Bari Appa Episode 21 – Completely Intensifying.

Well well well. This episode was electrifying, intense & what not. I am sure words wouldn’t be able to describe this whole episode. But firstly I must wave a salute to the director for such a flawless direction & taking the best out of all the actors & accumulating it on screen for us all. Of all the episodes, this one is going to be definitely my favourite one because I am sure it has left the same impact on all it’s viewers pretty much the same way.

The episode started off after Firdous caught Ghazanfar & Zubaida in action. No doubt, they were just having the dinner but the ambiance was pretty evident to show the lingering feelings the two souls have had & were sharing for one another. While they were reminiscing about their past Firdous furiously told Farmaan about everything & I loved how the scenes unfolded. Firstly, they dropped Firdous at her mother’s place, decided to take the kid with them & go to Ghazanfar’s house to pick Zubaida but she had already hurried back to her place just because it was Ghazanfar who felt awkward having Zubaida all by himself, that too when he was all alone at his place. The first half of the whole episode was done perfectly with no flaws & was absolutely marvellous.

The scenes of Ghazanfar & Zubaida were done beautifully. No doubt, at some points Ghazanfar was being flirtatious with Zubaida but it was done in such a decent way. One could actually feel that you can even not cross the lines of indecency yet can confess what you actually feel. This I give all the credit to the director for portraying their feelings beautifully without any vulgarity which is normally prevailant in the dramas these days. Ghazanfar stated ‘mera dil chahay to mai appko kabhi janay hi na doon’ & Zubaida’s satisfying smirk in response said it all. What I disliked the most was Zubaida’s constant belittling regarding Firdous. She once again said that ‘bhalay hi Firdous kaisi bhi kyun na ho app kabhi kisi dusre ki taraf nahi dekhenge’. Ohkay, we understand that she likes Ghazanfar & fails to see any such weaknesses he might have but Ghazanfar in response should have at least tried to defend Firdous because after all she is his wife. I have had this problem ever since the beginning because we never saw Ghazanfar taking stand for Firdous or defending her in front of Zubaida because he just can not muster up that much of a courage.

I must say today, all the complaints that I had against Farmaan vanished easily. They showed more depth in his character. Just a few dialogues of Farmaan said so much about his soft, biased & patient attitude which he had towards his first wife. All this while they showed that Farmaan was oblivious of Zubaida’s feelings for Ghazanfar & how she meets him behind Farmaan’s back but he easily confessed in front of Neelam about how he knew what was going on considering the time span of 25 years which he has spent with Zubaida. All this while Zubaida thought she had succeeded in deceiving Farmaan & she took his ignorance for granted but now she looks like a child who was living in a fool’s paradise. All this while Zubaida thought she could control everything because of her dominance but didn’t know she was trying to hold the intangible.

Now coming to the main scene of the whole episode. The final confrontation. The timing, the direction, the dialogues, the acting, everything was just perfect to the core. For the first time I couldn’t take my eyes off Farmaan because of his acting. I loved how the director created so much of a drama in such a less dramatic manner. Without going overboard Farmaan said everything which had to be said. He confessed how he took care of Zubaida all this while & knew that she had loved Ghazanfar but still he gave her space thinking she will feel better after sharing her worries with her ex-fiancé, whom she endears the most. Zubaida, once again proved that nothing matters to her except her ego. In such a delicate moment she took the wrong decision because whatever Farmaan said hurt her ego & she decided to part ways with him. She is so blinded by her one-sided love that she is ready to lose 25 years of marriage just so that she can tie the knot with her first love.

Firdous lost hope completely & is ready to tell everything to Adeel & Sharmeen. Shakeel’s advice to her was absolutely spot on when he tried to show Firdous the bigger picture in regards to the consequences she might face in the future. Farmaan had opened his heart in front of Neelam & admitted that he can clearly see how Zubaida has been treating Neelam & Farjad till now but he was being lenient. Farmaan took extra care of Zubaida & enforced her on Neelam because he, within himself, was being guilty for putting Zubaida in hell just because of his second marriage but he actually had no idea that all such sacrifices & extra attention did not mean anything to Zubaida, because she had her mind somewhere else all this while. Plus Zubaida got more courage to be open about her feelings after Farmaan & Neelam’s wedding got disclosed. At this point I feel Zubaida is going to be left all alone, on her own just because of her ego & the dignity which she wants to maintain by hook or by crook.

Bari Appa is a depiction of such a personality who single-handedly can be responsible for ruining the lives of everyone around her. Be it her brother, her sister in law, her own sister, sister’s husband, daughter & her husband to the most. If she wasn’t so dominating & minded her own business, she wouldn’t be facing all such issues. Right now I actually have no sympathies with Zubaida & I am glad that Farmaan took a long long time but in the end he manned up completely.

The preview of the next episode seemed equally interesting but I am once again unhappy to see Farmaan’s inappropriate ways of patching things up with Zubaida, why did he have to mention leaving Neelam for such a cold-hearted Zubaida? Zubaida’s irony will start once she will see Ghazanfar all settled & happy with Firdous. I so can not wait to see the next episode. But once again a huge round of applause for the writer & then the director & then the whole team for making this drama an unforgettable one.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Thank you Zehra. I ve been reading your reviews and learning from your comments. Next episode will be the last episode and on behalf of my whole team I want to thank you for taking out time and reviewing Bari Apa. It was nice reading them :)

    • Samira, very well done!!! I love the story, you highlighted the story of a woman who is usually seen negative from our society's point of view. People oversee the inner emotions of such a lady. I sympatized for Bari Apas role an I hope people will learn to understand such characters around us in real lives.

    • Samira Jee as always you have proved that you are a phenomenal writer. Bari Apa goes in a long list of classics produced by this drama industry.

    • Thank you so much Ma'am Samira Fazal for appreciating my reviews. & on behalf of all the viewers I'd like to thank you for creating such a masterpiece in terms of script. I am sure, to many, Bari Appa is going to be an unforgettable classic. I am sad to hear that the next episode is going to be the last one. :( But thank you once again for taking your time out & reading my reviews. :)
      May Allah Bless You!

    • Samira Jee.You have definitely written something beyond Masterpiece.It is one of the best plays ever.

      • Plus Saif e Hassan's direction was tremendous as well.Definitely looking forward to his directions now.

  • Bari Aapa as well as your reviews are always pleausre to watch.And it's not about this week.BA has always managed to grip me in it's every episode.Beautiful script,awesome direction and wonderful acting by the actors.21 episodes of absolute thrill.It cannot be praised enough.Already missing it :(

    • Thank you so much Hammu. Your encouragement & appreciation means a lot to me, you have been commenting here regularly & I thank you for that. I know I am saddened to hear about Bari Appa's end as well. :( It was one classic drama that I used to look forward to. But never mind, we have been left with a great taste, isn't it? :)

      • Yes
        of course.It gave so much to talk about.And that too in a postitive
        manner.I've never seen a drama like this and it will remain with me for a
        very long time :)

  • I Jst loved Noman Ijaz in todays episode….his expressions…Uff..Uff..Uff !!! He again proved it he is a Fab actor..patah nahi kion but mjhe aaj ki epi mein Savera Nadeem k expressions jab Farman Sahib Room mein aate hain achanak se…uss scene mein i dnt knw why bt mjhe laga keh Savera jee keh expressions mein kuch…i dnt knw how to explain it…kuch kami thi shayad……but overall it was, as u said it, completely electrifying episode….

    • Yes, I totally agree about Noman Ejaz's acting. In such a subtle way he conveyed all his feelings. I am sure no one would've suited for this character better than Noman Ejaz. & the writer saved the best for the last that's why Noman Ejaz was seen stalling all this while because he had a huge impact to be left at the end. I think Savera Nadeem did what she was told of, she is seen as a woman who holds her head high, no matter what the circumstances are, so she took the word Talaq by keeping her ego & dignity in line that's why she was standing stern there all this while. BUT beautiful episode.

  • Zahra you need to improve your reviews your just telling the whole episode again. you need to give what you think about the episode.

  • Yup… May b u r right abt Savera Nadeems role in tht scene….besides tht love to read ur reviews so keep up the good work.

  • I seriously don't understand the character of bari aapa.usually women of this status and caliber don't get so immature that they talk about the love life and can't forget their choochoo lover. And especially when he is also a brother in law. This character is as corrupted as our society these days. She is not suffering from any personality disorder she is too selfish to think about any body else. I think the moral of this drama here that no matter what you are trying to portray outside if you are corrupt inside you will end up in hell here and hereafter. She is a miserable Bitch period. Se spent her life complaining about everybody else and how she sacrificed and she thought she won. She was having an affair behind her husband 's back but as a result the husband married another woman. So what goes around comes around. And she totally deserve the shame which she brought on not only at herself but the family. I hate her with all my heart

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