Mera Yaqeen – An Overview

Mera Yaqeen started off with a good note. This serial is directed by the one and only Sarmad Khoosat of Humsafar fame and written by Seema Munaf. It portrayed a perfect couple, Asfan and Maha played by Faisal Qureshi and Sawera Nadeem (the popular couple of Qaid-e-Tanhai), with a perfect family till disaster struck.

On their way home from Maha’s friend Naazish’s wedding (played by Nimra Bucha), they met with a serious accident which paralyzed Maha.

The character of Maha is played brilliantly by Sawera, who is shown paralyzed and almost all her scenes are on the bed. Maha is portrayed as a proud, arrogant and self-centered woman. It is this arrogance which made her force her husband to marry her friend Nazish who had by then, gotten a divorce for the second time. Maha had started feeling insecure after being paralyzed and thought that Nazish would be the best option for Asfan to marry, as he would never be able to love Nazish since she is average looking, simple and ‘nothing’ compared to her. But destiny plays its own game. Asfan got attracted to Nazish’s simplicity and fell for her. That is the main lesson in this show that one should not place themselves above anyone and that is what made me follow this serial in the first place. Maha’s character gets so selfish that one is forced to wonder how a person like Asfan can love her in the first place.

Maha, however, could not accept the fact that Asfan fell for someone like Nazish, whom she had always degraded. From then on starts the journey of Maha’s jealousy and the development of Asfan and Naazish’s beautiful relationship.

Faisal Qureshi has once again proved that he is a brilliant and a versatile actor. He portrays the character of Asfan to perfection, who succumbs unwillingly to the pressure by his wife Maha to marry again and how he struggles to treat his wives equally.

Nimra Bucha’s character Nazish is also played very well by her. However, Nimra needs to do some versatile roles as her character in most of her serials shows the same stereotypical woman of our society.

Another turn off for me in this show was the pace and the screenplay. Since the past few episodes the drama is dragged too much which basically kills the whole charm. The screenplay could also have been better as the scenes are dragged at times. The OST sung by Tina Sani and composed by Waqar Ali is also pretty catching. The lyrics “Mera yaqeen tha ya phir mera gumaan tha…” depicts the feelings of both the women. On one hand, Maha had the Yaqeen or belief that her husband would never love anyone else and on the other hand, Nazish had the Yaqeen that the dreadful phases in her life will pass and she will get happiness too.

The dialogues are also beautiful in this serial especially the ones spoken by Nazish. Another thing that I liked in the serial is the relationship between Nazish and her father, who had always been her support system though the testing phases of her life and has always given her courage.

Sarmad’s cameo in the show as a man under the influence of her sister is appreciable. The acting of the kids is also commendable. Their hate for their stepmother and gradual acceptance is a bit overrated, but acceptable.

But since it is a Sarmad Khoosat serial, viewers did expect something more. The story is good and the actors are brilliant. The direction is fine too, but the drama could have been better if the screenplay was a bit stronger and the story less dragged.

I’ll give this show a rating of 2 and a ½ stars.

Mariam Shafiq



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  • Asfand and maha met an accident on the way back , from the crlebrations of their wedding anniversary, she didnt went on her friends wedding, you have mentioned wrong in review

    • v true, they were cuming back from their own celebration & like always maha was passing some negative remarks on someone , while she met that accident. ( provided if Maha was coming back from Nazish's wedding she would have made nazish's life even more miserable , blaming her for the accident !) one more thing I would like to add is that kids acting is below episode ago they were so much against their step mother , but now they are getting along so well …without any solid reason for friendship –

  • Agree with Sadaf . basic mistake in review , seems you did not see fully. There is more in the story than arrogance. Its 'Yaqeen' and Nazish's role is the proponent of this. A weak point is that Maha is shown on bed all the time when she can be in a wheel chair as pointed out by some here in comments. Faiz, Nazish's second husband has done well and he was not a bad husband,, just under his sisters thumb. The other flaw is his divorce which is not legal. The writer pushed for it so that Nazish could become Asfan's second wife.

    • I have read the novel they have made some changes in the novel Nazish only married once before marrying Asfand, which made more sence they just made up the second marriage to extend the story which was acceptable but the way they ended the marriage was illigal as you mention, I totally agree with you. Actually they did say in one of the episode that after the surgery she can be on the wheel chair thats mean she can be on wheel chair right now,

  • its a very gud serial……i luv sawera nadeem she is one ov a gud actress…..n faisal qureshi is simply owsm….

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