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Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 19 – Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!!

This was another thought provoking, very relatable and a well directed episode of Mirat-ul-Uroos. To start with I would like to share my favorite dialogues from this latest installment.

“Lekin ab badqismati se hamare mashrey mei murd buhat kum reh gaye hei”…This is so true there are so many men in our society who want to dominate their wives  but are not willing to give them the protection, security and love that they should give them.

“Beti ko ghur mein bitha ke taanay na du, us ka dil bura ho ga”…This dialogue really struck a chord with me, Hamnah may have been very wrong but her father is right too. I liked the way he looks out for his daughter and can tell how she must feel. She was being immature and when children are being that way, the parents have to look out for them and tell them right from wrong or take the decisions for them. After watching everything that transpired with Hamnah, I honestly think it would have been better if her parents did not give in to the pressure and delayed the marriage.

“Insan ka pata tub hi chalta hai jub us se wasta pare tu”

“Khushi ka taaluq cheezon se thori hota hai”…Finally Rafia has realized that you can’t measure someone’s worth by the things they bring for you!

“Tum khudh ko itna bewukt kyun kur dena chhati ho…Tum apni izzat khudh nahi karo gi tu koi nahi kare ga”. Well, everything that Aima said to Hamnah was so true and I am glad it didn’t take Hamnah long to see things for what they are. 

Askari has to be my favorite character in the show and Samina Ahmed is doing such a brilliant job – spot on as usual. Everything that Askari says makes perfect sense and she does it without sounding too preachy, she shares her opinion with everyone without being assertive and that is what I like about her the most. She is like a gentle, caring and wise friend to everyone in the house.

Although it was partially because of Ayza’s constant pressure on Hammad that he decided to move out of the house but I will not hold Ayza wholly responsible for the decision. Hammad has spent a lifetime with his parents and should know better than to get convinced by Ayza. Ayza makes Hammad’s parents sound like greedy and selfish individuals who are only holding on to their son because they want his money and Hammad really should not believe her. He does not even think twice about how his father is going to manage things without him since he did not even give him enough time to plan something. I really think though that Hammad’s father should still be working because nowadays many people continue working even after their retirement.

Yes it is time for Hashim to wake up and smell the coffee!! He is used as a bad example everywhere and gradually he is realizing how irresponsible he has been. He never thought there was anything wrong with asking Aima for a car but now that Hamna is in the same situation, he sees things differently. With Hammad moving out, he will be left with no choice but to take up some of the responsibilities and I am really looking forward to the transformation. I also really appreciate the way Hashim was made to realize his responsibilities in this episode.

I have to say that this episode seemed too short and it ended too quickly, maybe because I found every single minute extremely engaging. Umera Ahmed has done a great job with the script, Anjum Shehzad has directed the play very well and all the actors are doing a great job. Really looking forward to the next installment.


Fatima Awan.

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