Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 14 – Secrets Revealed!

Finally the secrets have been revealed. I have been waiting for a long time to find out who is Meesha, where had she come from and how is she related to Shah Baba. All the questions were answered in the episode. Meesha is the daughter of Shah Baba’s enemy Sikander and she became a prisoner of Shah Baba after her parents died. She was a lucky charm for Shah Baba’s family and that is why he decided to get his son married to her. But some turn of events led Meesha to escape and she landed up with Saifullah. I was not expecting such a twist at all. It came as a huge surprise to me. Now the only question that needs to be answered is that where does Saifullah fit into all this? How did he know Meesha? Only Dado has the answer to these questions. I hope these questions also get answered soon.

I was relieved to see that Aimee is finally beginning to question things around her as she thinks something is fishy. Shah Baba finally found out the truth about Aimee that she is not Meesha and has in fact, proved unlucky for his family. One bad news after the other came since Aimee had come to live with them. Farjad tries to defend Aimee and tries to save her from Shah Baba’s wrath but all in vain as Shah Baba is not ready to listen to him. I felt really bad for Aimee in this episode. Her naiveté led her into this problem. I hope Farjad is able to help her and she gets released soon.

Meher is still playing her games. She tells Meesha to do the exact opposite of what Bano wants and then fills Bano’s ears against Meesha. She is trying her best to destroy Meesha’s image further in Bano’s eyes. Bano is also completely disappointed with Meesha and is disgusted by Meesha’s manners and ways. She is trying her best to teach Meesha but it seems like an impossible task to change Meesha’s ways. As i said before “It is not easy to tame a lioness”. We saw a few lighthearted scenes in this episode when Meesha makes blunders in front of Bano. Meesha’s character can make you laugh even when she is not trying!

Meher is able to sense that Meesha is not happy and even Mayer asks her that why is she so indifferent to him. Both the time she makes lame excuses to convince both of them. But each time she tries to convince them, the more unconvincing her words seems to be, it is clear that she is still in love with Roman.

The most heart breaking scene of the episode was when Meesha started degrading Roman in front of Mayer when Mayer told her that Roman was the new wedding planner. Her behavior with Roman was beyond rude, and even Roman was unable to understand the reason behind her hate for him. He is extremely hurt by her crude words. She keeps on taunting him time and time again, and Roman listens quietly without uttering a word. Meesha’s words haunt him and he keeps on wondering the reason behind her rude behavior. I could not help but feel bad for him.

Zaini and Mayer became friends again. An interesting turn of event, and it came as a shock to me when Mayer accepted her offer for friendship. Osman Khalid Butt really needs to work on his expressions. It is hard to tell what he is feeling as he usually has the same expression on his face. But overall he is not doing a bad job; you can overlook a few things since it is his first show. Maya Ali leaves one impressed as always and Faizan Khwaja’s eyes speak volumes even when he has no dialogue, one can easily tell what he is feeling. Its a quality which only experienced actors possess!

The preview for the next episode seems pretty shocking. Meesha is seen accusing Bano and Mayer slaps her! Mayer seems extremely angry with her. It will be an interesting episode to watch for sure.

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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