Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 19 – Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!!

This was another thought provoking, very relatable and a well directed episode of Mirat-ul-Uroos. To start with I would like to share my favorite dialogues from this latest installment.

“Lekin ab badqismati se hamare mashrey mei murd buhat kum reh gaye hei”…This is so true there are so many men in our society who want to dominate their wives  but are not willing to give them the protection, security and love that they should give them.

“Beti ko ghur mein bitha ke taanay na du, us ka dil bura ho ga”…This dialogue really struck a chord with me, Hamnah may have been very wrong but her father is right too. I liked the way he looks out for his daughter and can tell how she must feel. She was being immature and when children are being that way, the parents have to look out for them and tell them right from wrong or take the decisions for them. After watching everything that transpired with Hamnah, I honestly think it would have been better if her parents did not give in to the pressure and delayed the marriage.

“Insan ka pata tub hi chalta hai jub us se wasta pare tu”

“Khushi ka taaluq cheezon se thori hota hai”…Finally Rafia has realized that you can’t measure someone’s worth by the things they bring for you!

“Tum khudh ko itna bewukt kyun kur dena chhati ho…Tum apni izzat khudh nahi karo gi tu koi nahi kare ga”. Well, everything that Aima said to Hamnah was so true and I am glad it didn’t take Hamnah long to see things for what they are. 

Askari has to be my favorite character in the show and Samina Ahmed is doing such a brilliant job – spot on as usual. Everything that Askari says makes perfect sense and she does it without sounding too preachy, she shares her opinion with everyone without being assertive and that is what I like about her the most. She is like a gentle, caring and wise friend to everyone in the house.

Although it was partially because of Ayza’s constant pressure on Hammad that he decided to move out of the house but I will not hold Ayza wholly responsible for the decision. Hammad has spent a lifetime with his parents and should know better than to get convinced by Ayza. Ayza makes Hammad’s parents sound like greedy and selfish individuals who are only holding on to their son because they want his money and Hammad really should not believe her. He does not even think twice about how his father is going to manage things without him since he did not even give him enough time to plan something. I really think though that Hammad’s father should still be working because nowadays many people continue working even after their retirement.

Yes it is time for Hashim to wake up and smell the coffee!! He is used as a bad example everywhere and gradually he is realizing how irresponsible he has been. He never thought there was anything wrong with asking Aima for a car but now that Hamna is in the same situation, he sees things differently. With Hammad moving out, he will be left with no choice but to take up some of the responsibilities and I am really looking forward to the transformation. I also really appreciate the way Hashim was made to realize his responsibilities in this episode.

I have to say that this episode seemed too short and it ended too quickly, maybe because I found every single minute extremely engaging. Umera Ahmed has done a great job with the script, Anjum Shehzad has directed the play very well and all the actors are doing a great job. Really looking forward to the next installment.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • MashAllah u left nothing for me to comment on:) all the dialogues u mentioned r those which I liked most. yes Hammad should know his family better, but sadly it so happens in reality , as Hammad's friends were saying k bhabi ko peer bana lo, yes guys really do that. my mom says that a guy never knows that what a bad family he belongs to, untill his wife makes this revelation ;) . i m surprised if they show the play on tv in this way, or just we net users get it like that!! scene ends in the middle!!?

    • Mrs Asim, you are right about Hammad, First his mother & sister, then friends created this image that his wife is some kind of God's gift for him. It turned him into a real Zan-Mureed, a bad case of inferiority complex, thinking that she can do no wrong. It takes only one person to ruin your family life when you accept her/him into marriage & forget your parents. I love the song, " apney Maa-baap ka tu dil na dukha…."

    • Mrs. Asim Thank you:) You are always so kind. I did not feel like the scenes were ending like that, maybe someone else did. Agree with Nyla about Hammad's inferiority complex, Ayza is very clever, she made quite an impression on Hammad right from the beginning.

  • Shukar hai Aima turned out exactly as sensible as I thought she would be rather than donating her car money to Hamna :)

      • Like I said, it was MY opinion & this wasn't revealed before that she received no money. So chill! :)

        • so in your opinion, if she had received the money she should have given it to Hamna then?:)
          yaar Zahra tum bhi na …you take it so personal ..hehe :)

          • If she had, & with her character, I was sure that she would've given it to her because she always has tried to help others whenever she could, like initially she helped her parents by option for a simple marriage. This is what I meant. :)

        • why not Zahra, it was sure revelead before that Aima got no money, her parents promised her though, had she been like u r thinking her to be, she should have continue with her job to make Hashim and in laws happy, but she has got some brain. Umera's characters never do any thing out of their character, or there is a very valid reason, why anyone is doing something:) u never have to wonder k lo ye isnay kya krdiya:)

  • wonderful review ………!!!!! I want to add another sooper dooper dialog by Aima…."LALACH KI KOI HUD NAHI HOTI NA HI LALCHI AADMI KA KOI ZAMEER" I wish that young generation of our society can get all the moral messages shown and highlighted in this drama, for e.g. engagement is not a relation ship b/w boy and girl that they can share all the feelings and views with each other but is only a temporary commitment b/w families and it has no legal or moral status.another point what I want to share from your forum is that every one (viewrs of drama ) are talking and blaming and disscussing the selfishness of Hammad and cursing him for becoming " joroo ka ghulam" but why no one talk about Mr. Nasir (father of Aiza and Aima) how he behave with his intelligent and wise wife and how dumb behavior he shows in front of his mother…………he does not care at all that how much his mother is insulting his wife all he cares about that "'Amma naraz na ho jaen'" no matter that how much amma is wrong as they shown in previous episodes in the matter of Guddu. all I want to say is that gher ka sakoon Aurat ki hi responsibility nahi hay but also depends on Men and the men both like Hammad and Nasir's wrong extreme attitude can destroy that sakoon .they should also show that if husband do not respect his wife no matter how much she is compromising ,caring and sincere , in laws never care or appreciate but take her efforts as for granted .

    • Zeenea Thank you so much for reading the review and for the insightful comment. Everything that Aima said in this latest episode was spot on..Kudos to Umera Ahmed for penning down such a wonderful script.

  • Lol @orange suit..is se achi dressing toh shadi se pehle thi Aima ki..Aima ki dressing dekh kar lagta he keh hum year 2000 mein shot hua drama dekh rahe hain…seriously resham keh kaam wale kapre ghar per?

  • Sai he aap bohat salika mand and decent soch ki malik ho bt jab mehwish keh chamak damak wale kapre dekho toh samaj nahi aata what has gone wrong with Aima…dressing bhi character keh hisab se honi chahiye na..ek taraf itni decent bandi aur dosri taraf aise kapre aur un per woh nakli gold keh yellow yellow jhumkas woh bhi neeli moti wale..kam az kam matching hi kar leti thori bohat…lolx
    And baki hv nthng left to say..sub kuch aapne itni khubsorti se keh dia he already..

    • lol Everyone "loves" the outfit and jhumkas, if she wears it one more time you guys will have tons to say I am sure lol. Honestly speaking i felt like they have shown Aima that way- meaning she is decent but her dressing sense isn't great.

  • that lalach wala dialogue was just SUPER AWESOME! This drama is amazing, im glad all of the actors fit the role perfectly, brilliant! cant wait for the next one

  • This is for Hammad, "Tujh ko Insaan banaya tujhey Taaleem bhi dee—-Kabhi dekhee hi naheen unki mohabbat mein kami"
    " Unki chahat ki badaulat hai kahani teri—-unki qurbani ka saqa hai jawani teri" The best drama writer is Umera Ahmed. She knows how to present real issues in our society and keeps us waiting for the next episode.

  • For me most likeable sentence in this episode was that
    Tum khud ko itni arzan kiyon kerna chahti ho k wo jahez k sath aayee hoee koi cheez bana ker tumhein saath le jayien…..
    I wait all week to see mirat ul uroos…right now i prefer this drama over Zindagi gulzar hai……
    but producers dont invest on promos,dramas,music that much as the treatment given to ZGH.

    • yes I really likes those lines too Mrs. Khan, in fact everything that Aima said was so true.

  • @ Fatima 3 plays i am following by heart
    1) Zindgi Gulzar hai
    2) Silvaten
    3) Mirat-ul-Uroos
    I am wondering why you dont review Silvatein May be you are not following it but trust me its worth watching
    Anyways I loved Mirat-ul-uroos its v close to harsh reality of these days
    waqee mard bht kum reh gae hain
    or insaan ka pata tub chalta hai jub se us wasta pare
    loved each and every dialouge by umerah ahmad
    simple yet so deep and meaningful
    cant wait for the next episode
    lovd your review
    KEep it up

    • Amir Butt it is always great to get feedback from readers like you. I am watching Silvatein and I agree with you it is turning out to be much more interesting than i expected it to be, Samira Fazal's scripts are always very engaging. I love Umera Ahmed's plays primarily because they have such depth . It is good to know that you are enjoying the serial, I hope we will be seeing you on this thread more often now:)

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