Bari Aapa – An Overview.

Kuzey Guney Episode 85 in High Quality 28th December 2013

Bari Aapa has been written by the same talented author who was behind unforgettable plays like Daastan, Vasl, Mera Saeein, Mastana Mahi, Mere Pass Pass, Khamoshiyan, Mera Naseeb and the list is never-ending. Samira Fazal, the writer of this play has always been one of my favorite authors because her plays are gripping and the storyline is always unpredictable. Her characters are very close to real life and therefore easy to identify with. The play has been directed by Saife Hassan and produced by Momina Duraid. Till now ten episodes of this play have gone on air and I will write an overview of all these episodes. I will start by giving the summary of what has happened till now and then share my opinion about the play.

Bari Aapa is the story of not just one person but many people of one family. Bari Aapa, Zubeida, played by Savera Nadeem is the eldest daughter of the family and has a very controlling and dominating nature. She has a brother Shakeel, Syed Jibran, who lives with his mother along with his wife Riffat, Madiha Rizvi. Zubeida cannot bear to see Shakeel being happy with his wife and tells him many times to divorce her. Riffat is also not at all fond of Bari Aapa and wants her to stop controlling their lives. The reason Zubeida thinks she has the right to tell Shakeel how to live his life is that she took care of him when he was little and helps the family financially too.

Firdous is Zubeida’s younger sister, who does not like her elder sister at all because she always ordered her around and the parents always gave her priority. Arjumand Rahim plays Firdous and I have never liked her more in any character. Now for the most interesting part, Firdous is married to the man Zubeida was once engaged to but didn’t get married to. Zubeida loved Ghazanffar, Waqas Khan, but her parents forced her to marry Farman, Nauman Ijaz, because of his social status. Even after being married to Farman for so many years, Zubeida never got over her first love. She does not give her husband any love or respect and still relies on Ghazanffar Emotionally. Farman is always very polite with his wife and even likes her very much.

Farman out of nowhere marries his best friend’s sister, Ayesha Khan, after his friend passes away and Zubeida finds out about it after three years. Farman’s second wife is much more younger than him and submissive. Farman’s daughter and wife are devastated after hearing the news and we will find out in the next episode what happens.

Does the story sound interesting, well that is because it is very engaging and keeps you hooked. All the actors have done complete justice to their characters and the direction is also very good. The pace of the play is excellent unlike most of the plays nowadays which only seem to be dragging. Sometimes Zubeida’s moral and ethics sermons just make you think that she is such a hypocrite but then other times she is so open about who she is. Farman on one hand is so passive and meek and on the other takes a very bold step by getting married for the second time. Firdous is justified in holding a grudge against his sister and there are times when I feel for her but she also does not seem like a very just person when she goes around talking ill about her sister. Ghazanffar is shown to be very graceful but at the same time he also lies with his wife from time to time. There is a good reason behind telling those lies but it only means that he is not Mr. Perfect either. Zubeida’s mother is very nice to her daughter when she is around but in the 8th episode when she comes to stay, her mother just wants her to go. So, she is another person who you are not sure whether you like or not.

Riffat leaves Shakeel in the last episode and leaves her son behind. She wants her husband to realize that there is no place for Bari Aapa in their life and he has to choose. Riffat being right or wrong is also debatable. Sometimes it seems like Riffat is too touchy and sensitive but at other times you think that she is right in taking a stand for herself.

In short, all these characters are like real human beings, like you and me and people around us. No one is evil and no one is too good to be true. There are times when you like them and feel sorry for them and there are times when you think that they deserve no sympathy. Nauman Ijaz, Savera Nadeem, Ayehsa Khan, Waqas Khan, Arjumand Rahim, Syed Jibran and Madiha Rizvi all have acted with precision. Whoever is responsible for the casting deserves special praise.

Bari Aapa is a play that should not be missed. If you are not watching this show, I recommend that you give it a try. Those of you who are watching it, I would like you people to share with us how you feel about the story and the different characters in the play. No one can guess where the story is headed and that is what I like about this play the most. It is so unpredictable you don’t know what the next episode will have in store. It is a play that should be cherished and treasured.

Ayesha Ahmed.


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  • Yes the drama is very good, best part being the characters are so close to real life. We see all in our light, For me Bari Apa's role –the leading one is best —realistic and Savera Nadeem-Haider has acted excellantly, I have no sympathy for Riffat or Firdous ,both immature Riffat's make up is not that of a woman who is financially weak. Too much make up. How elegant Bari Apa dresses with the simple makeup and hairstyle. Essa and Sharmeen have done poorly , Essa's dialogues seem fake and unnatural. The second wife [Aisha Khan?] could have been done by anyone. Her expressions are flat. Orerall a drama worth seeing , Very good.!!

  • Acting of everyone is great. Story is going well. I have a lot of respect for Firdous and Riffat and really feel for them. Bari Aapa may have raised her siblings but she has no right to get extra-close to her sister's husband or suggest her brother to divorce his wife. I think both women are completely justified in hating Bari Aapa, and Firdous deserves much respect for allowing her husband to be how he wants and not creating more problems for him. I totally hate the brother who repeatedly threatens his wife of divorce.

  • Both story and casts are great- the casts fit their characters perfectly!! Badi Apa reminds me of my dominating khala. Its very true to life. She is extremely manipulative and hypocrite.
    Dont like the girl who plays daughter of Badi apa. No expressions and only fake accent.

  • The story is good, but not excellent. Most of the actors are doing a good job. Suwera Nadeem is excellent, as always. Aisha Khan's role is very limited. Nouman Ijaz always fits a new role. About the story, you say no one knows where it is headed for, but a simple guess, I think in the end Farman will divorce Zubeida, Ghazanfar will divorce Firdous and marry Zubeida.

  • I started watching this drama for sawera nadeem as I simply love her but have been hooked to it for others acting as well. But the worst and most annoying acting is of shermeen who has no expression and speaks badly. Though she is very pretty but lacks miserably in acting skills. They should reduce her part to maintain the high standard of the drama. I love riffat's dialouge delivery as it is crisp and clear. The rest of them are superb and need no praise. Eesa looked lame in the begining but has gained respect when gave a lecture to his cousin for speaking up for her right.

  • aisha khan is perfect in her role….as the spineless submissive wife…..farman deserved a wife like her as he was treated as a doormat by bari apa….who has least regard 4 him dspite all dat he hs always done 4 her……whras the second wife is not only younger more beautiful but caring n understnding too…she gives him due respect n values him n his opionions qte high…so if he leaves her that would b v unfair n he ll go bck to hs previous self i.e a henpecked husband….v interesting n gripping plot….lov it more evrytime i watch it….dsprtly waiting 4 the long awaited episode 11…..

  • I am totally hooked ,and am waiting for episode11 ,the pace is good,the characters could be plucked from any Pakistani family, so is very realistic.

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