Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 17 – Mission Accomplished!

Aisa Kia khaas tha un chand baton mei?

Chaye ka cup!

Finally! The chaye ka cup did the trick!! Although I did feel that just when Zaroon started talking, Kashaf was a little surprised that he did not give her all the explanations she was expecting from him. When he said to her that he did not want to lose someone who was so special to him only because of the silly mistakes he had made in the past, she was even more alarmed and partially convinced, then all it took was Zaroon saving his damsel in distress from hot tea and that was that! If I hadn’t’ known already that Kashaf would eventually agree to marry Zaroon, I would actually have been surprised that she went from not wanting to be around the man for even a few minutes to getting convinced that he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I am just glad that she agreed and we can finally move on. Also, it is great to know that she is going to marry Zaroon because she thinks that he can protect her and she does have feelings for him too. When Sidra says to her that she always felt like Kashaf liked Zaroon, she did not disagree. So, this marriage is based on love after all and Kashaf did not enter this relationship out of pressure from family or friends.


Okay!! So I thought that Ghazala vowed not to interfere in her children’s lives again but there she was today telling Zaroon how he could not compromise or adjust and the marriage was bound to be a failure. Not only Ghazala but Sara was also very interested in knowing how Zaroon would make an Allah Mian ki gaye out of an educated and professional woman. Zaroon on the other hand has more faith in himself and has insisted over and over again that he does not want to make an Allah Mian ki gaye out of his wife…well we will know soon enough. Sara definitely knows her brother better and should know that he has changed or maybe he hasn’t, can’t wait to find out! I felt for Zaroon when he was writing his diary and thinking that everyone was more interested in finding out when he was going to be divorced more than when he was getting married! Seriously, the poor guy deserves a break. I am waiting to find out if Ghazala will approve of Kashaf once she is married to Zaroon.

manshaEpisode 17

I have completely fallen in love with Sidra’s character mainly because Mansha Pasha has done such a fabulous job of playing the supportive and loving sister. Sidra always believed that Zaroon and Kashaf were meant to be together, long before they could even imagine anything like that. She also tried to make Kashaf realize that she should get over the impression she had of Zaroon and start all over again. The conversations between the two sisters were the best part of today’s episode.


Murtaza is back for good in Rafia’s life and it was good to see Rafia happy for a change. There were no worries at all this time around, like they were there when Sidra got married.  Zaroon and Kashaf get married in the next episode and hopefully the shikway ka safar is over and it is over to shukar now ;) I am dying to see Kashaf laugh; can’t wait to see her acknowledging and being thankful for all the good things in her life…time to stop and smell the roses Kashaf Murtaza!

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Thanks for the prompt review Fatima!, Yay woh maan gayeeeee!! Sigh of relief…kya Chaya ka cup tha!! I also thou ought it was a very quick turn around, but maybe ideas convincing the whole episode also was a part of it. But yes the story needs to move on! The episode was very smooth and enjoyed all of it, I guess Zaoon has done some silly things so he has a lot to prove…that talaq dialogue in the diary scene was funny!
    Obviously the library scene was too good, zaroon telling her how much he has fallen for her….so sweet! I think Kashaf probably just melted right then…Chay ka cup is an excuse lol!
    I'm annoyed murtaza is in the family pic…or hammed chamcha too! How did Kashaf agree to that!! Seriously it's like everything is good …I guess they had o put on a front for zaroons family…log kya kehenge etc etc
    Anyways can't wait or next week yet again…getting better each week!

    • Murtaza is not only in the pictures but is sitting with Zaroon as if they are best buddies haha. Hammad is probably there so that he can go back home and report to headquarters;) yes time to move on….I also really liked the way Kashaf says in the end, OMG what have i done lol

  • Very interesting turn of events. Z and K engaged and about to be married! the change of heart from not consenting to marriage, to agreeing to marry and then getting engaged too all in one episode looks a bit hurried but may be it was done because people were on and on about the slow pace. The meeting between K and Z and was very well done. Z was very convincing and I think any girl in K's place who had decided to marry already would have melted. I can also see why the tea thing convinced her. For the first time she realized that he is not out to make a joke of her but he really has feelings for her and that was the reason for his reflex action in preventing her from being burnt.
    Sidra was just too cute in this episode. She looks prettier in every episode and her innocent way of speaking always brings a smile.Such a fresh lovely character.
    Murtiza true to his character is back and the worry now is Ghazala. She has not accepted K and may react in a negative way later. Over all the story is getting more and more interesting.The back ground music was better and the editing is much better in the last two episodes. I am sure ZGH must have the highest ratings? Is that sot?

  • WOW!!! I just love this drama,its almost a year when I was in Pakistan,my niece wanted me to see Drama "Humsafar" and from the first episode it was so much attention grabbing that I finished all episodes in few days on YouTube and simply loved it and from there onward I used to ask my niece to let me know of other good dramas to watch,then came Shehr e Zaat which was another fabulous play and now Zindagi Gulzar Hai is one of the best dramas I have ever watched,each episode is eagerly awaited and today's episode is really special cos finally Kashaf and Zaroon are getting married and I hope life will be really enjoyable for both of them in next episodes aur Kashaf keliye zindagi gulzar ban jaye gi and she will stop complaining about hardships in her life.
    This drama seems very realistic and it highlights different issues in so called class system. As an overseas Pakistani Doctor working in UAE I simply feel our media can play a major role in highlighting various issues faced by society through these well directed plays………………………………….. Pata nhi kab meri life mein Khirid ya Kashaf type ki ladki aaye gi,kab se intizar kr raha hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oye English keh ustaad, the proper way to write that sentence (which given your command of the english langugage, I am inclined to believe you may actually have meant to write something else):

      Please improve your pathetic (I have no idea what an eng is)…. so perhaps you meant “occasionally rude readership” rather than whatever an eng is?

      Oh this makes more sense. You want people to be nicer about the awesome reviews she writes because people look forward to clicking on them as soon as they watch the drama. Kudos to you kind sir.

  • awwww such a cute drama …love it:) m so so so happy for them literally feel like congratulating and hugging them myself:) I know its a drama but still..hehe..guess just shows what superb actors they are:)
    When Zaroon says tht mai apni feelings ke hatho majboor hoo and the rest of the dialogue even I felt like saying yes to him…that and the chai ka cup were more than enough to prove kashaf of his sincerity. She always had feelings for him , she was just in doubt and insecure of zaroons intentions .
    loved the scene between Sara n Zaroon.
    I seriously don't like Sheryar munawar and his weird all smiles dialogue delivery. other than that, Kashaf has a handsome educated man hopelessly in love with her. What more do u need to thank God for?:) better start the shukar now..enough of nashukri already:)

    • I think it is going to be shukar ka safar from the next episode. Don't you think SM is relatively better in ZGH? But yes it would have been good if he could grin less and emote more.

  • Thanks for the lovely review, Fatima. You nailed it and as usual so quickly!
    I’m not sure how I felt about this episode. I think I wanted more, so maybe I’m a wee bit disappointed somewhere, but at the same time I’m really happy that things are moving. It was about time. But somehow it came across as very rushed. Not that it needed to go on for more than this episode, but some depth was missing somewhere.
    Kashaf changing her mind over the chai ka cup, was a scene where I felt something was amiss. I’m not sure what it was, maybe acting, maybe direction, but something didn’t click for me there. I loved Zaroon’s confession to being in love with her. Very touching, and very sweet.
    After so many episodes of K resisting marriage and being so adamant about all the issues in her life, I wish there was something more substantial in that scene when she said yes. In so many episodes we have seen establishing and re-establishing issues, over and over again, and this – what we have been waiting got over in seconds and left me with a feeling of unfinished business. Maybe even showing her saying yes, and Z’s reaction to that, or an after conversation with Abrar….something, but not sure what.
    Thankfully the Usama track got taken care of the way it did. Atleast there won’t be heartbreaks and broken friendships there. I was expecting this, and I’m relieved it was this way.
    Murtuza is back in Rafia’s life for good? Did I miss something? I see Hammad in the engagement pics. Nigaar must have been sitting somewhere are seething! :D
    Glad that the story is moving.

    • Roh totally agree with you, i also felt that it could have been more well done but I am glad that the story is finally going to be moving to the next level. We could see Murtaza making his way back in Rafia's life and you know Rafia is not the one to say no. Nigaar probably sent Hammad to the wedding because she was dying to know the details:)

  • nyc review……
    i was just feeling a bit jealous 2day u know….
    i was ready to jump in the screen to save zaroon as well..;p ;p but ….<3<3

  • I really wish that I could do the same chaye ka cup thing with the editor of this drama. They wasted much footage in the engagement ceremony with Asmara and the engagement of the 2 main leads was restricted to a pictorial review. Also whom did Kashf say yes to, Sir Abrar, her sister, and how remained unexplained which was a vital part and the last part to face the edit. Too much time given to a futile conversation b/w Zarun's parents. , Pace remains slow, and Shaadi happens in the next episode, no immediate movement in the story which is not surprising anymore.

  • Incomplete review Fatima jee…aaj ki epi mein Umera ne ek bohat imp msg dia tha…
    Kashaf thoughts keh hameesha aurat se kion umeed lagai jati he keh woh kubol karle aise mard ko jiska past Zaroon jaisa ho aur kia koi mard hamari society mein kabhi iss tarha ki aurat ko wife keh torr per kobool karega?
    Aur Zaroon keh thoughts abt SHARAFAT..kia waki sharafat is really a "choti cheez"…i would love to hear keh what ppl think bcuz aapne toh choti baat samaj kar waki mein nazar andaz kardia…after every epi i feel like it was better then previous one..BTW Sultana jee is epi keh end mein to aapne khush aur heran kar dia..engagment was unexpected seriously..i lvd the way they showed engagment..through pics..it was something new for me…over all lvd todays epi and ur review too..bss thora incomplete laga..

    • best line: "zindagi main pehli bar sharafat naam ka lafz sun kar bari sharam aai mujhe…shaid jinko main choti cheezain keh raha houn woh apnay aitbar say choti cheezain na hoon" – zaroon junaid

    • Aiman thank you for adding to he review….even after everything that kashaf said, she did end up marrying the same guy:) keep reading and commenting.

      • BTW
        i lvd whole chai scene..mjhe toh sanam keh expressions bilkul perfect
        lage the esp woh 'choti' si bat per uska yes kehna and logic behind
        tht…hum subki ki life mein kabhi na kabhi aise chote chote moments
        aate hain jab hum, ya jinki waja se hum bare bare faisle kar lete
        he…baaz dafa choti choti bate dil mein ghar kar leti he…jabke reasn
        behind kashaf yes is nt 'chota'…zindagi mein pehli bar sm1 shielded
        her…ab us act ki ahmiat ek aise bnde ki nazar mein humse ziada he
        jisko kabhi koi aisa na mila ho apni life mein…aur i thnk ROH ne
        library incidnt ka zikar kia tha keh osama ne bhi to tab yehi kia tha jo
        aaj zaroon ne kia bt kashaf didnt noticed tht..yaar i thnk osama ne us
        time sirf kashaf ki 'side' li thi na keh kashaf ko 'guard' kia tha..woh
        zaroon ko sirf yeh kehta he keh uski soch disgusting he bt woh zaroon ko
        yeh nahi kehta keh woh usko aisa nahi karne daiga…dono baton mein bht
        fark he i thnk…humko toh actuly kashaf ka reasn bht convincing
        laga….and as sidra said 'kashaf tm bht ajeeb ho..aur gehri bhi'

  • Please correct me if I am wrong but in marriages, does the boy not marry into the girls family the same as a girl marries into the boys family ? What was Zaroons statement about when he says Kashaf will be part of his family and not vice versa ? I am asking this question because my teenager daughters watch the show and as a " non residential Pakistani- (three times removed)" I don't know how to explain this pakistani aspect of the culture to them. I am trying to educate my kids on "pakistanism" through dramas to keep them connected to their roots.

    • Actually it depends on the culture of both the groom and the bride. But most pakistanis consider that marriage is the brides steps into a new family. I am not to sure but i do know that if the woman proposes than it may be the way you're saying (they both step into new families). Nonetheless marriage in pakistani culture is usually aserious matter of obeying your mother-in-law (lol) and staying happy!

    • Where do u live……….? BANGLADESH! We live in the States & my kids proudly say to every one they are pakistani Americans. They never think they are '" non residential Pakistanis. By the way kids learn their Culture from their parents not from the Dramas. I think you trying to forget your ROOTS. Now did you go to your husband's home to marry him OR did he come to your parents home to marry you. It's easy to explain to the kids who marries who. DO'NT EVER FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE NOW.

      • Actually I am an Arab but my great grandfather came from a place now called Pakistan. We don't understand Urdu so we can only watch pakistani dramas with subtitles. Even though I have never visited Pakistan, I have always felt a bit pakistani. In our Arab culture, marriages take place between families as opposed to just between two people. The man becomes part of his wife's household just as the woman becomes a member of his household. Marriage is the union of two families and we never lose a son or a daughter but through marriage we always gain another family member. We watch dramas from all over the world because I feel it is nice way of learning about other cultures and especially with the world shrinking we are no longer worlds apart from any other culture. By the way 'proud pak'I found your remarks extremely hurtful, judgemental and inappropriate , is this the image you want of your countrymen portrayed across the web?

        • ZHH is not coming with subtitle yet how do you understand this one wondering ………….

        • Sister first thing I'm living abroad too. ZGH is not running with subtitle yet. Second If you are really interested to learn Pakistani Culture then you should get involve in the community.More than Half of PAKISTANI living in Arab COUNTRIES. We hurt too when people act like We are third world country. I don't see any inappropriate thing in Proud Pak's comment.

      • when u didnt know the whole thing, u shouldnt have commented !!! after reading her first comment I was thinking that she must be Arab. what impression of pakistanis u gave with ur comment??

    • OH Really. So you were waiting for ZGH to educate your daughter about culture and marriages!!!!
      Is this ignorance, naivety or misplaced arrogance.
      Less we say the better.

  • Hi Fatima

    Finally they got engaged, and all r si happyjust read so much comments on fc book n all r celebrating that it’s a real story not drama, hehe …unfortunately I didn’t watchtoday episode, but dying to watchthis how this miracle occurrd???? Kash barroom tea cup pehle gira daita to baat jalde ban jate hehe but enjoy ur review …. Congrates to all viewers…. Da zzz dazz and da zzzz zzz, celebration after watching so many boringepisodes of zgh,,, sabar k phal mil gya Hume……

    • lol yes sabr ka phal meetha hota hai pur you should go and watch the episode in order to taste the meetha phal. Do come back and share with us how you felt about the way Kashaf got "convinced". It is always good to hear from you Baacha.

      • Thanks Fatima, ya sure but due to unfavourable condition I could not watch drama so I ve to wait for few days

  • Sorry for few typing mistake, one more thing Fatima I saw hammad’s pic in function wo yahan b bina invitation he a gya he hahaha

  • Thanks for a great review Fatima . I totally agree about tha tea scene it should have been a great moment but somehow it was not quite there still this is more than we are used to so I for one am happy a this point :)

    • Sadaf thank you for reading the review and for commenting. yes we all wanted to be blown away but that didn't happen…oh well all is well that ends well:)

  • you did a good job..nice review..
    today episode was the best n with each episode this drama has gone up a notch in quality…
    really quality direction and great acting especially sanam saeed who for me is the pick of the actors…and everyone did justice with great roles…always thought ayesha umar is overrated but she did really good job with this role..
    for me i dont know why but weakest link was asmara<mehreen raheel> acting…it cud have been better i think…

    • Anu thank you so much for reading the review and for liking it. Yes I agree everyone is doing a great job, i am glad you are enjoying the show:)

  • Hi Fatima,
    it was such a classic episode of the serial ZGH :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    mera dil khush hoo gaya aaj ka episode daikh k…. Wah jee wah..

    i enjoyed the consciousness of samina peerzada , when Zaroon was at her place and was trying to show his true feelings , sincerity and loyalty to the Kashaf and samina peerzada was looking at zaroon with suspected eyes and hidden fear…. mazaa agayaaaa…

    • And not to forget the happy excited and impressed way Sidra looked at Zaroon throughout the scene :D

    • Hi Muzna, what a heartfelt comment, maza aa gaya ap ka comment purh kur:) Yes Samina Peerzada was brilliant in that scene.

  • A big congrats to Kashaf and aroon , All the credit goes to the NAUKAR jis ne chai ka cup giraya aur Kashaf ko manaya , aur un ki zindagi men turning point aya. Zaroon should be thankful to him

  • @ Fatima This epiosde was amazing amazing amazing and your review is super amazing cant agree with you more Speechless man.What a terrific episode.Seriously the best drama ever made.The lead pair cannot be praised enough.Their acting,the chemistry,it was just too awesome.Oh My,i'm blown away.super episode..at the end yehii hona tha..what a answer kashaf ..chayee ka cup..ha bat tu such hai..kabhi kabhi choti si bat he dil main jaga bana datii hai…gr8 drama.

    • Amir Butt Thank you so much for liking the review, it is always great to hear from you. You are right about the choti choti cheezen, i just wish the explanation Kashaf gave was a little more convincing.

      • But maza ataa ager thora sa kashaf aur nakhra dikhati and then tea wala scene hota ;)))

        mazaaa ayaa… the make over of kashaf was too good and a blush girl should be like her as she was acting… wah kya baat hai… the dialouges of zarron at that moment was speechless…. kitni feelings thhee unn ilfaaz main… ufffffffffffffffff i was mesmerized …

        i am bit sad as well, coz the drama is going to be over now :((((((

        it makes me so much sad :(

        • Allah Maaf Karey… Or kitna nakhra dikhaey…17th episode tha. Her episode main Nakhrey hi to they.

  • You know Fatima I wasn't expecting this. I was thinking that K would marry Osama, divorce, then marry Z. This is because while being married to Osama she would see Z often and develop feelings towards him. Thus causing the divorce. Osama wouldn't mind and move on with his life. Or they would be engaged and she breaks off the engagement for the same reasons. I was disappointed at the fact that they didn't show Osama wedding then in the next episode show her engagement, shaadi, ruqsati and valima. Even with faults this episode was the king of them all!

    • Well I'm. Pleased that have avoided unnecessary divorce. We have enough of that in other dramas.

      If two themes ie DIVORCE and SAAS /BAHOO politics are struck off, what will happen to Pakistani drama?!

    • gagoga really?? I am actually happy with the way things are right now…it is good to see that osama had moved on with his life and Kashaf and Zaroon will be married int he next episode.

    • OMG, the writer is doing everything to show the importance of a person's personal character, and u thought she will show Kashaf getting impressed by Zaroon after her marriage!!!yani sara image barbad hojata Kashaf ka? really imagination ki koi hadd nai hay!!!

  • haha! loved your review :) this was like my fav episode…i was skipping and laughing after the episode ended :D yipeee!

    • Thank you sana. i am glad you enjoyed this episode, i think the next one will be even better.

  • Vow. Enjoyed the episode despite filmi touch of 'chai ka cup'. My favorite scenes were
    a) phone conversation between Kashaf and Sidra– nice crisp dialogues
    b) Zaroon/Kashaf scene at Sir Abrar's…..before chai ka cup
    May sound like broken record but Fawad Khan was brilliant again, and you can't help appreciating Mansha Pasha's natural acting.
    And Thanks for crisp, professional Review.

    • Anwar Sohail, I enjoyed all these scenes too and yes of course there is no denying the fact that FK is brilliant. Mansha Pasha and FK actually look cute together and i agree with Royter, i would definitely like to see both of them together in a play.
      Thank you so much for reading and for commenting:)

  • Great episode :) loved it! Let the romance finally begin! I did find that this episode was rushed with a lot of unanswered things…

    1) Murtaza in family pics? Where is the wife Nigar? Should have had a scene where Kashaf finally gets closure with dad. Rafia discusses the rishta with him, he gives his blessings and apologizes to Kashaf for being a bad dad but encourages and supports her as she starts her new life – An emotional father daughter patch up was needed ms director!

    2) Osama who was interested in her since college days suddenly in a month moved on?? Seems strange. He should have given some reason that although I love u, my parents are getting me married blah blah…or why make him move on, let him find out she chose Zaroon, be shocked hurt but moves on and remains friends.

    3) yes would have been nice to see Kashaf accepting saying yes to Zaroon. An emotional romantic scene was needed here very badly…. Come on ms director why did u cheat us of this beautiful yes scene!

  • This episode was definitely a good change from the last episodes shown so far. The story is in essence more of a love story with 2 different personalities. Come to think of it the transition in Kashaf’s attitude remains the same unexplained as it does in the original story – novel. Umera does not explain the Why’s and How’s of the transition and it does sound more feminist oriented , pretty much if you read through the novel making the male lead look invariably inferior and later metamorphosing into some mature guy who would’nt stop the wooing business. And it does’nt really happen so in REAL life.. Its essentially a fantasy to fathom husband to be head -over – heels-in – love and the girl who relentlessly snubs down the most sought after bachelor!!!! Real fantasy Umera would like us to believe… Sultana Siddique has done many changes with the story line and script which was sensible enough of her for Fawad’s fans would have instantly disapproved of the insults thrown by Kashaf on Zaroon as in the novel. Umera does not speak of murtaza, nighat, rafia, sidra, usama in the novel the way Sultana Siddique has done. Rather its just the diaries doing the narration….whew! a good change though. Wonder when does asmara recieve a mention in the story quite in contrast to the engagement that was called off shown in OST. Just wished Kashaf the character blushes more, restraining her glances in wedding scenes promo !!! It was indeed good to see the story moving fast!

    • I think novel and drama are two different things, then a writer gets mature by the time, just think of it Umera was so young when she wrote that novel, she has almost changes her all novels when she turned them into script, she has done a course from England, just to learn writing script, she has made quite sensible changes throughout this play. its need of a play to show side stories and like them all, other wise this actual novel was better for along play:). I dont know why u people take it as feministic? no body ever said so about Pride and Prejudice. a strong female character doesnt mean that she is dominating the male characters, Umera's characters are unique individuals but they do exist around us, why not, aisa hota hay, in reality bhi aisa hota hay. Kashaf was prejudice about males in general, and there was valid reason for that, otherwise in heart of her heart she knew coz of her own experience with Zaroon, that he is not a bad guy. the play was unnecessarily long and repetitive sometime, but they still managed to show the whole thing in a convincing way I think. Kashaf jaisay logon main transition isi tarah aati hay :)

      • u can ask on umera's official facebook page, waisay if u understand urdu then u can read it in roman urdu on dramapakistani dot net .

  • The first thing i did after watching the episode, i read ur review.. very well written..
    .but it seems to b short to me…and it ended so early, or may b i was so exited that i read it in seconds.
    may b i was expecting something EXTRAORDINARY after this wonderful episode.
    loved FK more. he cant b better than this.
    Mansha Pasha was fabb!!!!

  • excellent review fatima
    finally finally …. both are together …. it seems like i'm a part of their world … though its a drama but itni khushi mjhe aaj tk koi b drama dekh k nai hui jitni ye episode … infact iss drama k har episode mai koi 1 hmme hansaane wala scne zaroor hta hai … it isn't like the other dramas airing these days
    yaar plzz aap apne har review mai 1 apna favourite scene k baare mai b zaroor add kia kro :)

  • I enjoyed the episode as much as i enjoy reading your reviews :) wonderful episode and I agree with your opinion that she made the decision based on chotee see cheez…..a cup :) but in original novel they gave a very convincing logic, that the guy she is marrying has a past which is not hidden, if she goes on to marry someone else she might never know about the past, so Zaroon jaisa hai acha ya bura saamnay hai, and that was really convincing. And now I cant wait to see Kashaf head over heels in love with Zaroon after marriage :)
    Keep your reviews coming in I like them

  • hi fatima,,,,,perfect reveiw as always,,,,,n good addittion by aiman…..everthing was perfect n fast in this lovely episode n just cant wait for next episode…..oh friday come soon…..z n k r superb but i think sidra is also noticable n cute……i just want to share fatima why u give reveiw on only 2 serials zgh n mirat ul uroos…..i think dil e muzter,silvatein n perchaiyan deserve some importance alsoo,,,,i think……

  • hello admin
    i need 2 tell u dat whenever i play drama or open ur site"www.dramasonline.com" some v vulgar adds especially a "WARTUNE" game wid a nude girl appears on a side n this is v cheap n embarrassing when some 1 is sitting wid me especially my MOM. can u do something abt this??

    • Hi, Sorry for inconveniene.

      We have complained the advertiser already. they will do the needfull As soon as Possible. You can use full screen till then.

      • but i need 2 tell u its only with ur site …i have seen some others also but i m ur regular user so dnt wanna quit it…..but plz do asap n remove all those dirty advertisement….

    • Thanks ashlina yes i m regular in prayers & soon coming to Pakistan to find the best one insha'Allah

  • Really we are waiting so long. So we an enjoy the kandz we'd every thing what we got not even 5mintue that is lame whole week waiting for it

  • Great Review Fatima. Forgot to mention that. I also forgot to comment on SM 's acting. Does every sentence delivered by him must be accompanied with a huge grin? ALL the four and five dialogues while talking to K were said in the same way with the same huge grin. Man!! You are talking to the girl you have proposed recently. She is the one you think you were in love with very recently. Now, you are grinning from ear to ear while giving her the news?? To me it is very strange. Or do the young men behave like this nowadays?? May be it was different in our days.
    K's reason may seem flimsy but I think that is the way she had explained it to herself. I think Sidra was right all along. She knows her sister and that is the reason she took the decision of phoning Z. K has always had a soft spot for Mr Z ! I think this serial is MUCH better than HS. The complex characters and the focus on social issues makes it much more than an ordinary love story!!

  • Ajman, with all due respect, I don't find anything seriously objectionable in Zaroon's past. Both Zaroon and Kashaf have squirmishes during university life. Zaroon being naughty while Kashaf being unduly aggressive and rude.
    It will be a nice change if can come out of " Mard Hazraat, bechari Aurat and hamarey yahan" repetitive mantra.
    Do we really need to look at every thing, all the time, along lines of gender and discrimination.
    Please give us a break.

    • Oh hello sir jee i didnt even used term 'bechari aurat' in my comment..if any1 here shld move on its u nt me..plz bhol jai zara 'bechari aurat' ko bcuz aapke har dosre cmment mein 'bechari aurat' ya 'Pakistani dramas ki aurat' hoti he….and 'jawani ki ghaltian' its zaroon's and sir abrar's line nt mine…me zaroon nahi typical male hypocrisy ki baat kar rahi hon which exist in our society deeply ..and its nt necessary na keh jo aapke liye right he woh subke liye right ho…the part of society i live in…its actuly objectionable for girls to have male friends, boyfriend to bht door ki bat he…its nt tht keh i want to hv any infact i m proud of keh meri amma ne meri aisi tarbiat ki keh i personaly found it objectionable for girls and boys both…bt at the same time my brother hv so many female friends and my amma frm always is like 'woh larka he'…so hellooo jab tak 'woh larka he' khatam nahi hoga na tab takk 'hamare haan keh mard' bhi khatam nahi hoga…

  • tmy dil lge bhool jani pry ge………how rite this 1 is!!!!!!zaroon flart krty krty mhbt my griftar ho gya…………b carefl

  • how ironic it is k zaroon jysy mrdo ko shadi k wkt lrki ka character yad a jata hy………….

  • awesome drama! loved the episode…and now i hope it all ends well too…pls no misunderstandings, nothing sad..just keep them happily married, and THE END.. :)
    shikwe bahut hogaye,abhi sirf shukr hi shukr karo, aur khush raho , Miss Kashaf :)

  • Hey! Where is Annie?? Have not heard from her for quite sometime. Is she busy? She has not commented at any of the websites dealing with Pakistni Dramas. Hope she is well??

  • owsum work, un lrkon k lie lesin hy jo cheat krte hen, and fawad u going fabulous very nice nthing can be said about u,

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