and know about a couple of people who know about their sexual orientation .. and seen them begging to Allah in namaz if He could change the way they feel …for me it is really heartbreaking to know… i know for many of you it is just insanity and unislamic

  • mera nahi khayal ka hum tv na kuch ghalat kiya hai because
    1) ya sab pakistan ma ho ra hai.
    2)hum walon na blur scene dakhaya hai aur wo bhi sirf few seconds ka
    3)ya to ap drama dakhan na aur agar dakhna hain to us ma islam ko na lain kiyonka kya hum islam ki baqi tamam batoon par amal karta hain?
    4)Kiya hum indian movies nahi dakhta ? us ma bhi to yahi sub hota aur is sa bohat zyda hota hai.
    and 1 question kiya reality dekhana ghalat hai? kiya awareness dana ghalat hai? aur agar ap ko itna hi atraaz hai to ap tv aur drama dakhna chor dayn ap logon na aik choti si baat ko rai ka pahaar bana dya hai. please ap ma sa koi mujha logically in tamam batoon ka answer da ga?

  • I cannot understand the minds of those people who complained about it to PEMRA I would like to ask to those who complained so called "RELIGIOUS" people how much do they follow islam in their real life?? See!! thats the thing nobody does but everyone acts like they live in Zia ul Haq era when something like this is shown on channel and magically become so islamic They would watch thousand vulgar and gay scenes in indian movies but cant tolerate a 1 second clip which was also completely blurred on their own channel

  • Everybody always tries to justify everything using religion. Well if you don't like it or agree with it then who's telling you to? Its just a fact that homosexuality exists and many women marry men who are actually gay and can't actually love them back. Just because you believe something is wrong on the basis of your religion doesn't give you the right to force your religious beliefs on others. If you don't like men with men then that's your problem. If two men are in love, and minding their own business, who the heck are you to poke your nose into someone else's business? Its their life so they can choose what to do in their life. And rather than trying to say that its awful their broadcasting this when family gather's together to watch, why don't you actually let kids decide what's right? Teach your kids what you think may be right for them, but let them decide what to believe in because beliefs can't and shouldn't be forced on anybody. I admit, this was a little bold move considering how conservative Pakistani society still is, but I'm proud of Hum TV and their focus on the social problems faced by minorities. Perhaps they should have waited a little more, but at the same time, it seems to finally give a damn about the minorities and the negativity they suffer thanks to extremists and their sudden urge to force their beliefs in relation to Islam and religion on the others.

    Live and let live.

  • well well
    after so many nagative comment and so many positive comment i feel this that
    ky agr hamari nation ky bohat sy people reality ku accept krny sy ya dehkny sy kasr hain tu bohat sy asey people bi hain ju reality aur awareness ku dehkna aur samjna chaty hain
    scene tu bilkul bi nahi clear tha ju baz people ny shoor shraba dala hova hy ky ye family channel hy
    achi baat hy family channel pr iss tarah ka issue dekhaya taky parents ku kuch sense ayay take wooh apni betioon ki shadi krny sy pehly check kr lain
    ye to gay ,hamari society ka ik bara problem hy jis ku hr koi highlight aur iss pr discussion krny sy drta hy
    specially low class aur low middle class family ky tu choti age ky kids aur young people main tu bohat hi zayda ye gand hy

  • its too much bad… kya yehi 1 tareeqa reh gaya ha awareness ka … yeh kya ho gaya ha hamaray drama directors ko. if a person is sitting with his/her family then what can he do at this movement…can anybody tell me…. nahe koi b nahe… bht afsoos ho raha bht …. kaha gai wo 99 walay dramay jin ka apna maza hota tha .. aur ab… ALLAH ab sab ko hidayat day ameen.

  • 2 men making out…….big fucking deal….saaray haramzaday jaysay tum sub doodh ke dhulay ho na…kabhe muth nahe maari..

  • Miss Nida, I was reading another review written by you on in which you say in the second last paragraph, “Moreover, although it was quite a bold step of showing gay love-making scenes on screen, it too highlighted the bitter truth of the society where many girls get to know the reality of their husbands once they are tied in the bong of marriage. Thanks to the western culture, subjects that were once never discussed in front of families are now been shown on screen and adopted by people as a freedom trend”. Is it not hypocrisy? You are saying something very different here and something very different there. Can you make it clear if you support gay scenes or you are against them or you just write what suits you and don’t have a definite opinion? Waiting for your reply.

  • kabhi kabhi lagta hai k pakistani awam jo ghar main baith kar dramas dekhti hai umnhain dunia k baray main kuch pata hi nhi hai,agar ye log porn dekh lain to mar hi jayeen ge.aur sochain ge k sab west main aisay hi hotay
    aur ooper se inhain lagta hai k saray problems ki jarr yehi hai.wah wah o bhai aap logon k islam kahan jata hai jab aap sab bijli chori kartay ho,rishwat dete aur lete ho.paisay de k positions letey ho,ye to porn dekhnay se ziada baray sins hain.kyun k inn main aap kisi insan ka haq marr rahay ho,aur uss sab ko aap ko ek din chukana hoga.problems in nainsafiyon ki wajah se hain na k dramas ya sleeveless kapron ki wajah se.ya ek bluee kind of gay scene ki wajah se.
    aisa hota to saray goron k mulk azab main hotay.aur aap k piyaray arabs bhi per nhi wo nhi hain aap hain.kyun k aap k yahan nainsafi hai aur unn k yahan sirf kapron ki kami.
    aur plz stupid dramas dekhti hain aur kabhi unhon nay job nhi ki hai wo iss comment ko reply na karain,un ki limited zehniat ka jawab deney ki himmat nhi hai merey andar.

  • Blooody Hypocrites …Hum Tv logo the flag of LGBT(lesbian gay bisexual trasexual) organization same colors same design same pattern…how innocent Hum Tv management is right?? they didnt know this before…is it a coincident for you?? NOT FOR ME they are paid by jews hindu lobby…who are brain washing our generation so we forget the value of respect they have for their elders and for people within the society… THERE ARE 100's of ways to convay a message in decency.. but No they will show you all so you get off from the track that leads you towards victory..victory of self CONTROL…5 to 6 years back…the concept of faceboook boyfriend girlfriend culture valentine day mother day father day etc etc was not there …as it is now there you see the difference in the mentality of young generation… almost everybody is waiting for someone like either salman,amir khan..or deepika katrina.. :) PEOPLE like MANAGEMENT OF GEO..HUM TV AND ALL OTHER TRAITOR ANCHORS ARE DESERVED TO BE KILLED ITS NOT ME ITS THE QURAN OUR BOOK SAYS THAT..

  • How stupid of you all…! get a life. and let people do whatever they want.
    5 year olds are getting raped in small pakistani villages and you all are concern about homosexual content on tv.
    As a teenager of a certain age i think all people should have rights…bunch of hypocrites!
    and then you all cry why our country is not growing..! the fact is that my best friend happens to be gay and he is far more talented and intelligent then all of you stupid people combine!

  • How stupid of you all…! get a life. and let people do whatever they want.

  • Hum is really messing up our values and our language.have u noticed that hum logo has gay colors.yes this is a shamefully reality but showing it on tv, that’s hum tv’s choice.

  • >