Sadia Imam’s Online Wedding- A good morning show activity!


Morning shows have always been a part of our entertainment industry no matter whichever time period you take a look on. With the changes in values and customs of the nation, the morning shows and the strategies to earn high TRPs have also changed significantly. It was recently that ARY digital came up with an unusual idea of celebrating Sadia Imam’s wedding all over again on Television and perhaps, the morning show succeeded in having 5 days of  wedding activities, keeping the viewers bound with everything the channel could add to make it spicy enough to be followed.

What amused me greatly was the fact that  Sadia Imam, along with her husband cashed the opportunity to its fullest and came into limelight, which for sure, Sadia Imam needs the most. To get some light and appreciation, it was seen that many celebrities turned up in the event, showing their love and dedication towards Sadia. Out of many, it was Ahsan Khan and Reema who kept their hands full on over the celebrations and it is no more difficult to guess Reema’s appearance in the show after watching her as an American tourist guide which is obviously a shining-opportunity for her career. There were other celebrities like Moamar Rana, Shahood Alvi, Kiran, Nadia Khan, Rambo and Sahiba, Saud  and Javeria, etc.

Here are a few clicks from the show that kept revolving around Sadia Imam previous week.

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Did you enjoy the event and think that such activities should be a part of our morning shows? Share your views about it,


Nida Zaidi


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  • I saw it….. It is all drama….. Esp the justification behind re-hosting Sadia' wedding……. Because her mother died a short time before her wedding, both the bride and groom sides were not able to fulfill their armaan….. Well they should think ofsomething else coz weddings hav gone overboard!!!

    • OOOH plz agar itne pak saaf ho ap sab tu sab sa pahla unko wohi same dress dia kro jo apk ghar kam kartay han sirf bolna ha sab ko shame on u huuuuuh…….

  • yes there are many girls whose weddings are not celebrated the way it should be —-y sadia imam wedding was done —-are we living in an islamic country and showing our culture through our channels —–nida yasir pls come out of the box and think different

      • ful fill ur western dreams on ur own wedding we ppl donot need ur suugestions Mr. Burger
        dont u hav ur own identity???? Mr. Burger :p

  • just wastage of money….expensive dresses, sets, flower decoration and alll..whats the logic behind this Re-marriage?.

  • sadia ALLAH PAK apku hamesha khush rakhen…………………………….awwwwwwwsssssuuuuum lg rahi hu

  • fazool kharchi aur ghatiya pan ki inteha hai
    yahan log bomb bari aur zal zalon sey mar rey hain aur ye aik bandey ki shadii ko dobara sey celebrate kar rey hain..oh bhai dunya mai hazaron larkiyan esi hain jin ki shadiyan bohat takleefon aur mushkilaat k sath hoti plastic surgery walon ki shadiyan fazool kharchi hai bus!!

  • I remember Sadia a very cute girl like 10 years back but I dont understand whats so bad in growing old? why have she done so many surgeries? Its clearly obvious and its truly fake… we all can recognise a stretched face person.. People please grow old gracefully as its past of our life and I remember someone saying, " DONT MESS WITH THE NATURE AS THE NATURE MIGHT NOT LIKE IT."

  • it was a total waste of time and money. the amount of money ARY has spent on sadia imam's wedding (or shall I say 2nd wedding) they could have given it to charity or towards a noble cause. Look at the poverty in Pakistan, and look at the drama such a top channel has created. Quite shameful.

  • Sadia was looking beautiful although there was a lot of expenditure on function, yet we appreciate the full participation of ARY team in her pleasures.

  • its tooo bad u dont know ur religion demands. ur r promoting our cultutre? very bad just wait 4 allah azab yes we r able 4 this plz open ur eyes n look whats r going wrong.

  • very boring sadia bodhe lag rahe the choti c the ma jb ya ati the bodhe to lagna ha na hahahahha husband tobaby lagta ha x ka banda na bal apne age k according die karvata ha r nida to tooooooooba apna hubi ko to bula late

  • itny expensive dresses sy kya hasil hua hy paison sy kisi ghareeb ki baiti ki shadi kara daity…….

  • shame on all such tv channels who take these clowns on screen , whats gd in sadias marruage , an old lady trying to hide true age and making fake expressions…yaki..

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