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Pakistani Media Celebrities to Protest at Karachi Press Club against Turkish Dramas

We never knew that the issue we raised days ago on this forum regarding the telecast of Turkish Dramas in Pakistan would create such a huge hype. We noticed while reading the comments of the readers on previous posts that few of our readers actually support these international dramas and thus we would try not to be bias about the issue. However, it seems that our prediction about these dramas as a threat to the local industry is somehow true as these days; nearly all the news programs and Morning Shows are picking this topic as the center of discussion.

It was only yesterday when Nida Yasir invited Saba Hameed, Aijazz Aslam and Shahood Alvi on her show where these three actors condemned such policies, actively. Saba Hameed, while discouraging these foreign dramas to be aired on our channels, said that the industry has all capability to compete with these international dramas, whether they’d be Turkish or Indian, but the fact is that it wouldn’t be possible because the local dramas would not get an exposure to do this.

Aijazz Aslam, who often prefers to be a silent one on such issues, stated that this will completely destroy the local industry as there are many people behind a drama, by importing these ready-made dramas from foreign would take away most of the jobs and  would only be needing the dubbing artists, who would translate different languages in Urdu.

Saba Hameed highlighted that Geo TV and all those channels who are supporting this policy has created a bad reputation and this would affect the relations of the channel and the production houses.

Nida Yasir then disclosed that in order to fight for their rights, all the celebrities that are affiliated to the drama industry would gather today, i.e. 15th December at Karachi Press Club to protest against the telecast of these Turkish dramas.

Let’s see what impact does this protest brings, however, it is less likely that Geo TV would cancel its latest drama Noor that is all ready to be aired on 17th December. Please Share your precious views about this protest.


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