Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 17 – Pretty Slow!

It is about time this show ends! It has been dragging for the past few weeks and has completely lost its charm. I fail to understand how Meesha can trust a stranger and go along with him! I liked the show because of its light heartiness and a refreshing concept, but the introduction of the villain Shah Baba has made the story more dramatic. It looks more like a suspense thriller now!

Meesha and Mayer scenes were hilarious! Mayer’s character is the most disappointing character in the show. Wasn’t he supposed to be the Prince Charming? Instead he has turned out be a rich, spoiled brat who complains about everything and instead of taking care of Meesha when they were stuck at the station, he expected Meesha to look after him. He expected Meesha to sort out all the problems as he was too fragile to do anything. Meesha is also in no mood to forgive him for the way he treated her and finally takes her revenge by giving him a tight slap! Her attitude towards him is cold and she leaves no opportunity to taunt him. Way to go Meesha! It was the best scene of the episode for me! Maya Ali has done a very god job and Osman Khalid Butt’s expressions were extremely comical!

Farjad finally got the guts to free Aimee and the duo were seeing running in the forest. Aimee kept on complaining that she was hungry and her wonderful hairstyle made me stare at her with a look of fascination in my eyes. I cannot believe someone can carry such a hairstyle… I mean hair disaster so well! Why is Aimee so cute? Warda Butt has become one of my favorite comedy actors who can never fail to make you laugh. She has also given a brilliant performance in her other show, Ghaoo where she has played the role of a girl who is mentally challenged. She does not seem like a new comer from any angle as she seems so comfortable in front of the camera.

According to Mayer ‘Meesha has changed’. He does not like the change in Meesha as he does not give him importance anymore. He thinks that she has become proud after getting to know that she belongs to a rich family and now does not consider him worthy of herself. You were not worthy of Meesha before either Mayer! Someone like Zaini is the perfect match for you. I hope they get back together and live Happily Never After! Shah Baba has also started playing his games and is trying to convince Meesha to leave Mayer as he is not worthy of her anymore. I hope Meesha leaves Mayer soon!

Roman has come to Meesha’s’ rescue! After hearing everything from Dado, he goes after Meesha to save her from Shah Baba’s evil plans. Roman also helps Aimee and Farjad when they were running from Shah Baba. He helps them by telling them a place to hide. Roman has become the savior of so many people. I hope Meesha finally sees what a wonderful person he is!

The preview for the next episode seems interesting. Roman finally manages to get into Shah Baba’s house. I am waiting for next week now! I hope we get to see a fast paced episode next week and the show is not dragged for more than one or two more episodes. It will be interesting to watch how Roman saves Meesha from Shah Baba.
Keep watching the show!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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  • I love this show. It is so different from all the other heavy melodramatic shows being aired right now. I cannot complain about the pace, because I love it. The guy we thought was Prince Charming is falling apart, & I'm glad Meesha got to witness that. Now she can appreciate Romaan more.
    All the actors, new & vetrens are doing an amazing job. Can't wait for next week.

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