Fawad Khan’s Upcoming Drama Serial “Numm”

Many of Fawad Khan’s fans have been waiting to see him in a completely different role for a little while now. Well it seems like all of their wishes are coming true because Fawad Khan plays a role different from what he usually does in his upcoming drama serial “Numm”. The drama boasts of a stellar cast like Sania Saeed and Usman Peerzada. Sania Saeed and Kanza Wayne play the lead opposite Fawad Khan. The promos look very interesting and it looks like the story is going to be about a feudal family. Fawad Khan has not changed his look for the play, maybe because he plays an Oxford graduate who cannot break away from his roots no matter how much he wants to. He does not have the typical look of a feudal lord or someone who belongs to such a family but the promos suggest that he is pretty much part of the system. The promos are very detailed and give the name of every character separately. We will get to see Farah Khan on screen after some time in a big project. The play has been written by Maira Sajid and directed by Ahsan Talish but there are no details regarding which channel it will be airing on. There promos definitely have a very mysterious look and you want to find out more about the play. Here are the promos, watch them and tell us what you think about them.


Fatima Awan

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  • its not vj kanza's debut…infact this is her second play…she debuted in Haseena Moin's Saare Mausam Apne Hain…plz post correct information……

    • viewrz wana smtng new…nd i hope dz drama vl b evr evr sprbb..nd ppl vl lyk it nd appriciat dz drama..!!

  • suprrbbbb promo..especially deze lynz…" MUMkin hai k mery hi raho..mumkin hai apne sth b guzara na kr sko..!…vry touchhy very blushhy ! <3 luvd it …nd HER voice.. nd dt GHAZAL also..

  • ye log fawad khan ko har drama mein le kar aa rahay hein…give him a break …ppl are going to get fed up of him very soon

    • I don’t think Fawad Khan appears very frequently on screen. His dramas get on air one at a time unlike other actors, whom we get see in different channels at the same time.

    • completely agree with u…he will become the next humayun saeed or noman ijaz for that matter by appearing so much…his ZGH worked coz he appeared after abt one yr after working in humsafar…one drama a yr would work for him otherwise he will become history too.

    • Meeni wani is a practice followed in some villages in Pakistan. If two tribes or families own a lot of land, they will marry an older woman of one family to a boy much younger than her who belongs to the other group in order to protect their lands. I didn’t know about it as well but one of my friends told me. I think Sania Saeed is the older wife and Fawad Khan is her husband.

      • I think there was a drama Mohabat Ruth jay to in that there was a child marriage. Was is the same thing as Meeni vani? Fatima I love your review very much . I am a silent reader.

        • Ranjan thank you so much for following the reviews – do comment whenever you have something to say:) I didn't watch MRJT so I have no idea:) Which plays are you following nowadays?

          • Hi Fatima , Thank you very much for replying , I stared watching Pakistani drama because of Dhoop Kinary!!! I love to see Marina khan and Rahat Kazmi , very fond of them. recently I am watching Faysal Qureshi drama . He reminds me of Young Robert Redford. very handsome.But honstly I follow all your review of Zindgi Gulzar hai, what a way to write the review , I am so impressed. God bless you, Lots of Love , Hope to hear from you.

  • most of ahsan taalish dramas come on ARY or PTV i guess it will be onaired on either PTV or ARY

  • it seems like Ashk Part 2 :( no doubt Sania & Fawad are good actors but not looking forward to watching them together. That girl isn't a impressive actress either so all in all, I think that this drama will also cash the popularity of FK for it's ratings like Ashk

  • promo looks good. but my gut tells fawad is gonna be criticized for this drama just like ashk…

  • Agr app ko es drama serail ki tamam episodes phly dakhna hai n tu e s number py rabta kraian…

  • Yar kuch tu khiyal karo huamri emotions ka….!!!!! Sania Saeed is too aged yar, she doesn't give feeling of romance :/

  • drama tu acha hi lag raha ha pr sania saeed aur kinza wyne bilkul bhi fawad k sath suit ni kr rahi

  • Fawad ab bura lagne laga hai itna to koi apne ghar mein bhi nahi ata jata jitna yeh dramas mein araha hai…

    • yeps evryone has own significance as its a different story , after vry long tyme i felt pakistani drama never copy indians ad back to its dignity like aik muhabat so afsany period …ths is what we want we are not indian we never afford typical love stories we have own culture we need each drama differnt

  • topic acha ha fawad and sania both talented jub dekho gye tu patha chalye gya best of luck drama acha laghe

    • Guess what you dont know how important this drama to Pakistan's Feudalism condemn activist is,you just want a play having a lovey dovey leads,so immature !

  • I loved the promo, sania saeed's acting and above all the lyrics of the fantastic gazal, creating an aura of courage, vulnerability and the basic human need to be Loved. Bravo!!!!

  • I think it looks mysterious. I love fawadddd and i want to see a new girl opposite him for some time. She is very pretty and saaniya is a good actress

  • Big fan of Fawad Khan..the pair ..VJ Kanza & FK looks good. The story line is interesting and has made me curious . For her second drama VJ Kanza looks and acts very well…love the slap scene… so real!! Well done :) Looking forward to it being aired soon.

  • looking forward to watching this Drama…story line looks interesting and looks like all actors have done a fab job..good luck

  • Mumkin hai! Chashm-e-Nam ko sitara na kar sako,
    Mumkin hai! Tum bhi koi ishaara na kar sako…

    Mumkin hai! Zehar de kar ataa kar do zindagi,
    Mumkin hai! Yeh karam bhi dobara na kar sako…

    Mumkin hai! Mera hukum bhi tum ko qabool ho,
    Mumkin hai! Iltija bhi gawara na kar sako…

    Mumkin hai! Do qadam pe badal jao raasta,
    Mumkin hai! Umr bhar bhi kinara na kar sako…

    Mumkin hai! Mere baghair bhi bitaalo zindagi,
    Mumkin hai! Apne saath bhi guzara na kar sako…

  • Girls are crazy for Fawwad Khan:-) just kidding. I think we all like him! Not to forget other great actors and actresses.

  • that new girl kanza or whoever voice…..uffffffff…..I hate her voice…I don't know she intentionally speaks in this way just to show like she is a kid but if its natural about which 100% sure its not I am really very sorry for her….I personally just hate her voice that's why I didn't watch saare mausam apne hain..

  • awsum …………….'ll luv to see sania saeed after a long time a great actress……..and fawad too :)finally sum thing different !!!!! :) waiting ….

  • promo seems promising,interesting nd mysterious !!! really really luking forward to it!!!! the poetry of numm is gr8!!

  • its promos are very interesting and In Shaa ALLAH like all other ur block buster serials this serial will also get huge success from all over the world. my especial prayers are with u and may u get thousands of years to live and millions of happiness and successes to enjoy with ur family . and this serial "NUMM" looks like a mysterious one but In Shaa ALLAH we will enjoy it and hope so that may this serial will be a cause of getting award like "HUMSAFAR" and In Shaaa ALLAH "ZINDAGI GULZAR HA".this is all for Mr. khan. ALLAH bless u ameen

  • Kaafi detailed promo hai. Saari story pehley say pata chal gai. Only art lovers and fans of fawad khan and sania saeed will watch this drama. This may not be a chart topping/commercially successful drama because of the slow pace but the acting will definitely be worth watching. The new girl cast opposite to fawad doesn't seem right for the role. They should have picked somebody else.

  • Mumkin hai chasm-e-Numm ko sitara na kar sako
    Mumkin hai tum b koi ishara na kar sako
    Mumkin hai zeher de kar ada kar do zindagi
    Mumkin hai ye karam b dobara na kar sako
    Mumkin hai mera hukum b tum ko qabool ho
    Mumkin hai iltija b gawara na kar sako
    Mumkin hai do qadam pe badal jao rasta
    Mumkin hai umr bhar b kinara na kar sako
    Mumkin hai meray bagair bhee bita lo zindagi
    Mumkin hai apnay saath bhee guzara na kar sako

    Mumkin hai chashm-e-Numm teri tera gharoor ho
    Mumkin hai k ye aag pani se dur ho
    Mumkin hai saraiyat karay ye zeher ragon main
    Mumkin hai zeher ka asar dur dur ho
    Mumkin hai k mumkin na ho yun mera palatna
    Mumkin hai iztairab main bhee kuch suroor ho
    Mumkin hai aa b jao tum meray khayal main
    Mumkin hai dur dur ho, dur dur ho

  • Mumkin hay chashm-e-num ko sitara na ker sako
    Mumkin hay tum bhi koi ishara na ker sako

    Mumkin hay zeher day kar ataa ker do zindagi
    Mumkin hay ye karam bhi dobara na ker sako

    Mumkin hay mera hukam bhi tum ko qabool ho
    Mumkin hay ye iltajaa bhi gawaraa na ker sako

    Mumkin hay do qadam pe badal jao rasta
    Mumkin hay umer-bhar bhi kinara na ker sako

    "Mumkin hay meray baghair bhi bita lo zindagi
    Mumkin hay apnay saath bhi guzaraa na ker sako

    Mumkin hay chasm-e-num teri tera ghoror ho
    Mumkin hay k ye aag paani se door ho

    Mumkin hay saraiyat kare ye zehar ragon mai
    Mumkin hai is zehar ka asar door door ho

    Mumkin hai k mumkin na ho yun mera palatna
    Mumkin hai izteraab mai bhi kuch suroor ho

    Mumkin hai aa bhi jao tum mere khayal mai
    Mumkin hai door door raho, door door ho

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