Adhoori Aurat Episode 3 Review – The Rejection!

This show really needs to pick up some pace already. It has been three episodes but not much has happened so far and the engagement fiasco should end already. Maryam’s mother was reluctant to tell Ajji about Maryam’s broken engagement even now that she knows Umair was not the right guy for Maryam but Ajji makes her understand that it does not matter what other people say and Maryam deserves someone better than Umair. Maryam’s mother’s only wish is that “Jo Bhi Mile Pyaar Karne Wala Aur Qadr Karne Wala Mile” Maryam is aware that her mother is the person who got affected by her broken engagement the most and tells Ajji to take care of her mother while she starts her new job.

Afsha and Zayaan’s mother are pressuring Zayaan more by the day! He does not seem the least interested in marrying Faiza but they still keep forcing him to marry her. The reason why Afsha is so adamant to get them both married is because of the pressure from her in laws. Faiza seems like a spoiled brat as she is smallest in the house and she wants only to marry Zayaan and her mother and brother are trying their best to fulfill her wish. Afsha wants Faiza to impress Zayaan and that is why she sends her to his office to be a part of his project to educate the less privileged people. Zayaan is shocked to see her at his office and his attitude becomes cold and he behaves very rudely with her. I felt a little bad for Faiza today because of the way Zayaan was behaving with her. She then goes home and gets extremely upset as she feels humiliated by the way Zayaan treated her. Her mother consoles her and assures her that Zayaan will agree as he loves her sister a lot. Well, he did agree to marry her according to the preview for the next episode. We are yet to know the reason as to why his mind changed all of a sudden.

I was expecting some spark between Maryam and Zayaan during their first meeting but it seemed like only Zayaan was the one who got impressed with Maryam while Maryam did not seem the least interested in him. She actually found him pretty annoying and he did not manage to create a good impression on her. Zayaan got more and more impressed by her when he heard her views and ideas and he liked the input she gave for their new project. He admired her dedication towards the project and invited her over a coffee but she refused him on his face! That scene was brilliantly depicted as it was the first time Zayaan received such a cold treatment from anyone. This incident increased his liking towards her and he decided to send her a marriage proposal.

Afsha and his mother clearly refused to take his proposal for anyone other than Faiza and this led to an argument between the three but Zayaan being the stubborn one decided to take his proposal himself and this shocked his mother. She realized that she may lose her son if she sticks to her decision and agreed to go to Maryam’s house to take his proposal. Maryam’s parents seemed impressed by Zayaan and were ready to agree to the proposal but Maryam clearly told them to say no! Everybody was shocked at Maryam’s decision and Zayaan’s mother felt insulted and humiliated at the abrupt refusal. Even Zayaan was shocked and confused at her refusal and wanted to know the reason behind it. Well, I personally think he should have at least spoken to Maryam about the proposal before going to her place. She just went through a rough patch in her life and needs some time to recover before she starts thinking about marriage again.

Overall, the episode was engaging but it needs to pick up some pace now! Faisal Qureshi was once again at his best while Ayeza also did a great job. Maheen Rizvi’s acting is also improving and I liked her acting in this episode.The preview for the next episode seems interesting. Lets see what is in store for us next!

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Mariam Shafiq



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