Silvatein Episode 07 – Good Developments.

I kind of enjoyed tonight’s episode. It had many things going on within & with each & everyone.

It seems like Natasha has had a transformation from a spoiled brat to a wise housewife. She seems to have made her place in her family & gels in quite well with each & everyone. She was also seen taking responsibilities on a smaller scale & was also regretful for her behaviour in the early days of her marriage. One thing that took me by surprise was that Bilal mentioned staying with Natasha for a FEW MONTHS now, whereas Zeb is still attending that aggressive kid Dilawar. It kind of looked like a mistake that why would Zeb be going to his place if a couple of months have already passed?

Natasha is paying extra attention to her new family & especially she is in complete compatibility with Bilal, which was good to see because Bilal being a gentleman has taken care of Natasha the way he promised her, I am sure this is the reason she has had a drastic change. One more thing could be that in her in-laws, she is treated as a centre of attention all the time. Each & every member has the name of Natasha in every conversation they have & in her own house she always has shared the attention with Zeb. In fact, Zeb was showered with a little more from all the members of their clan, that’s why Natasha always had a rift with Zeb.

Munize looks more like a saas to Natasha than her actual MIL. Munize’s mother is least bothered about what is happening & who is feeling what because she has indulged herself into her own activities. I loved the conversation Zeb had with Natasha’s BIL. Whatever he said was true & that hit the spot for Zeb considering the situation she was in. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that I loved how the MIL rationalized Natasha’s attitude & thinking towards Munize & Zeb’s idea of spending time together. Natasha was seen in full glory of positivity till she knew that no such character like Zeb was hovering around her & claiming her part of attention but the moment she heard that Munize is having a girls day out with Zeb, she stooped back to her level & once again left the house without notifying anyone, just because she wanted to act like a cry baby in front of her mother. I loved her MIL’s honesty about how she felt at what Natasha had just said. She even proposed the idea of being up front & directly talking to the person involved rather than beating around the bush in front of someone who is not even in the scenario.

One thing that has totally ticked me off is the twist & story of Dilawar & his whining mother. I am not at all willing to see those faces again & I even fail to understand the kind of a project Zeb is working on which involves going to a certain teenager’s house & give them the lectures? She was in a creative field as far as I remember, at the beginning of the drama, but how come now it seems that she is working voluntarily for some NGO? I kind of fail to understand her job & her designation & c’mon who would waste their time & energy on such a spoiled, dangerous looking teenager? I hope I don’t get to see more of them because it looks like a misfit in the whole drama. May be his flick was introduced because in the meantime writer wanted to move things on with Natasha, so in stead of making Zeb look like someone who’s got nothing to do, the idea of this suicidal teenager was introduced.

Over all, I really enjoyed the episode & it kind of makes me smirk at how these two sisters do not hold back in mentioning each other’s negatives in front of the outsiders. Natasha was seen doing these sort of things in front of Yawar & Bilal too & Zeb has mentioned about Natasha’s negativity in front of Mikaal & even Munize now too. Munize, very clearly told that we siblings are over-protective about one another so I think Zeb being a wise person should understand & she should be cautious to not loose talk about Natasha so casually in front of her SIL.

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