Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 20 – Review

This latest episode focused on how everyone reacted to Hammad’s decision to move out of the house. The way everyone reacted to the news was very realistic indeed and it went to show how children can never fulfill their responsibilities towards their parents, the way parents do for them. Hammad and Ayza are only thinking of their child’s future and how it can be “secured” by moving out of the house. I know it sounds like flawed logic but it is very good reasoning for someone who prefers money over relationships. Ayza is someone who would much rather save her husband’s precious money for her child and has no interest in saving the relationship they have with her in laws. Hammad said it loud and clear that Hashim and Zain were not his kids, therefore, not his responsibility but what about his parents? Are his parents wrong in expecting their son to stand by them in time of need and not walk out on them (literally)? Honestly, generally speaking, I am all for couples living separately but I think that this is not the ideal time for Hammad to move out and also the reason for moving out is very wrong. Rafia goes out of her way to make things easier for Ayza and has never shown her discontent with anything that Ayza and Hammad do. The sole reason Ayza wants to move out is because she wants her husband’s money all for herself and her child. Well, what else one can expect from someone who has been raised by Akbari. Ayza is still young and there is plenty of time for her to change but Akbari just baffles me with her immature and shallow thinking. Ayza and Akbari are alike in so many ways – they only value their own comfort and know about their own needs, they are not much concerned with how their actions affect others.

Hammad clearly feels guilty about his decision but seems to take an about turn when Askari talks t o him about the issue. I totally agree with Askari, it is so wrong when people blame the “bahus” when their sons decide to move out or do anything to make their parents unhappy after they get married. Hammad is pretty much capable of putting his foot down and has a healthy and working brain to tell him right from wrong. Yes, surely Ayza played a vital part in convincing him to move out of the house but he had the option of telling her that he could not just now. It is HIS choice to listen to his wife and not his parents and grandmother.

Even though Rafia holds Ayza wholly responsible for Hammad’s decision to leave the house but she still does not have the guts to say it to her face! On the other hand she puts Aima down every chance she gets. In fact Rafia turns into a villainous character every time she is talking to Aima. The reason she belittles Aima like that is because her husband does not have a job and because Hammad is moving out of the house…that is highly unreasonable.

I am actually looking forward to Hammad leaving the house because that is the only way that he will see Ayza for who she is and hopefully Hashim will take up his responsibilities now. I really felt for Aima today, she has the patience of a saint and deserves to be happy. She has not seen a moment of happiness ever since she got married and even then we never hear her complaining.  Akbari’s decision to hire Guddu back was just plain foolish and it was surprising to see that even her son did not react to it the way one would have expected him to. Some of Akbari’s dialogues in today’s episode were hilarious.

I have to say that I am totally hooked to the play and enjoying the way the story is unfolding. All the actors seem very comfortable in their respective roles now with the exception of Meekaal. His acting seems very unconvincing at times, which is actually surprising because he is such a good actor otherwise.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

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  • Balance is the essence of Islamic teachings & this drama basically shows the unbalanced behaviors which are common in whole world, NOT NECESSARILY PAKISTAN OR SOUTH ASIA, joint family such like the one showed in this drama breaks the laws of pardah so it's not at all encouraged, house should be divided into portions or floors, sons & daughters can live in separate homes but they shouldn't be hesitant in taking the responsibility of their parents, parents should live with each for some time!

  • in this drama, hammad & Nasir are unable to maintain balance, moreover hammad is selfish, he may shift into another house but these times don't call for it! he can wait, after the major problems are solved he may shift & the parents won't mind that much, what's hurting them terribly is his selfishness