Adhoori Aurat Episode 6 Review – Schemes and Plans!

‘Now the real story begins!’ This is what came to mind while watching the episode. A lot of things happened in this episode and I was again hooked throughout.

The episode started off with Zayaan’s mother calling him and asking him to reach home urgently as she had a ‘shocking’ news in store for him. He quickly went home and took Maryam along with him and got to know that Khurram had taken his revenge from Afshah and had thrown her out of the house. This shocked him and he quickly went to Khurram’s house to reason with him but to no avail. Khurram was not ready to take Afshah back in his house and showed Zayaan the door. Zayaan left his house with a heavy heart and finally realized the gravity of the situation. He had become selfish and had taken such a big step without even thinking about his sister and now he could not bare to see his sister in such a condition. He realized that he should have said no to Faiza’s proposal when he was about to marry Maryam. Well, its too late to dwell over the past Zayaan! You should have thought about this before marrying Maryam and bringing her to your house all of a sudden.

Faiza may have been humiliated and heart broken but she is not the kind of person who forgets her insult so easily. Instead of drowning in emotions, she quickly thought of a revenge plan and executed it with finesse. She played her game with her mind and went to meet Afshah and showed sympathy towards her and promised to convince her brother to bring her back. Even Zayaan was impressed when he saw that she was ready to help Afshah and this was the first time that he spoke politely to her. Her smirk when Zayaan called out her name and then her change of expressions were brilliantly executed and captured.

Maryam clearly did not expect Zayaan’s mother to be the evil ‘mother in law’ types. She was more or less horrified to see their behaviour towards her. Afshah and her mother both blamed Maryam for Afshah’s condition and their attitude towards her was very harsh especially Zayaan’s mothers’. She kicked Maryam out of her house and while Maryam screamed and begged to let her in, she did not show an ounce of pity towards her. After that Maryam made sure she did not cross path with either her sister in law or mother in law. However, Zayaan asked her to try to interact with him because she would need to make place in their hearts herself. They then went for shopping for the whole family and Maryam brought gifts for everyone. Afshah took the gift and in courtesy said a good word or two but Zayaan’s mother attitude did not change one bit. She threw the gift and refused to take it! I do not think she is going to mellow down anytime soon. Maryam is in for a rough time ahead!

Afshah managed to convince her mother to attend Zayaan and Maryam’s wedding reception by telling her that if they don’t go then they might end up losing their control over Zayaan and if they want to stay in his good books then it is better to attend the function. Zayaan’s mother agreed half heartedly to be a part of the function but her annoyance and disapproval was clearly written on her face during the whole function and she just could not stand anyone praising Maryam. Afshah was now relieved and had calmed down because Faiza had given her reassurance and she knew that Khurram would never say no to anything that Faiza says. She is yet to know that she is just a pawn in Faiza’s big scheme!

Faiza plays her final card by sending Khurram with a proposal. If Zayaan wants Afshah to go back to her house then he needs to make Faiza her second wife! Everybody was shocked at this proposal and the episode ended at this cliff hanger.

Will Zayaan agree to marry Faiza? The preview for the next episode seems pretty confusing. Let’s see what happens next in the show!

 Mariam Shafiq


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