Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 22 – Forgetting The Rules!!

All the sweet rules set to avoid misunderstandings flew straight out of the window along with the romance that happened in the last few episodes. So Zaroon has forgotten his rules completely. He has stopped talking to his wife and is walking away from her, instead of facing the issue bothering him. Poor Kashaf has moved bag and baggage to her new home, and has been welcomed with cold shoulder. She has been accused of not telling Zaroon about Usama’s proposal to her. Never mind, that when she sensed he was preoccupied after meeting Asmara that he never bothered to tell her the truth. Zaroon clearly has double standards even now. The way Osama mentioned the proposal was actually quite annoying-doesn’t he have an ounce of self respect even?


All his double standards have come right back to stare at us in the face. And it does seem that Kashaf is not going to humour him at all. It also seems he is seeking a bit of attention by throwing his tantrums.  Kashaf is very clear on her stance and expectations in the marriage, and is consistently sticking to them. Zaroon told her what was troubling him, she answered his questions, but he still chose to hold on to his getting upset. Kashaf is taking that as him suspecting her, and this is not helping the situation.


But then this is what lack of communication does in any relationship. No words are exchanged and each partner draws one’s own conclusion, and matters get much worse than what it should.

nigaaarNigaar’s visit to Rafia’s house didn’t seem genuine to me. It seems she had an ulterior motive of getting her daughters a good proposal. Nigaar is a hopeless case and today she proved it, people like her will do anything to get things done from other people and by the way what was with the ugly eyes shadow lol.

Sara decided to tie the knot in this episode with someone she has known for a very long time and who is very conservative. Sara kept on insisting she could easily adjust with such a man while her mother begged to differ. Sara has learned to compromise and does not think twice before judging her mother. To be told by ones child that one’s marriage is not a good one, is very hurtful, I’m sure, and Ghazala expressed the pain she experienced as an outcome of those conversations. From the beginning, her character has been vague, indicating more often than not that she has not been a good mother, and today, this part of the story was validated clearly.

As with all stories, we all pick up what is relevant to us, or what catches our attention, based on our thoughts and experiences. And therefore it is not fair to judge this episode for all the numerous scenes that were put together.

Every character other than Murtaza was present today. There were a lot of discrepancies in the direction and storyline. I leave it to you to pick what is relevant or not.

The next episode had a trailer or a conversation between Zaroon and Kashaf. It almost looked like banter to me. Apparently there are 3 more episodes to go. Lets hope that everything is wrapped up nicely in the upcoming episodes. Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed were great in this episode but the storyline and direction failed to impress. Why was Kashaf going to visit Sidra when Sidra already left for the US in the last episode? Do you think that the Zaroon made a mountain out of a mole hill and that he still has double standards? Please share your thoughts would love to hear from you.

I am covering for Fatima this week; she will be back next week.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Thank you so much Sara for covering for me on such a short notice. Just a few thoughts from me for now – The moral of today’s episode had to be – make the rules when there are no problems and throw them out of the window when there actually are “real” issues to deal with. Yes I know the issue wasn’t that real to begin with. Zaroon was back to being his 16th century self and it almost seemed like he had never changed at all…so much for all the tall claims. Kashaf is back to thinking, all men are the same!! I liked what Kashaf said about her wanting a relationship based on equality and not double standards. Will comment later in detail after watching the episode again, exhausted from all the hospital trips.

      • Hi Annie, my mom was in the hospital, she came home last night so yes things are looking up now:) I was so lost the past few days!

    • Fatima, it was my pleasure. Please do write your thoughts in details. I'm sure the readers will look forward to that.

  • well the episode was very good & realistic, the direction & storyline were awesome, all the pieces of puzzles are fitting in now, & every scene was relevant & impressive. Zindagi gulzar hai maintains its natural flow & realistic approach which keeps us glued to it, next episode promises more, looking forward to it

  • Thank you, Sara for covering for Fatima. Really appreciate that you maintained Fatima’s standard of speed and gave us an opportunity to discuss the episode as soon as we could.
    I agree with a lot of your opinions, but I have to say this episode really disappointed me in terms of execution. There were so many issues thrown in, that the issue between Zaroon and Kashaf seemed very loosely place, almost like a lame excuse.
    The only explanation can be Zaroon’s double standards, and that was diluted because of so many tracks as well as the heady romance in the last few episodes. I thought he would be a little more sensitive to Kashaf, getting to know her better. This episode seemed very forced to me, because there has to be an issue.
    Honestly, what was with ever smiling Usama that he had to open his big mouth? And Zaroon was upset, he spoke to his wife, they discussed it, and he still holds it against her? You’re right! All rules have been forgotten. By both of them, I suppose. Otherwise, Kashaf could have reminded him about them.
    Yes, Murtuza was missing today, and thankfully so was Asmara and Maria. Nigaar made up with her ugly eye shadow. I picked up lots of discrepancies too, but I’ll just ignore them. I too hope that the story ties up all the loop holes.

    • The parts where Zaroon is blunt with k and she has to switch t.v off reminds me of episode 10 of HS. How Ashar had no reason to treat khirad the way he did as khirad had done nothing to.make him jealous. He was also best buddies with Sara which made it worse, but it was never highlighted there I think most men have double standards, Zaroon definitely has not changed and all his rules have gone out the window! I am hoping this is leading to him actually getting a reality check!

      • I got some feelings from Humsafar too. Even a couple of dialogues used the same sentences.
        And "baithe bithaye" is the phrase of the season! lol Everyone loves it and uses it over and over again.

        • Yep totally had the Humsafar hangover today. I was like Asher waapis aagaya! Agree with you ladies that the randomnesss of the 'issue' was so lame as expected and what an awfully directed scene was that between osama and Z! Uff the only good thing about today's epi was Sanam ad Fawad's acting otherwise the rest was forwarded by me. And what is up with the oh so hard to pronounce name of Sara's fiance whose parents are apparently uber conservative – oh lame squared! That track made zero sense.
          z and K reunion predicted two weeks from now at the announcement of the pregnancy. Early mubaraks to all Zaroon baap ban nay wala hai.

    • umm Roh, I don't know if I am being optimistic to the limit of blindness but this episode was a fabulous one & I'm so shocked at your comment. well honestly didn't get the feeling of humsafar. actually it was so realistic that I forgot that it's just a drama. Sara's conversation with her mom & brother, Zaroon's ego being a barrier, Kashaf's frustration. It was like the pieces of puzzles are all fitting in. Ghazala's realization & then that annoyance of Zaroon at Kashaf for leaving the house without telling, it came exactly in the sequence as zaroon wasn't pleased before when his mom used to do that & now it's Kashaf.

      • Hamnah, I appreciate your point of view. I can understand you are enjoying the scenes and the dialogues. I too have really liked certain scenes and dialogues, but unfortunately only in isolation. As we are drawing towards the end of this drama, there are too many threads hanging loose.
        Particularly in this episode, it seemed more of an attempt to piece things together without a base.
        Please accept my apologies if my explanation on this account is too long, but I would like to share with you where I am coming from.
        This episode would have been meaningful to me if these issues were shown at least a little in detail in the past. There has been a glaring lack of that, and we are supposed to accept what they are concluding with now, which is a bit difficult.
        So now they are concluding that Ghazala has been a negligent mother and that has badly affected her children and husband. Normally this is seen in behavioural issues in children. As we can see in Kashaf. Her father’s actions have scarred her badly. However, Zaroon and Sara don’t seem to be like that. They are well mannered, respectful and duty bound. Even Rafia commented on Zaroon’s upbringing. Believe me, children from a home like what they are showing the Junaid household to be, are no way like Sara and Zaroon. They would have loads of vices, would be selfish and totally spoilt.
        How many people, let alone new mothers-in-law will admit that what her daughter-in-law overheard was not right. How many will admit that their new daughter-in-law is dutiful? It doesn’t fit in with what Ghazala has been made out to be at all. Junaid is a successful industrialist. If he had a house which was not being taken care of and children growing up well (Zaroon has always been a topper in academics), he wouldn’t have been able to build his empire. I can also assure you that boys from those kinds of families, with so much wealth and “no values”, (which is my conclusion from what they are saying) will never ever go for a government job, when they have a life of comfort laid out for them. It seems like we have to conclude that Ghazala is a bad person, so these dialogues were put there. Coming back to Kashaf’s issues with her father. Such an important issue, which has been not been handled well in terms of screenplay. We have only 3 more episodes to go, and it has not yet been addressed. So it will rushed and finished, without fleshing it out.
        This are just 2 cases of glaring discrepancies. Similarly, lots of other plots have also got these kind of “hanging loose” stories. The timeline is badly out of place. Why? How? When? What about this that and the rest? No answers.
        I think the execution has been very disappointing, because the story had deep issues, and that is why people are feeling let down. If you take scenes and dialogues per se, there have been excellent ones. But for me, personally, it has not been threaded together in a convincing way.
        Again, apologising for a very long post. Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion.:) I really enjoyed that.

        • okay, now I can understand your point of view but if I dare to say so that I don't agree with it :) In my eyes the biggest quality of Umera's novels is that there are no angels or devils, there are human beings who can be good in some aspects & bad in other, Zaroon, Sara, Ghazala, Junaid, Kashaf all are humans. I don't conisder Ghazala as bad mother, she raised her children according to the society they live in, all the manners, the academic excellence etc falls in this category but as Sara says that she missed some crucial values which has affected her children badly, the most important one is not giving them the true concept of the freedom of women, both sara & zaroon mainly have issue with this concept. & about Kashaf's issues with her father, I feel that now as Kashaf isn't dependent on him & she doesn't meet him much now, there isn't need to focus their relationship, I feel that the effect which her father's ignorance left on her is rightly focused instead, it will always remain on her heart as a deep wound & it will always affect her thoughts & her decisions. ummm. if you've watched the launching show, that's what Sultana Siddiqui mentioned that this drama would also be showing the way in which a father's attitude can affect his daughter's life.
          Oh thank you also for explaining your opinion so kindly, I deeply appreciate that. :)

          • :) We can always agree to disagree. And I appreciate that you have taken the time to express your thoughts. I guess we differ most importantly, because you have read Umera Ahmed's novels and therefore understand her intentions and message differently. I, unfortunately, do not have a choice to read that, and therefore, my opinions are based on the screenplay. But I'm glad that you got my point of view. :)
            I do remember watching the launch show where the director said this would deal with an important social aspect of education for the girl child. Other than Kashaf achieving degrees from a good university solely on merit and working really hard for it, I'm sorry, that message hasn't got anything else in the drama. I think that was another message that could have been given very strongly, other than a couple of mentions that Hammad is not doing much and needs sifarish, but Kashaf has achieved it in such a great way. As long as we are all watching the drama with interest, I guess we can say we are on the same bus. :)

  • nice write up.
    Kashaf"s role is phenomenal! her acting her consistant hard work she puts in is great!
    I am say Samina pirzada's role is iconic… it redefines superb acting!
    I was a little dissappointed in Zaroon , his acting was as if he is not interested in acting much— in this episode.
    sometimes it appears that he has been drinking or something….
    I hope he picks up his game again.
    over all my hats off to writer, producer and actors .. most of them are performing great.

    • About Zaroon's acting in this episode, I too thought he didn't have his heart and soul in it. Somehow, the "spark" wasn't there.

    • thank you Momal. its true, sanam saeed has done a fantastic job in the character of Kashaf.

  • Yes thanks Sara for a quick and good review! It was only ok for me, Zaroon getting angry for no reason. This was a rpt of humsafar episode 10 for me. But he at least told kashaf what the problem was however still wasn't satisfied at her answer.
    Zaroon has a very big ego that is the problem. He wants to be the center of his widest attention, wants to be pampered. He even admitted that if she had kept manoing him he would have been fine.
    Kashaf is not a wife who is gonna do that so things may get even worse!
    I am hoping this is not the reason they seperatel…will be silly!
    Maybe it is a precursor for something bigger, but kashaf was silly too in telling sir ibrar..really not necessary!
    Anyways the other Sara ghazala scenes I felt were just repeats to fill the time, obviously being a 25 episode dragged serial…they have to keep swingig to ghazala is a bad mother track!
    Oh and Nigaar and her blue eye shadow…Omg! What a slithering snake she is…Allah bachay aisey two face logon se.!!
    Hoping it is better next week!

    • Zaroon does have a big ego and wants to be pampered. So where did it all go in the last 3-4 episodes? or is that along with his ego, he has a frightful temper and is double faced as well?
      3 more episode to go, and lots of shades of grey. Lets hope its sorted out logically.

      • Naaaah ! not a chance with 3 episodes left and the numerous changes brought forth in comparision to novel guess director – producer would unleash a tamer version of separation with squabbling of the couple every now n then..to make it easy for patch up to be shown alongwith goodnews in waiting sooooon and kaboooom story ends happily kahaani khatam paisey bhi hazam!!!!

        • fantabulous acting by Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan. Samina Peerzada is the other one, guess their script helps them a lot more defining the character beautifully

    • Well… Aaron does have a big ego and so does Kashaf. The only diff is that Kashaf is much mature than Zaroon. Zaroon is, as Kashaf has rightly said, a baby. I thoroughly enjoyed it when she said about handling a bacha that came with the nikah Nama. I used to say the same about my husband… Lol

  • I skimmed through the episode.. and I agree with the comment that somehow the "fight" was a forced one.. It looked like he had a bone to pick.. and the argument was so very much for the heck of it! For a person who can fight for his wife's credibility in the previous episode, set rules to overcome disagreements in a very mature way, and has made every effort to understand his wife's reluctance to open up emotionally with him, meets his ex-gf and poof.. out go the rules and maturity!

    I felt for kashaf.. and agree that Zaroon is acting silly and sullen… and like you mentioned may be he really is one to preach and not practice!

    Anyways.. I hope that they wind up the story and make us believe that indeed Life is Beautiful !!!

    • Totally agree with you Molly it totally looks like an excuse to drag the drama. Wish they had consulted Noorul Huda or Samia Fazal and come up with a more credible excuse to have a fight over

  • Today’s episode was nice but not as “dhamake daar” as expected after Osama revealing about the propsal he sent for Kashaf. Fatima I agree Osama should not have told this to Zaroon as he knows his friend’s opinions and thoughts very well for a very long time! Nigar was funny. As the saying in Urdu goes, “Matlab ke liye gdhe ko bhi baap banana parta hai” (sorry for using such phrases) but it matched the situation. All these years Nigar did her best to keep Rafia out of the picture in front of Murtaza but yes when it came for good proposals she knocked her sautan’s door! ridiculous! yes the eye shadow was bad. :/ I wonder if the makers were trying to focus on the area and class difference again like this. As for Sara I like her courage to move on in a positive way. Telling her mother how wrong her relation with her husband is. Junaid finally telling Ghazala that Sara was unfortunately right. Liked the fact that Junaid and Ghazala have started to like Kashaf. Like the way Kashaf building her relationship with in-laws. I liked her making food for Zaroon, sad part Zaroon acted like a baby. Well the next episode seems like funny. Kashaf is least bothered I think of Zaroon’s thinking and she will irritate him to bring him back to normalcy! And the baby coming good, might be maturity time for Zaroon. And in the end I would say to Mr Zaroon please dont wear suits…..you look more handsome! *sighhhhhhhh*

  • When I started reading the review, I knew it was written by Fatima. Anyway, thanks for the write up. The worst act Zaroon did today was when he hung up on his teacher. Setting rules in the beginning are just like making promises before marriage. Things get changed afterwards and marriage is a roller coaster ride.

    • yes it is AJQADIR but Zaroon’s change in behaviour was ridiculous. he was being so mature and sensible in the previous two episodes.

      • It is very obvious that the reason he got upset is very irrelevant. Most of the people in our culture get many proposals before marriage and I find it very lame reason to be used to drag this drama.

        • he is very conservative & I think that it came as a blow to his ego that he hasn't been informed about that from his dear wife, he wouldn't have objected at osama proposing kashaf but this made him upset that Kashaf didn't tell him, well men are like that

  • Guyz its God Damn Simple Zaroon wants it his way and this was completely unexpected now he wants Kashaf to give explanations and really there isn't a point to do that. This really shows how mature Kashaf is in comparison to Asmara. Zaroon would get over this by the next episode when he sees how Kashaf is still looking after him and his family and is least bothered about this pety issue.

  • That was a pretty good review and it just about summed up my feelings. One point, how dare that Sara criticize her mother like that.? Ghazalla's come back was just right the break up of the marriage was 70 % Sara's fault and now she is going to marry MR conservative and live happily ever after. There really is no excuse for this glaring lack of character development . They had the time and the money to show Sara maturing into a better , more giving and loving person than the spoiled little princess she had been . BTW has anyone noticed that newly improved "I just got religion" Sara and MR oh so conservative Ghufraan must have been dating without anyone's knowledge to get to this point of the proposal ? so not much has changed really….

    • Sara critcising her mother like that and telling her that she lives in a bubble believing that she has a good marriage was really OTT for me. Her character ended up being a wishy washy one, keeping in line with all the other wishy washies, who change their colour faster than a chameleon!

    • I didn't feel that Sara was criticising, she was just discussing or should I say sharing it with her mother & well in my eyes it turned out to be very realistic because I discuss anything with my mother exactly like this. & I didn't understand your point of sara's getting religion & dating Ghufraan, can't one propose his/her friend without dating?

      • My point was that Sara has not been shown to change much. She seems to be making the same mistakes of her past but this time with a "conservative guy" If he was so conservative why did he not send the proposal via parents ? There are telephones in America ,but again little miss Sarah is doing all the rishta stuff by herself and just letting her parents know at the end. it is again all about her and her feelings not about connecting with the guys family or his feelings …

  • I stopped watching this drama right after they got married…. Cudnt be bothered…lost all interest…now i just read the reviews or comments to find out whats going on.

  • too many page3 names blogging over here though!!!! hehehe aka natty, sadaf h momal !!!!!! hmmm zgh has readership!!!!

  • a very good drama but this epi somehow failed to give heart atacks
    i think humsafar was one of kind cox it never happened with that it was always like why saturdays come so slow,it actually was and will remain the best

  • Well written review, Sara.
    So true: What's good for the goose certainly does not seem good for the gander! as the expression goes. Glad that Kashaf shows dignity and does not remind Zaroon of the rules that he made. That would have been petty. Hopefully he will realize his pettiness. And yes, AJQadir, glad someone else noticed how Zaroon rudely hangs up on Abrar Sir. Quite shocking actually. Quite surprised how Abrar Sir does not call rank on him and call him right back.
    I think Sara handled her mother very well. Very gutsy of Sara to even say what she did to her Mother. Thank God the dear Mother's arrogance did not get in the way and she had the humility to discuss it with Junaid in a mild manner as oppose haughty tone of voice.
    I am very glad that Raffia was not very encouraging as far as Nigaar is concerned. Very polite and dignified.
    Definitely felt in some dialogues and expressions like Humsafar.
    Zaroon leaves for work in a chalk-stripe suit and returns home the same evening in a solid black one – interesting.
    Strange how Kashaf refers to this 'home' as Zaroon's house. Nothing exciting planned in the welcome into the Islamabad home either. Although what neither one has understood about the other is that their emotional baggage and insecurities are coming in the way of making this a smooth-running successful relationship: When Zaroon finds out that Kashaf has gone to the office without telling him and also when she will return, he fears the repeat of his parents' relationship where the mother always leaves without telling the father when, where and for how long. Kashaf's lack of paternal support, allows her to distrust all male relationships and thus she always thinks Zaroon will desert her. Methinks they need to read each other's diaries to understand each other…. What a laugh that would be!

    • SZSZ i like your analysis, you are right about everything. the biggest problem with ZGH is in the execution otherwise the biggest hit of all times hamsafar also promoted the same stereotypes that people are whining about now. That was very strange that Zaroon hangs up on Sir Abrar. What do you think about Sara’s change in behaviour? I did not think it was impressive in any way. it could be that Ayesha Khan’s acting was not that impressive.

    • thanks SZSZ. The points you brought out are very valid too. I noticed that after such a "big" problem, neither of them resorted to their diaries. have the diaries also been abandoned?

    • You are so right… looks like they have abandoned their diaries.. Since they can't talk it out.. may be they should just exchange their diaries.. that would give them a better insight to the other partner's insecurities!

  • Sara is doing a 360 turn. Not very easy to do. I think to make her 360 turn successful and also her next relationship, she needs to take some lessons from Kashaf and yet retain her faith in the opposite sex.

    Only reason why Kashaf does not want to 'manaao' Zaroon is that she does not want her 'wall of sand' to crumble in front of Zaroon. Does not want to become vulnerable. She needs her strong facade to be emotionally strong.

    Kashaf has acted very well in this episode with a good head on her shoulders and strength in her character and acts with conviction. Zaroon on the other hand, needs to be less emotional and a little more creative with his facial expressions. Becoming quite repetitious and reminiscent of Humsafar. I just hope to God that this serial does not end with always a woman giving in and the man having the upper hand ALWAYS (although Zaroon certainly thinks that way). Biggest deficit in the Pakistani society today.

  • Hmm Sara r u sister of Fatima Awan? I am so much impressed by Fatima's reviews that I come to this site regularly after watching each episode of ZGH just to read Fatima's reviews but today Sara has impressed me equally,well it seems Pakistan is full of talented reviewers so hats off to Sara as well.
    This episode of ZGH was not that much impressive,and it could be the reason that they want to drag it for more episodes and I feel Kashaf's proposal to Osama is not an issue at all to be highlighted and there could have been some other solid reason of conflict between Kashaf and Zaroon,anyways I think Zaroon is behaving very immature cos every girl or boy may get so many proposals before marrying someone so I don't think there is any need of discussing past proposals and making an issue out of that.
    In this episode there are some positive developments in thoughts of Zaroon's mother and sister cos both of them are realizing their mistakes of being too much liberal and not following the correct path and I certainly believe that Rafia's character shows an ideal mother for bringing up children according to our eastern cultural values.

  • i really agree with you some lines are nt cleared to us i hope it will clear in the coming episode

  • so i am studying for the exams and this wild link for review comes on my FB timeline… I am so glad i clicked on it! I can't believe how hypersensitive and emotional you people are! Relax! just a drama! there is no zaroon or kashaf or life on mars! Sheesh only if people worried about the real people around them that much!

  • Sometimes I do think that if I'm the only one who is getting the underlying messages conveyed through characters by Umera ahmed because I found many in this episode. Yes, this episode was not a romantic one, not a dramatic one with "Dhamakay Daar Larai" but I guess, that's the charm of ZGH for me, a realistic & simple theme with excellent direction & fabulous acting. Humsafar was one of it's kind & ZGH is one of it's kind, there can never be any comparison, well atleast that's what I feel. Others can differ, after all, we all have different minds.

    • No Hamnah dear..we both r on same page…..well i think some people r helpless (sorry if i m being rude)..but i have read some reviews and comments from epi 1 of zgh and everytime i read those reviews/comments i wonder y the hell they r wasting their precious 40 mints if this show has disappointed them from day 1…infact someone 1 was saying "UA should stop writing bcuz she has ruined this drama..halankeh is drama mein potential bohat thi"…GOD help them..i wonder agar yeh UA ne na likha hota toh woh saare dialogues,messages,characters jin ko discuss kerne mein itna time waste kerte hain log kia yeh sub hota??….patah he kia they say so many contradictions…ab aap ja ker unke episode 1 se le kar ab tak keh comments perhain u will see woh khud kitna apni baat per kaaim rehte hain…..jab abba/nigar/asmara ko dikhaya jata he they say they dont want to see them they want to see lead cast more jab lead cast ko ziada dikhaya jata he thay say y everyone has been vanished like thin air….they care about osama's 4 year old t shirt but they r blind to see how much Shehryaar Munawar has improved as an actor. (esp the scene when he was proposing Kashaf, he nailed that scene but what those people were noticing was his same shirt jis per woh black coat pehen ker aa gaya tha)….aur kuch nahi to they say keh kashaf ki shaadi ki 30 or 45 second keh scene mein shehnila nazar nahi aai (as if she was very imp..jisko dikhana bohat zarori tha)…..almost in every epi of zgh their is an important message given to people but what they care about is FKs tie colour or his pajamas….like in one epi UA gived an imp message abt halal and haram but they find it boring bcuz of less lead cast interactions….jahan tak bloopers ki baat he almost after every epi they say yeh kia tha, woh kia tha, this has been left as a question mark or agli hi episode mein they got their answers..but nahi jee keere to nikalne he na humne…..last time someone was saying kashaf ka luggage bohat kam tha and i was thinking how much clothes they wear in 1 or 2 weeks as its so obivious keh kashaf after every week or 2 weeks come to khi on week ends..but nahi jee we cant help those pessimistic minds….so just ignore..i know it hurts jab koi uss cheez ko bura kahe jisko aap pasand kerte ho but aap logo per apni pasand thoop nahi sakte so i would say ignore them….haan unme chand mature log bhi hain jo criticism keh ilawa bhi kuch ker lete hain yani criticism for sake of criticism nahi kerte…they appreciate things they like and criticize things which were out of their understanding…to aap buss aise logo ki madad ker sakte he by having a healthy debate/conversations on things that were out of their understanding but baaki ko just ignore…..take them as keh woh bohat baare log hain who love to raise fingers on UA who is much more respectable and mature then any of these can b….yaar i m sure tmne Peer e Kamil perha hoga..kuch log jab us master piece per ungli utha sakte hain to UA to phir bhi she is human…i know is drama mein she has shown kashaf as a middile class "sharif girl" but isme hi unho ne nigar jaise middile class women ko bhi dikhaya he but nahi jee she is a biased writer…..u cant help them so ignore them….

      • wow :D A very very good comment Aiman :) thank you, exactly my thoughts! yes I've read many novels of UA & may be that's why I understand this drama & all the messages, so that's why when I see some baseless criticism I just can't figure out their problem, I fully agree with you at everything. Yes, they are exactly like this, instead of focusing on the message, they are all about "what did zaroon wear when he was leaving or when he arrived, osama was wearing the same old shirt, kashaf isn't warm towards her in-laws etc" sometimes I do get frustrated, it's like they only watch drama for noticing the dresses & the cast rather than the message. I like this website more than two other whose only hobby is criticism for the sake of criticism.

    • Totally agree with you Hamnah. I think it is a fab episode and I think sometimes people just look for things to pick on. It is a charming story with many messages, some hidden and some clear. I think there is this need to insist that HS was better when we all know that ZGH has surpassed it in every way.

      • Thank you S.N for agreeing with me :) I just got this feeling that may be I'm the only one here who's getting the point of UA. well in my eyes I don't feel the need to compare Humsafar with ZGH, because they can never be placed in one category. Humsafar was pure fantasy, ZGH is based on reality. How can we compare two things entirely different?

  • I think there two directions in this episode. One as drama gone hit so producer want more episodes and its usual for all dramas and they have to,, as they have done a heavy investment. secondly Drama is now more interesting because it is clear indicating the personality flaws of children from both societies. Kashaf has personality flaw because of her father while zaroon because of his mother. The essence of this drama is how parents ignore their children because of their own commitments and they grew up with personality flaws.

    and lets see what happens in next episodes

  • A male is by nature very possessive He does not want his wife's name to be associated with anyone may that person be just someone who had sent a marriage proposal I know of a few cases where a marrige was wrecked because the wife had boasted that so and so had proposed

  • Not sure what you mean Roh, when you say that Zaroon and Sara are not affected by their dear Mother's personality. What could be a better testimony that Zaroon is right at the other end of the spectrum and so conservative compared to his parents' relationship and even says that he will not allow his wife any liberties and the fact that his 'so-very-liberal fiancee relationship does not last. On the other hand, Sara's first marriage is a disaster because of her personality so inherited from the Mother again.
    Byron, the hype is not because its a drama, but for a while there it was so representative of what is happening in Pakistani society today. Everyone is groping for 'last straws' to make the change through watching these dramas. Hoping that the way of life will change in Karachi, especially.
    To be quite honest, there wasn't even any need to do a makeshift fight (makeshift is certainly what it was). Zaroon had promised his wife on their wedding day {and when he proposed to her] that he will make sure that he changes the opinion his wife has of him and will help her be a more 'enjoyably emotional' individual. This fight certainly does not do that. In fact it makes it worse, what Kashaf thinks of him. Why doesn't Zaroon focus on these issues? He is certainly a long way yet from convincing Kashaf that marriage to him was suppose to be good instead of distancing himself even further….. Kashaf is certainly keeping her share of the promise from her wedding night and gladly reminds Zaroon of that. Well the preview of the next episode show Zaroon's father gently hammering some sense into him…. Let's see how the cookie crumbles.
    Fatima, prayers still on for Mother Dearest.

  • In retrospect, strange how Shanila was not at Kashaf's wedding – or did I miss her on the small screen.
    Also weird in Episode 22 was how randomly Asmara and Zaroon meet. Both families don't seem to be socializing and yet one is leaving a place and the other is arriving there. Fancy that! Now the dialogues of that conversation between Asmara and Zaroon was a very mature one. Zaroon did a fine job of that one – dialogue, expressions, body language, etc. – job well done, Zaroon.
    Zaroon Mian, ab zara bachpana choro aur jis tarha tum nein Kashaf kay barappn ko pehchana, apni Amma kay samnay, to Kashaf say hee kuch seekh lo.

  • Brilliant Episode, Best so far.
    Congratulations to UA. She is really progressive and liberal
    Story getting clear now. Osama and Zaroon couldn't find a suitable decent girl in their social class. Sara also has to find a conservative guy. Zaroon is mature loving husband, laying down code of conduct only for ladies. Ghazals being stoned right, left and centre for persuing her career.
    Umara Ahmed is really an enlightened reformer, ahead of her time.
    Brilliant episode and Nigar's mascara and eye shade……just icing on cake. I still feel intoxicated.
    Superb episode with progressive message.
    Waiting for yet another screenplay by visionary Umera Ahmed. We can't have enough of her thought provoking stories.

    • well I definitely can't get your comment, are you appreciating or criticising? why don't do it in a clear language?

        • well then isn't time precious? why waste it in first watching this "so called bakwas" then commenting about it on various websites?

  • Gr8 review fatima…!!
    I request i to write the review for dile muztar also..
    I m not understanding y is he being so judgemental…??
    Waisey guyzz if u people love to watxh romcom drama
    Then do watch zee tv QUBOOL HAI..!
    It has changed the meaning of the indian shows
    Show is based on muslims and story is really sabse hatkee..
    Story about 2 brothers and a girl
    Asad, ayaan, zoya…!

    Jiskodekhna hai woh dekhe ab ue na ho k sab ka gunahmere sar pe aye
    May allah bless all..!!(ameen)

    @hamna @ sn, i also agree with u

    • Oh i realize its sara.!
      Fatima amd sara , sisterzz??

      Good worksara and hope everything is fine with fatima

  • Hamnah, I really don't care what Zaroon wears when he leaves and when he returns. Why I said it is that the 'drama-makers' are not giving enough attention to detail. I questions the mind of the intelligent audience. The suit detail was a mere superficial comment. It is the intricacies of the 'web we weave' of this story that the 'drama-makers' are not giving attention too, is what I meant.

    • well sometimes there can be some imperfections, but at the same time you've to appreciate the hard work they did. In that scene where Zaroon gives money to Kashaf & comes back after putting his bag in car, the instant he saw her crying silently, & then when we saw Kashaf a small mirror fixed behind her showed the reflection of Zaroon, I noticed this & the credit for taking care of this tiny detail goes to the team, my point is that we should appreciate them, they did a fantastic work but they are humans, there can be some mistakes so why can't we overlook them & focus instead on the precious messages which ZGH shower us with, oh & sorry but I watched that scene two times after you mentioned this & I didn't feel an obvious mistake, it could be easily overlooked

  • Men! Egos! Relationships! Insight of Umera Ahmad and brilliant direction: a wonderful package.

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