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Sadia Imam’s Online Wedding- A good morning show activity!


Morning shows have always been a part of our entertainment industry no matter whichever time period you take a look on. With the changes in values and customs of the nation, the morning shows and the strategies to earn high TRPs have also changed significantly. It was recently that ARY digital came up with an unusual idea of celebrating Sadia Imam’s wedding all over again on Television and perhaps, the morning show succeeded in having 5 days of  wedding activities, keeping the viewers bound with everything the channel could add to make it spicy enough to be followed.

What amused me greatly was the fact that  Sadia Imam, along with her husband cashed the opportunity to its fullest and came into limelight, which for sure, Sadia Imam needs the most. To get some light and appreciation, it was seen that many celebrities turned up in the event, showing their love and dedication towards Sadia. Out of many, it was Ahsan Khan and Reema who kept their hands full on over the celebrations and it is no more difficult to guess Reema’s appearance in the show after watching her as an American tourist guide which is obviously a shining-opportunity for her career. There were other celebrities like Moamar Rana, Shahood Alvi, Kiran, Nadia Khan, Rambo and Sahiba, Saud  and Javeria, etc.

Here are a few clicks from the show that kept revolving around Sadia Imam previous week.

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Did you enjoy the event and think that such activities should be a part of our morning shows? Share your views about it,


Nida Zaidi