Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 15 – A New Side!

This episode was too much of a drag. Some scenes were not needed at all like all the Zaini scenes and the gardener scene. Not much happened overall in the episode. Zaini is back in Mayer’s life and is trying to create problems between Mayer and Meesha. Mayer is constantly being told that he is in full control of Meesha and would do anything that she says. We saw him getting extremely angry when he heard the same words from Meesha herself. This is the reason why his bubble completely burst when Meesha argued with Bano and he went and slapped her. I was very shocked to see this side of Mayer! He was guilty afterwards and even though Bano told him he did not do anything wrong, he was still very upset.

Bano is still trying to make Meesha’s life miserable by making rules for every second of her day. Bano is finding it impossible to change Meesha. Meesha is still seen socializing with the servants and she even came in a disheveled state in front of Bano’s guest and this embarrassed Bano. She even rejected Meesha’s dream wedding dress. She had always thought that she would wear the dress on her wedding and Bano brutally rejected it and called it a cheap dress. She also did not like the fact that Meesha bargained for the price since it is against her standards. It was the first time Meesha got really upset and she ended up having a fight with Mayer. She actually called him a Mama’s boy. The look on Mayer’s face was hilarious! I couldn’t help but laugh at this scene! Zaini and Meher were seen gloating about the fact that Mayer slapped Meesha. How pathetic!

There was still no progress seen in Roman and Meesha’s relationship. Meesha is still under the impression that Roman has played with her feelings. Roman was happy to see that her behavior with the rest of the people has not changed. She is still the care free, loving, and caring Meesha. Roman noticed that only her attitude with him has changed but he cannot figure out the reason. We also saw a lighthearted scene when Roman and Meesha go for shopping and the shopkeeper thinks they both are the couple! I doubt Meesha will ever change despite Bano’s attempt to change her. Meher was once again seen filing Bano’s ears against Meesha and according to her Meesha has been spoiled by her Dado. Really Meher! Please have a close look at Zaini.

I feel really bad for Aimee who is trapped in a prison by Shah Baba. Poor girl kept on screaming but to no avail. Farjad saw her disheveled state and went back to plead with Shah Baba but he is not ready to release Aimee. Shah Baba has a new plan now! He has decided to go and get Meesha himself and he has every intention of getting her married to Farjad. Farjad did tell him about Meesha’s upcoming wedding but Shah Baba has full intention to get her back at any cost. Qavi Khan is doing a great job as Shah Baba. The negative role is suiting him a lot. Another character I felt bad for is Dado. Zaini is so care less and selfish! She actually forgot to bring Dado’s medicine due to which Dado’s health deteriorated.

The preview for the next episode seems more interesting. Shah Baba has reached Mayer’s house to take Meesha with him. Will Meesha go with him and get trapped? She is clearly not happy with the marriage as she doesn’t want to live with restrictions. She has already lived with restrictions most of her life, thanks to Meher. I hope Roman and Meesha’s misunderstanding clears soon.

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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  • Excellent epi. All the characters hav started to show grey shades in them, well except fr Romaan. Poor dado, poor Aimee, poor Romaan, poor Meesha. I also feel bad fr Mair a little bit coz he is under the influence of his wicked mother.

  • I liked this episode. Yes it was slow but it did move forward. Loved the scenes between Mayer & Meesha. Love their chemistry together.
    We are begining to see that there is more to Mayer than meets the eye. He has a terrible temper that he is not able to control at times.

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