Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 20 – Picture Perfect

“Apni har cheez ke liye dhakay nahi khanay pare gay bulke khawar hone ke liye koi aur mojood ho ga. Mujhe is sub pur yakeen nahi aata, yeh agar khushkismati hai tu meri kyun hai…Is admi ki ajeeb si adat hone lagi hai mujhe, agur yeh meri zindagi se chala gaya tu bara masla ho jai ga”

Finally Kashaf even with all her insecurities and fears has unknowingly started trusting Zaroon. She believes that he will be there for her whenever she needs him….Kashaf sees a companion in him. Zaroon’s love has finally won Kashaf over.  Although she questions all of it being real but also acknowledges that she will be zghlost without this man. In today’s episode Kashaf and Zaroon seemed more like two people who were meant to be together even though Zaroon kept on bragging about how perfect he was and Kashaf called him khushpasand and khushparast. Zaroon is no longer the confused person he was in the previous episode, his over confidence is back and Kashaf also seems to be enjoying “discovering” the person Zaroon is now because she got many pleasant surprises till now.  Kashaf has always thought that all men are like her father; insensitive and selfish pople who do not care about a woman’s feelings and cannot look after their wives, that is the impression Kashaf has grown up with and we have all seen how Kashaf openly expressed in the previous episodes how she felt about men in general. Zaroon is nothing like the man Murtaza was, he loves Kashaf and shows it and although she earns he still realizes his responsibilities as her husband. The scene in which he gives Kashaf money before leaving her mother’s house was priceless. Sanam Saeed was brilliant in that particular scene and Fawad Khan’s expressions when he says “nahi mane gi yeh larki” were yet again simply brilliant! These few lines explained so well how Kashaf felt and the reason why she will never let Zaroon know just what he meant to her.

“Tumhari gehri bolti nazrein, tumhari hur wakt ki tawaju, tumhara jaan chiraknay wala hur andaz, hur baar jub tum mere maa baap ke liye ahteraman kharay hotay hu tu mein tumhare agay jhuknay lagti hun….aik chotay se ghur ke is pankhay wale kamray mein tumhari yeh gehri neend, mineral water bottle ko dhundtnay ke bajaye nalkay ka paani pe lina…..pur mei yeh sub tumhei kabhi nahi batun gi , tumhare hur wade pur hanso gi, tumhari hur baat ka mazaq urao gi…mein tumhare samne rait ki dewar nahi bun sukti mujhe toot jane se khof ata hai”.

Zaroon is also “discovering” the person that Kashaf is, the scene in which Kashaf sews his button was another one of the many wonderful scenes from today’s episode. Zaroon has a wife who has a strong personality, works and can sew his button…impressive indeed. I really liked Kashaf’s reply to Zaroon when he said she managed to impress him for the first time. Zaroon, like a man madly in love wants Kashaf to tell him that she loves him. Kashaf finds it difficult to express how she feels about Zaroon because she is still not sure if everything that is happening in her life is a beautiful dream or a nightmare. It is very right for a girl like Kashaf to feel this way, she has always worked hard to get everything in life and now all of a sudden everything in her life is perfect. Also, this is the first time in her life that she feels this way about someone so the way she feels is something brand new for her. Communicating her feelings is going to be a difficult task for Kashaf and I am wondering how she will feel once Zaroon goes away.


Kashaf’s worst fear came true when Rafia and Sidra convinced Zaroon to stay for the night. As it turned out both of them made the most of the moonlit night and that particular scene had to be one of the best scenes of the entire episode. The way Zaroon insisted that there must be something that Kashaf must like about him and the manner in which Kashaf was adamant on not saying a single good thing about him made for a very cute conversation.


Today’s episode focused on cementing Kashaf and Zaroon’s relationship together and it was done perfectly. There were so many dialogues in today’s episode that were simply heart-tugging. The preview for the next episode seemed alarming, we all thought that Asmara was gone for good but she will be back in the next episode. How will Kashaf feel about that? Zaroon and Kashaf have a conversation about how they should handle any misunderstandings in the future and I couldn’t help but think that you can’t possibly think straight once there is a misunderstanding so avoiding it may not be that easy. Overall, this episode was picture perfect, it was wonderfully directed and the acting was superb as usual. Please share your favorite scenes and dialogues from this latest installment; I would love to hear from all of you.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • i was waiting for the last 2 hours for your review ….har 5 minute baad i was refreshing the page k kya ho gaya a b tk fatima aayi kyu nai :D
    n yeah one of the best episodes ever though i say that everytime since last 4 epiosdes :P… but the most favourite scene was the conversation in the moonlight <3 … that was so natural n i thought both the protagonists were laughing for real in that scene as per the situation was :P

    • yeah :D I thought that too, it was so natural that it was hard to believe that it's a drama!

    • Esha thank you so so much, all of you are too kind. I look forward to everyone's comments too. All of you add something great to the discussion. Yes Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed were absolutely brilliant in all the scenes today. I hope the next episode is just as good.

  • Looks like Umera Ahmed was back in her element this week. Last week, it seemed like some of the sappier scenes were written by a ghost writer (possibly Momina helping out her friend) because we know from previous UA works that she doesn't really write such type of romantic dialogues. Today's 'tete-a-tete' on the 'jhoola' is what to me is more Umera's "romantic" style. The conversation being playful was still realistic since Z was trying to find some way for K to express her feelings. Both the actors were in their characteristic element during that scene and the diary writing soon after that from Kashaf had some great lines in it. Again very classic Umera Ahmed. This hard exterior would be tough for our Casanova to break for sure but he was glad to see a few tears and twinkles in his wife's eyes today.
    Next episode's preview seemed a bit yawn worthy. Why bring Asmara back (maybe a flashback?) now when she had already told Z to go to hell. Aab kya hell mein uss se milne aayi hai? ;)
    Thanks Fatima for your review. You again have a way of providing your feedback with such simplicity.

    BTW – what song was Z singing to K and asking her to sing as well? the audio gets muffled at times and the background music makes it hard to decipher some of the dialogues.

    • Annie so good to hear your views!! Where you been at..been missing you girl!!
      Haha so true about the romantic scenes….was wondering how it was so sappy!!
      Yeah about asmara…I think you hit the nail on the head, must be a flashback!!! The dialogue she says only makes sense for when she would be breaking up with him…right?? Otherwise it seems out of place!!
      I also wanted to know what that song was…its very hard to hear the dialogues,was annoyed!

      • Hola SK!! I was a bit busy keeping Nigar Aunty at bay. She was saying how Zaroon can marry 4 times and wanted to bring her 2 unnamed unfaced daughters over to meet Zaroon. Akhir behon ka bhi tow haq hota hai! I sent her rishtas of some paan walas to keep her busy. She was excited about the prospect of getting free paan by having a paan wala son in law.

    • yes, which song was that? I was hoping for 2 things in the story. (1) that Kashaf would bring music badk to his life and (2) that she could get him to stop smoking. Seems like both my wishes have come true. Now only if he would pick up the guitar and go strumming again. :)

      • I know what you mean Roh! I was just as upset as K when I heard him mention that he was going for a smoke. Oh how we all wish he would pick up the guitar again – maybe in the last episode…

    • the song was Haat Se Haat lyrics. hath se hath kya agaya dil teray saath kya agaya tera jaana tu meray jeevan mein ek halchal macha gaya hath

    • Annie I really really missed you on the previous threads, honestly I did. I was wondering where you were and it is good to know that you were busy doing us all a huge favor:) this episode was sooo sweet, there were so many beautiful dialogues in this episode , they had so much depth. Don't be a stranger now bcz you have been sorely missed.

      • Aww thanks Fatima I missed not commenting due to being super busy with commitments but am back now and looking forward to wrapping this one up with all the great conversations that ZGH generates :-)

  • A picture perfect episode and a perfect perspective in your review to go with it, Fatima. Perfect Perfect Perfect. That is the word!
    What a lovely episode! I did not want to miss a single line because every line was so meaningful, and I didn’t want it to end.
    You said it correctly – cementing the relationship was what this was about. Zaroon, desperate to hear something – anything from his wife as reassurance that he means to her what she means to him. Her resistance in letting him know that in direct words. The way she wrote in her diary while he slept, and admitted to herself, that this man has become important to her. That he
    I loved the way he was slapping the mosquitoes! Lol Fawad Khan is brilliant. I know I keep saying that every week, but it’s just never enough! And then right enough he got her to join him with the threat of smoking! That was so cute! Perfectly played by both of them. He wanted a reaction, and he got exactly what he wanted.
    I was really hoping in my “dreaming about the story” that he would give up smoking because of her, and wasn’t I delighted to see this today!
    The entire conversation on the swing was so sweet. He was praising his own tail, hoping she would agree somewhere, but he got nothing out of her. She is a master at answering questions with a question, and he got nowhere with all that he was asking.
    But when he gave her money for her expenses, it broke her down. That had to be my favourite part of the episode. The way she realized that there is someone for her financially, though she is financially independent, it pulled all chords. Sanam was fantastic! Ofcourse, the romantic in me was hoping that she would tell him why she shed tears, but that was expecting too much, I suppose! 
    Overall, a lovely heartwarming episode.
    Is Asmara going to be the trouble maker? Or are they leading us on the wrong track, and its going to be Usama’s proposal that Zaroon and Kashaf have never discussed?
    Some lines that made me laugh:
    “ghar hai hamara, jungle to nahi”
    “Waise bhi mein machcharon ko apna taaza khoon nahi pilaoongi”

    • You know I think z will find out about usama and I just thougtht of something…the fact that kashaf is constantly refusing to.tell Zaroon how she feels and how it keeps getting highlighted is probably a sign of problems..her not reciprocating will give Zaroon doubts, and so it will be easy for him to think maybe she liked usama. In comes the jealousy…I may be totally off track!

      • your perception is absolutely right, as zaroon truly admire strong character that kashaf possess. When he will knew about the proposal of usama to kashaf, things will get bitter between kashaf and zaroon and will lead to seperation. It is same as novel, where zaroon and kashaf are seperated, when zaroon came to knew that kashaf cousin was interested in her and upon refusal of kashaf he married kashaf’s sisters. In novel at that moment kashaf also returned all the amount which zaroon had given to her for her expenses, saying that she had not spent a single penny out of it and kept it saved in a seperate bank account, so i guess same will happen in drama as well, we can see in next episode zaroon mother talking about that kashaf may be giving the money taken from zaroon to her family but infact kashaf will save all that amount in a seperate account to be returned to zaroon later.

        • Thank you for that bit from the book. I suppose that is what they are heading for as a part of the plot now.

    • Roh it is always great to hear from you… Simply love the way you observe the tiniest of details and the way you put your thoughts into words:)

    • totallt agree to the minor details dear .. specially her expressions when she said han phir toh koi masla he nahi shaam may julia roberts ki movie daikhna , u love her so much , pata nahi hans q rahay ho tum .. awwwwwww she was actually spot on in showing her jealousy but couldn't just say it directly …. and i also felt broke down with her when she shed tears .. awww that was my most favorite part of the entire episode .. sanam saeed was excellent in that specific scene i must say though she is always but i must mention that particular scene
      "kitni bari nemat hay k apka mard apko apni zimmidari smjhay aur aap par kharch karay , aur may nay ye kab socha tha k ye nemat mujay bhi milay gee , koi mujh par bhi kharch karay ga "
      her voice was actually shivering when she was saying this … :(
      roh as i was saying about the minor details , i am saying this as u have mentioned that 'taaza khoon' wala dialogue , i remember her natural expressions of boredom when she sat on the jhoola and was scratching her legs .. awwww it was lovely :p and when she says meri yad , mujay yaad krnay betho gay betho gay toh kitni aur
      yadain aayain ge , negative positive say takraye gee aur sub zero .. hahahhahahahhaha
      fatima u were as good as always .. :)
      i also loved the scene " Jub may chala jaaoun ga toh mujay miss toh kro gee na , nahi , aik min k liye bhi nahi, . nahi , aik lamhay k liye bhi nahi , aik millisecond k liye bhi nahi .. hahaha .. their conversation is so quick , impulsive with all the expressions , tones , gestures in just right amount, in equal proportion , ahhh i have just no words to explain actually what i feel for their natural chemistry .. :) i must say in dono nay sub couples ko peechay chor dia hay :)
      and yes one thing more , u guys were talking about the song , he only said HATH SAY HATH and then started laughing .. when i searched i found one pakistani song sung by sonu nigam " hath say hath kya gaya , dil tere sath gaya "
      now fawad knows better what he was singing but i think related to the scene ( as he was trying to hold kashaf's hand again n again ) this song suits it .. :)

      • fatimajamil: I loved all those dialogues you mentioned. Kashaf was so heartless, na? when she said she won't miss him even for a milisecond? Poor Zaroon! His face fell! But then he also has realised that his wife is not going to express any of her emotions! I loved the way he got up completely flabbergasted and said he was going to ask Allah!
        But then again he knew that she was jealous of his thoughts of ex-girlfriends and of Julia Roberts. Poor thing, he just has to be satisfied with expressions in that manner. :)

  • Fatima you have spoilt us so much with quick reviews!! I was wondering how come its not up yet:p No pressure or anything lol. Brilliant acting yet again from Fk and SS…their scenes are always so enjoyable.I loved the way Kashaf cried after the money scene, so heart touching! She immediately remembered how her father had not cared for them or considered them her responsibility. Zaroons reaction was so sweet, thinking she actually will miss me. Yes also loved when he said Yeh larki nahin maney gi:)I also loved kashafs diary thoughts admitting all the things she liked about Zaroon while watching him sleeping…. I hope she tells him soon,because he seems to be getting frustrated at no emotion from her, and uptil now he has been always showing.g his love and attention to her, she needs to show it too!! I know its hard for her but she is surely trusting him now and he needs some acknowledgement that she loves him! Other than that I am getting a little fed up of Rafias advices…khatam hi nahin hotey yaar!!! Kashaf works too, how can she be sitting there and cooking all day?!? I am sure if she has to she will, why make it an issue to make widest super women!!
    Anyways Zaroon is already a baby, he couldn't even clean up the bathroom or pack a suitcase like a lot of men I know , glad that was highlighted and Kashaf gets annoyed at him..lol loved it.
    Let's see what's in store next eeek, looks like trouble might start., but they are confusing us with asmara…may be Osama returns!

    • Fatima has really spoilt us! Its so therapeutic that we have her review to come and pour our hearts out! :)
      Kashaf's thoughts in her dairy when she admits to herself the small things that Zaroon does for her and makes him so important for her was beautiful. Tear inducing even.
      Yes, and I really wish Rafia would stop her motherly gyaan now. A little bit of discount there would be apreciated!
      I too hope that Kashaf bares her heart to him. At least a little. She is toooooo kanjoos with that. All it will do is make him feel happy. I want I want I want to see that! :D

      • I think Rafia's gentle nudges to Kashaf are completely called for. It's just like Sidra's advice (in complexes se bahar niklo) but her mother's advice is not as abrupt. You see, Kashaf is so misguided, she needs to be reminded that these little things that she can do for her husband will bring them closer. She heard Zaroon say that he really appreciates how she cooks everything for guests instead of buying it (and of course, she doesn't have a cook to make it). Rafia passing on that information with her subtle advice is the best way for a mother to arm her clueless daughter. My naani used to advice me that way and I wish (now that she's gone) I had listened better rather than acting exactly like Kashaf. :)

    • SK and Roh we are all spoilt :) trust me I look forward to everyone's comments just as much as you guys look forward to the review. I LOVED the scene when Kashaf is cleaning up after him, I could totally relate to it!! Men are like that only lol. The confessions were just so beautifully written. I will definitely be watching this episode over and over again. You are probably right about the Asmara scene…. Really don't want to see her again.

  • Hi Fatima, ur review is as usual excellent and upto the mark…
    i enjoyed watching today's episode a lot… the way the both love birds are acting is really commendable. Love in the air & its all around … ZGH, such a beautiful drama which i have ever seen…. i love , love omg !!! i love the scene in which zaroon gave her (SS) the amount and she cried out………….. uffffffffff it was such a emotional scene , in fact i got my eyes wet too :(((

    yaaaaaaaaar kya scene thaa, how kashaf would be feeling like the sense of security in her life, i can feel the intensity of that feelings more…

    my most fav scene of today's epi was, when zaroon came to his room after taking shower and throw the towel on kashaf, the reaction of kashaf was too good…. haye Allah zaroon ki acting ne tou pagal ker diya hai… Aalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

    here am requesting SS '' Kashaf '' plzzzzzzzzzzzz stop thinking so negative yaar, com'on grow up, why do u always so uncertain and unsatisfied??? yaar kya maslaa hai tumhay ? ;)

    as far as next epi is concern, oh yaar i dont want to c asmarah anynmore……………….. yaar ab koii gunjaeesh nahi hai mazeed uncertainty or miss-understandings ki in between kashaf & zaroon……….

    • Hi Muzna I replied to your comment earlier but it got lost somewhere lol. I can see that you are totally in love with the show and love the way you express it;) Lol yes that particular scene when Kashaf is cleaning up was very relatable for many wives I am sure…men are like that only! Yes Kashaf really should tell the poor guy how she feels about him and get over her insecurities but itni juldi maan jaati tu kuch ajeeb sa lagta so it is good that she is taking time.

  • I forgot to give another credit to Kashaf, she is excellent in showing blush scenes… Lovely Lovely & Lovely… !!!

    Zindagi Gulzar Hai… ZGH ZGH ZGH………

    i dont want to end this series yaar :(((((((

  • I am very much impressed with your way of writing Fatima.You know you can be a very amazing writer.Not everyonr has the talent to express exactly what he feels in his mind.As for the episode,it was magical.I loved each moment passing.Sanam Saeed is too awesome to describe.Her acting is not what everyone can do! Specially when Zaroon handed her the money.Whether ups and downs,the main leads Fawad and Sanam have always managed to give their best.I feel so proud of them! Love it from the core of my heart ;(

    • Thank you Hammu ( although I know you told me not to thank you). I am glad this episode struck a chord with you, you sounded a little disappointed last time. It is always great to hear from you:)

  • hi fatima,meaningful reveiw as always….finally friday comes n gone …..again countdown starts….anyways so touchy episode…each n every single dailogue was awsum especially at scene whwn zaroon sleeping n kashaf writing her dairy MAIN APNI KAMZOORI KABHI NAHI BATOON GI……….n yes ofcourse when zaroon gives her mony n sher cry OMG so emotional……but the upcoming promos sounds danger…..let see….bye for a week….

    • abeer like one of my friends says that it seems like we live from friday to Friday now!! Yes so many wonderful dialogues in this latest episode, I could hear them over and over again.

  • I actually waited for your review, once again wonderfully written…
    and i agree Its better to start off with the word "PERFECTION", that was depicted in today's episode, brilliant work with marvellous natural acting and mind blowing expressions, I must say we have some great talent in Drama Industry. They know how to cope with the dialogues so perfectly! So it began with the amazing sea side scenes, that mysterious "khamoshi ki awaz", which Kashaf was listening and Zaroon was unable to hear and considered himself deaf "mujhe iss samandar ki awaz aa rahi hai, parindoon ki awazein aa rahi hain aur un hawaaon ki" shweetness and the way he was trying, adorable… Tum larkion ko seepiyan kion pasand hoti hain, kion ke woh naazauk hoti hain, nahin kion ke woh toot jaati hain, hum larkion ki tarah…:) realistic dialogues, moti akathey bhi tou larkion ko deine ke liye kartey hain…♥ then the towel scene, haaye yeh banda aur iss ke expressions, ghar hai humaara jungle tou nahin, "kitna khoobsurat shohar hai aur humara jora, Masha Allah, Masha Allah" cuteness personified… ♥ and "Miss Kashaf Murtaza please come back here" hahaha, meri aadhi zindagi in bottlun ke dhakan dhoondney aur lagaaney mein guzar jaaye gii, he's such a baby… :P Kashaf is scared, very much scared and may be she's right itney arsey ki struggle k baad she has got someone, and especially a man in her life to protect her, to safeguard her, the way she was staring at him, "iss aadmi ki ajeeb see adat honey lagi hai mujhe, agar yeh meri zindagi sey chala gaya tou barri mushkil hojaaye gi mere liye" epic..! The way he said' qualities woh tou mein nahin bataaon ga…:P haha, aur tab tou patta raha tha tumhein' bohat ziada caring, expect karney wala, uthaaon gii mere nakhrey, superb…♥ Kashaf was looking adorable…:) the whole conversation between Zaroon and his Mother-in-Law was awesome, he's quite impressed…:) Sidra was right, ussey in cheezon sey farak nahin parta, i truly agree.. he care's for her only… and agar us ko fark parta tou we would not have been able to see such adorable, romantic scenes..:P macharun sey laraayi, cigarette ki poori dabbi phoonkney ki dhamki, it was such a delight to know that he actually had stopped smoking because of her, and that dhamkii actually worked…:P each and every word of their discussion jab light gayi, was excellent, written and acted to perfection, Kashaf Murtaza is head over heels in love with Zaroon, she blushes, she tries to hide her emotions, but they were actually so overwhelming… she gets jealous, "tumhein pasand hai na julia roberts, its okay, no i love her' chalo phir tou masla hee khatam hogaya tum office ka kaam karna and then julia roberts ki movies dekhna *his laughter was so marvellous* aur tumhein hansii pata hee kion aa rahi hai, and than that song "haath sey haaath milao" ufffff… SS and FK you both are absolutely brilliant… he was a bit disapponted at the end but still hopeful…♥ mein tumhaarey saamne rait ki deewar nahin ban sakti, mujhe toot jaaney sey khauf aata hai, true emotions for a girl… Bil akhir zaroon ki button lagwaaney ki wish bhii poori huyi and that paisey deine wala scene was indeed emotional, well done from sanam saeed… 'nahi maaney ki yeh larkii…:P and then in the end 'usey insaanon ki pehchaan hai beita, tabhiee tum us ki beewi ho' best episode on the whole…:)

    • Komal I look forward to your comments just as much:) all of the scene that you mentioned were my favorite too…. Kashaf cleaning up after Zaroon was so cute and yes he is a baby. Our drama industry truly is blessed with a lot of talented individuals who work so hard to entertain us… All we can do in return is to appreciate and acknowledge what they do and of course love them for it:) It is something to be proud of for sure.
      Oh yes Rafia's dialogue about insano ki pehchan was spot on. Keep reading and commenting….would love to see you here more often.

      • Its actually a delight to see your reply, and yes agreed with all what you said, everything is just so perfectly done, I really wanted that it keeps on going and going like this, without some big understandings, but then, its not possible, the true love will blossom after all their misunderstandings and fights…:P
        Thank you for appreciating..:)

        • Komal it is always great to hear from you too. You are so right, I do not want ZGH to end anytime soon too because Fridays are all about looking forward to the new episode, writing the review and then enjoying everyone's comments:)

  • Bravo for the review Fatima! :) Yes this episode was picture perfect totally love birds were depicted throughout the episode. Loved the scene where Zaroon is trying to romance under the mosquitoes bites and still enjoying it as he was with his most favourite person, his companion Kashaf. And totally loved it how he asked Kashaf will she miss him and she just blushed. Kashaf is a girl! She has the right to be shy :) and when you have a charming hubby who wouldnt. Plus Zaroon is doin a great job in making Kashaf believe how much he cares and love her. And Kashaf also admits it while writing her diary, that Zaroon is compromising and putting up so much effort to adjust in her home by drinking normal water and enjoying simple home made food. I would like to give credit to Rafia and Sidrah too in giving great expressions with Kashaf when Zaroon is asked to stay back for the night. The next scene which really touched me was where Zaroon gives some money to Kashaf and first she tries to decline by saying she has her own salary and I misunderstood her intentions. But yet again Kashaf herself was moved by Zaroon's moulding up the perfect relationship. And Kashaf was taken aback as she got the money from someone else to spend. So sorry Kashaf for misunderstanding you. Well next episode is looking exciting, Asmara! Seriously Fatima I also was happy she is out of the picture but no. And Ghazala! She is actually trying to brainwash Zaroon that Kashaf might be giving his money to her family! She is just insecure! she knows Rafia is a working woman. And Kashaf works too. She can give her side of salary. :/ So Osama will come later, its these two ladies that Zaroon and Kashaf has to deal
    with. And yes waiting for Kashaf to express her feelings soon openly to Zaroon! :)

    • Thank you so much Natty for taking time out to read the review and for commenting, it really means a lot to me. Few people mentioned that the Asmara bit maybe a flashback and I hope that it is…. I really don't want to see her again!! There will be some kind of a misunderstanding between Kashaf and Zaroon but I am hoping that it won't last too long. Have you read the novel?

      • I hope so too Asmara is just a flashback. We all know she can be really annoying. No I have not read the novel but someone who did told me that there will be a misunderstanding regarding Osama. I am just watching and enjoying the play. And I make sure not to miss any details for here :)

        • Natty I have not read the novel too but someone who has read the novel told me that in the novel Kashaf never tells Zaroon openly how she feels about him and her feelings for him remain a mystery for Zaroon. A lot of changes have been made in the original story of course but I wonder if they will change that about the story.

          • Yes Kashaf's family was not discussed in the novel openly. Infact her parents were never seperated. And I dont want to burst the bubble about the misunderstanding lot but yes Kashaf will express her feelings in the end definitely to make Zindagi Gulzar Hai :)
            Well I hope ppl dont hate me but zaroon might find out that osama also proposed to Kashf and we know Zaroon how narrow minded he can get when it comes to other boys relations with his gfs or fiance. The Asmara Nofel bit? Well he will get all suspicious towards kashaf and Osama. Lets c. Maybe another new twist.

  • i like that dialougue when sanam says mey is key agey rait ki dewar nahi bun sakti kashaf's whole character is so real that some times it felt the words are coming out from somebody i know :)

  • about that asmara part mjhe lgta hai shyd zaroon might be thinking about the past or something cause if you see in the OST asmara returns zaroon the engagement ring and why would she return it now…..!
    but i don't want any kind of misunderstandings now…..i just can't get enough of this Kashaf/Zaroon romance….! =D

    • Zuhra you may just be right, it probably is a flashback. Lol I know what you mean but everyone here thinks there will be a misunderstanding, lets just hope it does not last too long:)

  • Loved your review Fatima and and this episode was breath taking in each and everyway……….. like always, full of emotions! Brilliant dialouges can't thank Umera ahmed enough for giving me this inspiring serial & also to Sultana Siddiqui for directing it in an outstanding way! Although the scenes & dialogues were very light, yet they had a deep hidden message, I was expecting a masterpiece like this from Umera ahmed & like always she never disappoints me!

    • excuse me, this comment was originally mine on the thread of the latest episode of ZGH at dramasonline.com o_O disgusting!

    • Amir Butt Thank you so much for reading the review and commenting. Yes UA is a very talented writer, no doubt about that.

  • Now this is strange or should I say ridiculous that every time I read reviews by Fatima Awan my curiosity to meet her in real life keeps on mounting and I don't know whether it will happen or not but I must say "Fatima Jee mein tou aap ka fan hogaya Hun" ZGH aap ke reviews ke bina adhoora sa lagta hai,just finished watching another intriguing episode of ZGH.In facf today after watching last show of Oblivion I thought I should go to sleep cos I have to see patients in the morning but ZGH is such a fabulous play I simply can't miss it and just now after watching anther beautiful episode of ZGH I straightaway come to this site to read Fatima's reviews.in today's episode it seems love is blossoming between Kashaf & Zaroon and they are acting so beautifully that it feels like they r real life couple and as usual Samina Peerzada at her best, I like her great advices to Kashaf to strengthen marital life and I wish all mothers should give similar kind of advices to their daughters.Overall a top quality play by Hum TV.

  • Thoroughly enjoyable one hour of ZGH.
    Picture perfect episode and pitch perfect Review.
    Loved both Kashaf and Zaroon equally. Moonlight conversation was simply awesome, dreamy……drama at it's best.
    Also enjoyed Kashaf's jealousy towards Julia Roberts, very natural acting.
    Alarm bells are ringing…..Asmara makes menacing appearance.

    • Thank you anwar sohail, btw you did not give an answer to your question, who is your favorite Asher or Zaroon? Kashaf's confessions to herself were the highlight of this episode, the dialogues were just mind blowing. Most people think that the Asmara scene is probably a flashback….hope so:) We all love her so much!!

      • Though I'm thoroughly enjoying Fawad Khan's performance as 'Zaroon', my favourite character among the two has to be ASHER, ASHER and ASHER.

        • Zaroon is really growing on me, Asher was too seedha, i like Zaroon's naughtiness;)

          • I really enjoy Zaroon's naughtiness and narcissism. Asher was too seedha and obedient, but had air of dignity and sincerity about him.
            Let's wait till we see final episode, we may change horses.

          • Its Ashar for me all the way too! No matter how much I enjoy his role in ZGH, I have to have my dose of Ashar and Khirad in HS regularly.

          • I was reading all your comments, I was thinking about the two characters Asher and Zaroon. Asher, even though he knew that Khirad loved him and that he was her all-in-all (she told that to him in many times) still didnt trust her enough to stick with her when the accusations flew around.

            Zaroon has not heard any such confessions from Kashaf but I think he has understood her well enough to accept that she is not someone who openly shares her emotions. I am not sure about the book, but I am thinking that when Zaroon's mom nudges him about Kashaf spending money on her family, he will come through for her.. It may be Kashaf,who may walk out since her trust issues and feelings are still at an infancy. They kind of alluded to that in the lst episode where in Zaroon says that she will ditch him and he will be counting stars.

            Hope that there is no separation.. but all said and done.. what a lovely drama!!! Totaly pyaar!

          • Molly you could be right and I agree with you about Asher, he really should have known better! And I remember when Khirad kept on trying to get through to him and he just won't listen, that was so frustrating! yes i am also hoping that the misunderstanding does not last for long.

  • whatever…. I feel a real life love in this drama … … awwww Umaira !!!…. sometimes I feel that Kashaf is actually U and as I really admire ur writings+thoughts so i also think that Zaroon is a person (very near to a real life husband shud be) :) :) :) … coz as a realistic person I atleast cant take Life GULZAR without having problems….!

  • I like Z gave money to K consider her as his responsiblity and I am also waiting for this type of moment in my life too soon to feel and enjoy that way personally.
    Hatsoff to Fatima for an awesome review..

    • Yes that was a very good scene and Kashaf's dialogues later on were so heart wrenching. Thank you so much Yousha for taking time out to read the review, i hope you will drop in more often now:)

    • Thank you so so much and three cheers for all the wonderful people here who add so much to the discussions…. ZGH experience wouldn't have been the same without all of you:)

  • Fatima does nothing new she all the ime just copy paste the whole darama again along with the dailogs. hum Pakistani her aik ko cahny ki jhar per khera ker dety hain. she is just OK . nothing special about her reviews at all.

    • then u better not waste ur time here dear:) there r many other sites for reviews. kisi ko bura kehna aasan hay, ussay behtar kr kay dikhana mushkil hay.

    • u too try writing a copy paste review lets see if there's anything special in yours…complxed people

  • my family like this drama very much and each episode is creating curiosity for next wonderful serial i ever seen kashaf and zaroon and particularly sameena pirzada did a wonderful job.

  • enjoyed the episode then ur review and then most comments:) its interesting how we all r so excited about this play:) ur review is urs, u present ur opinion with wonderful simplicity and honesty, thats why we all agree with u and then ur obsevation is good, though ROH surpasses u in that field, specially jab maamla ho Fawad Khan ka then Roh has got an eagle eye:) @Roh wonderful comments. why dont u write reviews yar ,u can do it:) . Annie is right that this episode was more in UA style, really I was also thinking same while watching that fone conversation last week , Umera herself is so shy person, I think Mona once said about UA's romantic scenes that the scene ends where the romance actually starts;). but in this episode it was that same natural style. very well done by both actors.specially Kashaf blushes so naturally :).

    • Mrs. Asim totally agree with you Love these discussions and the dialogues in today's episode were just extraordinary. Yes today's episode had UA written all over it.
      I have asked Roh to write a review a million times but she doesn't get convinced. @ Roh the pressure is building up, better give up soon;)

        • Roh please please please write naaaa, only few intense episodes are left now & I want to enjoy a double treat, reading your & fatima's reviews so please!!!!!!

          • hamnah!!! so you're getting it, na? Fatima's review followed by my long sermons! Treat on the double! I promise you I will always reply to Fatima's reviews. Done? :)

          • but you comment, a review is something a bit different! anyway as you wish but then please increase the length of your comments ;) & do cover all the scenes!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mrs. Asim. :) I had a hearty laugh about my observation especially of Fawad Khan! ab kya karey? just can take the eagle eyes off him! :D He has that effect!

  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai is an outstanding serial….NO word to express Kashaf & Zaroon acting…Mindblowing

  • i really enjoyed the way zaroon said mashallah mashallah
    and miss kashaf murtaza will u plz come back

    • lol yes the way he said Miss Kashaf Murtaza will you come back sounded a lot like Sir Ibrar!!

  • Mrs. Muzna kiya dil se comment kiya hai ap ne, maza a gaya parhne ka:) This episode had so many classy dialogues. Janaab we actually saw Kashaf admitting that she had been blessed by a nemat, isn't that something? I really liked that scene too, the way Kashaf was cleaning up in the washroom lol. I am sure many married women could relate to it;) I surely could!!! Zaroon's response when Kashaf says what will the maid think was too funny!! Have you read the novel?

  • All credit goes to you Fatima for writing reviews for every episode. Honestly speaking, now I start feeling bore with the pace of this drama. This drama can be dragged to 100 episodes this way :) 4 characters in the whole episode wow.
    Question, how come Osama was not invited in Zaroon's wedding? Did I miss noticing him in that episode or he was not there?

  • Well I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and obviously the review Fatima…
    The scene where Zaroon comes out of bathroom messing the whole room was so natural and when Kashaf thinks "agar mera is se breakup hua tu isi wajha se hoga" was sooo natural…every man is a baby…
    The best scene was obviously when Zaroon gives her money…I literally cried…
    well Sanam's expression when Rafia and sidra are insisting Zaroon to stay over night were simply great…

    BTW If zaroon had no intention to stay, tu woh kapray kahan se aye jo woh raat ko pehanta hai n subha tayar hota hai???????

  • Hi Fatima and other ZGH fans..

    I am new here. I started watching this drama just a couple of weeks back.. It got me hooked and watched all the episodes and caught up with it all in just 2 days! Amazing drama.. amazing acting and clean direction.
    I love reading all your reviews and posts.. its so good! I am originally from India and have not read the book and its interesting to read all your takes on the drama.

    I am wondering if it will be Zaroon's mom who will plant the first seeds of doubt in Zaroon's mind or will it be Osama/Asmara..

    Anyways, eagerly awaiting next weeks episode.

    • Welcome. Nice of you to comment on this forum, and I'm pleased that you are enjoying this drama and Reviews.
      That's big Question, and none of us knows who will be a kill joy? ……Zaroon's mom, Osama or Asmara.
      Somehow I don't feel it will be Zaroon's mum.

      • Join the gang, Molly! Quite of few of us from India here. Loving ZGH. And our interactions with all the lovely people here. :)

    • Hi Molly welcome to reviewit, it is always great to have new readers on board and it is especially wonderful when it is someone from across the border. We have quite a few regular readers who are from India. Everyone is dying to find out what would be the cause of the misunderstanding between the two; people who have read the novel think that it will have something to do with Osama…we will know soon enough:)

  • I would say episode was perfect in every sense. Start was unique kashaf was listening Khamoshi ki awaz and zaroon was confused about Khamoshi ki awaz. From there i got hint its would be only ZaHaf episode. Towel scene was really cute, Kashaf is very organized girl unlike zaroon who just loves to irritate her like this and I enjoyed the way she said 'agar hmara kabhi breakup hua to iss ki aik waja Zaroon ki betarteebi hogi, such a baby' Now comes the part where Kashaf said 'Apni har cheez kay liye dhakke nahi khane parhen gy khawaar hone k liye koi aur b hoga' now she knows she has someone to take care of her, who is also there for her, unknowingly she has started trusting Zaroon. Then their park scene or it could be zaroon's house as well, Zaroon's explained his family point of view about their marriage but good point was Zaroon was confident this time, he was no more confused and nervous. Their casual talk says a lot about their relationship. They listen each other's point of view carefully. Shadi se pehle patta raha tha, tum na bohat cheap ho It shows their comfort level. I really liked zaroon's small gesture at kashaf's home when he closed the door which he never did at his home. May be it was not that much great scene but it touched me a lot. And Kashaf's fear came true when Sidra asked zaroon to stay at their home, well even zaroon wanted to stay there; as a result we got one of the best scene, Moonlight Scene and zaroon's romance I don't know how to write my opinion about that scene but Kashaf was trying hard to change the topic by bringing stars and Moon while blushing, zaroon asked so many questions about him but kashaf was adamant not to answer them from her heart. Oh Yeah btw she was jealous of Julia Roberts But later on she answered to his questions in her diary and she confessed her love too. I won't blame here for not expressing her feelings in front of him because all of sudden her life is perfect, its hard for her to believe it,but i hope zaroon will break this wall one day too. Somewhere I had an idea Kashaf will stop zaroon's smoking habit and its happening. And Highlight scene of the episode where zaroon gave money to Kashaf, I had tears in my eyes too; she went through so many emotions.I m very glad they're highlighting these things. Sanam was mind blowing and so convincing in that scene. My question is from where zaroon got bag and clothes? Earlier he used to all his packing n all now Kashaf is handling these things I remember once zaroon asked sarah (his sister) to sew his shirt but the response was negative. but this time Zaroon was impressed from her wife Btw I so want zaroon to read Kashaf's diary.
    Precap is indeed alarming for everyone. Asmara is back unexpectedly and misunderstandings are on the way. But they will turn their relation more strong i believe.
    Performance wise Actors did fantastic job. I dint feel i m watching a show, it was all so realistic. Fawad and sanam are very natural and talented actors. They deserve all the appreciation for delivering wonderful episode yet again. Credit goes to directors and writer as well. Umera Ahmed is best in writing as we have seen the demo of her writing skills.

  • I would say episode was perfect in every sense. Start was unique kashaf was listening Khamoshi ki awaz and zaroon was confused about Khamoshi ki awaz. From there i got hint its would be only ZaHaf episode. Towel scene was really cute, Kashaf is very organized girl unlike zaroon who just loves to irritate her like this and I enjoyed the way she said 'agar hmara kabhi breakup hua to iss ki aik waja Zaroon ki betarteebi hogi, such a baby' Now comes the part where Kashaf said 'Apni har cheez kay liye dhakke nahi khane parhen gy khawaar hone k liye koi aur b hoga' now she knows she has someone to take care of her, who is also there for her, unknowingly she has started trusting Zaroon. Then their park scene or it could be zaroon's house as well, Zaroon's explained his family point of view about their marriage but good point was Zaroon was confident this time, he was no more confused and nervous. Their casual talk says a lot about their relationship. They listen each other's point of view carefully. Shadi se pehle patta raha tha, tum na bohat cheap ho It shows their comfort level. I really liked zaroon's small gesture at kashaf's home when he closed the door which he never did at his home. May be it was not that much great scene but it touched me a lot. And Kashaf's fear came true when Sidra asked zaroon to stay at their home, well even zaroon wanted to stay there

  • Loved the episode. The building of relationship is awesome. So glad Sidra gave them an opportunity to understand each other better under the moonlit sky. Understanding and accepting each other and sharing each others background is somthing that is essential for a real relationship.
    FK was fantastic and so was SS. ZGH has made me forget HS, The romance here is smoldering and at the same time it is so real and natural. I just love each character. From Zaroon to Sidra and from Kashaf to Rafia each one has played the role beautifully.

  • Unbelievable! A drama that finishes within forty minutes but never ending reviews! Fatima you do cause a stir that makes everyone get their analytical skills to the computer screen! I was going to attempt to make a comment about the episode but it doesn't even touch the commentary already given which by the way is more interesting to read than the drama itself! Can't wait for the next episode

  • I am from south Africa. watch the drama on line,we are 3 hours behind.the agony of counting the hours,till it is pasted.Iam a serious addict.loved hum safar and now this one

    • Saeeda welcome to reviewit, I think we can all relate to the waiting and counting hours:) ZGH has the same effect on us too. Please share your views about the episode. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now.

  • many actors & actresses & creative team should learn a lot from fawad & sanam saeed & creators of ZGH , though Indian Tv is big in many terms except perfection should learn a lot first from zgh team

  • Fatima, the Drama is a drag, only the engagement and wedding episodes were interesting. it's so predictable and boring now. I am not even waiting for the next episode !

  • Main miss karoongi?

    Miss toh shayaf chota lafz hai in ehsasaat key liye jo main tumharay liye rakhnay lagi hoon.. Aur main apnay aap say darnay lagi hoon.. Kisi say mohabbat insaan ko bohut kamzor kar deti hai..Bohut bebas, majboor, mehkoom.. aur mujhay in teenon cheezon say nafrat hai. Lekin uskay bawajood, tum meri zindagi kay markaz bantay ja rahay ho

    Tum mujh say puchtay ho kay mujhay tumhari kya baat achi lagti hai.. Main tumsay kaisay kahoon kay mujhay tumhari kon si baat achi nahin lagti

    Apnay ird gird tumhara ghumna

    Meray wajud say na hatnay wali tumhari gehri bolti nazrain

    Tumhari har waqt ki tawajo

    Tumhara jaan chiralnay wala har andaz

    Har baar jab tum meray maan baap kay liye ehtaraman kharay hotay ho toh main tumharay samnay jhuknay lagti hoon.

    Aur kya kuch nahin jo mujhay tumharay samnay moam nahin karta.

    Aik chotay say ghar kay pankhay walay kamray main tumhari yeh gehri neend..

    Mineral water ko dhondnay kay bajaye, nalkay ka paani pi leyna

    Hand wash chor kay ek sastay say sabun say haath dhona

    Apni plate ko meri maan kay pakay khanay say baar baar bharna

    Par main yeh sab tumko kabhi nahin bataoon gi

    Tumharay har waday pay hasoon gi..

    Tumhari har baat ka mazak uraoon gi

    Tum mujhay sange mar mar samajhtay ho toh samajhtay raho

    Main tumharay samnay rait ki diwaar nahin ban sakti

    Mujhay toot janay say khof ata hai

    ♥ these dialogues ♥

  • this was a dragged episode …. 10 min long scene …. that's how they made 26 episodes …. as far as this serial …. it was not more then 20 episodes story … but so many dragged scene made that possible …. but u as a critic never mention it any where in ur review …. so one sided review ….

  • >