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Bari Appa Last Episode – The End!

So finally the last episode of Bari Appa hit our screens last night. It was a complete package but left me feeling heart-broken, no doubt they justified each & everything but I can’t help feel sorry for the main character. I must say that the dialogues were written beyond perfection. At almost each & every scene I kept on thinking how great the dialogues were & how simply such deep feelings were conveyed by the characters.

In this episode I loved all the conversations, be it of Zubaida-Ghazanfar, Firdous-Ghazanfar, Neelam-Sharmeen & in the end that of Farmaan & Zubaida’s. Each and every conversation had so much going on but was executed perfectly. So many dialogues caught my attention & the best one was ‘Qayamat k anay mai aik lamha bhi bohat hota hai’.

Now beginning from the first scene of the episode, Firdous took a right decision in talking to Ghazanfar on her own. No doubt she was worried about their son but their argument lead to their patch up. One thing for sure was commendable about Firdous that even though she thought she had lost her marriage, her husband, her home but still she was worried about their son & how he was being treated by his father. That took Ghazanfar by surprise & he decided to let go of his ego & take Firdous home. All the things that Ghazanfar said to Firdous in order to convince her were so positive & good to listen to. ‘Girra hua nahi, aam insaan se uncha samjha hai, isi liye keh raha hoon ghar chalo’. All such dialogues that Ghazanfar said to Firdous were much needed because she had never given him any reason or chance to have second thoughts about her being his wife. She was always loyal & her life revolved around her husband & their son, so she needed such words from her husband.

Most of the conversations weren’t told & were discussed in between the two characters. Like Neelam’s meeting with Zubaida, Zubaida’s decision which she told to Sharmeen after Fajr & Essa’s confession in front of Adeel, all such conversations were just told through the dialogues & left viewers wondering what they actually spoke about, but it was justified given the time & considering the end of the serial. Otherwise, it would’ve gotten repetitive & would’ve dragged the whole situation because these were the scenes that we had already seen in the previous episodes.

Farmaan left a mark in the previous episode but then once again he became like a puppet who was willing to do everything that Zubaida would suggest. At one point, he even mentioned leaving Neelam which was a downer because she doesn’t deserve to be used as a scapegoat. Coming to Zubaida & Farman’s conversation, I couldn’t stop wondering how fool Zubaida was & how blindfolded she was due to her one-sided first love. All this while, when she was telling Farmaan about her feelings for Ghazanfar, I felt where has her dignity gone & that ego for which she could sacrifice everything? The flash back & all those scenes of reminiscence were worth a laugh & I couldn’t resist myself because Zubaida looked like someone with no sanity. No doubt, I do blame Ghazanfar for being too sweet & at some point flirtatious with her but then like he said he did all that as a token of sympathy, it was Zubaida herself who mistook his feelings all this while & saw what she wanted to see.

How easily she confessed to Ghazanfar without even thinking for a moment that she was still married to Farmaan. Ghazanfar’s assurance of love & care to Firdous reached to a certain level after he confessed everything in front of Zubaida about how he felt for Firdous & how highly he thinks of her. After that scene I felt Ghanzafar’s silence through out was broken but at a perfect time. He gave Zubaida a reality check & the way Zubaida flipped like a coin was so like her. At that moment I was like this is what Zubaida was good at, scheming & covering herself even when she had nothing left in her hand.

& finally talking about the last scene, once again Farman did what was necessary & supported Neelam because all this while she stood by him & thank God he realized it & mentioned it in front of Zubaida. One doubtful thing was that in the previous episode Farman gave Zubaida only one divorce & now when she came back he mentioned that we can not reconcile as I’ve divorced you. This was a thought provoking mistake because I find it a bit odd that how easily they can manipulate the rules & regulations that have been set in regards to the couple getting divorced.

Essa-Sharmeen got back together, there was no scene of Zubaida’s family too. I would’ve loved to see them having a say on Firdous’s reconciliation with her husband or any other scene of them. & I feel I wouldn’t do justice if I do not mention Riffat here. The drama started with her being a strong supporting role but as the drama progressed her role got sub-sided & overshadowed & by the end it was totally non-existent. All this while she was just seen sitting on a sofa without having much to say about anything. I think they shouldn’t have made her such a low profile as the drama was progressing.

& now last thing from my side would be about Zubaida. I know she was dominant, hard-to-be-with kind of a wife, did not love her husband, had her first love etched in her heart but in the end I felt really sorry for her seeing her ending up like this. Why is it that a man can not handle a strong-headed female? Why is it that a man always wants sati-savitri-gungi type of a wife to live a happy life with? Why is it that a woman needs to make all the sacrifices & if she fails the man can easily walk through her like a doormat & start his own life? Why is it that when a woman openly confesses that she loves someone else (after the husband has deceived her) the husband can not tolerate? No doubt Neelam’s was a positive character but Farman should not have let go of Zubaida because it was Farman who deceived his first wife & got married to Neelam without seeking permission of his wife. Zubaida no doubt deep inside loved Ghazanfar but never took any step that would hurt her husband or her family but it was Farmaan who drove her to this situation. I know many might not agree but when Farman spent 25 years acting according to how Zubaida wanted & all this while he knew that Zubaida had Ghazanfar in her heart, so he could have forgiven this bit of her mistake too. I know she took a very big step & stepped out of the house but why did Farman beg her to stay? Either he should have stood by his decision when he gave her a divorce so that she wouldn’t have come back or he shouldn’t have begged her to stay. I actually disliked Zubaida but after the end I feel absolutely sorry for her because why is it always that a man can not handle a head-strong woman who makes her own decisions? By saying this I am not approving of her going out of the house to be with Ghazanfar but all the other things she did for Farman are worth a consideration.

Anyhow, I feel that Hum TV should for sure conduct a show to appreciate the whole team & should dedicate a show to Bari Appa because it had so much to offer, so much originality & the best of the best characters performed by best actors who will remain with us in our memories for a long long time. We always see Hum TV conducting shows after the most-hyped programs end like Humsafar & Shehr-e-Zaat, so I feel this project named Bari Appa deserves that much of an acknowledgement from the channel too. I thank the whole team starting from the writer to the director to the actors for making this serial what is it today. Going to miss it for sure.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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