Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 16 – In Wrong Hands

Phew! It’s about time they revealed all the secrets. The show is dragging too much now. Finally all the secrets are out in the open. We already knew about Meesha’s parents from the previous episodes. Her father was a healer who went against Shah Baba and was murdered by him. Now we know how Saifullah came into the picture. Saifullah knew Meesha’s father and had offered him to take her to the city with him. After his death, he somehow managed to take her away from Shah Baba who wanted Meesha to marry his son, Farjad. Interesting! I never could have thought the background story would be like this. Faiza Iftikhar has come up with a brilliant story and these additional parts have made the story even more interesting.

We saw Shah Baba finally coming to Mayer’s house to take Meesha with him. He convinced everyone of his web of lies that he is related to Meesha and wants to give her her share of inheritance. Meesha was at first reluctant to go with him but Mayer was able to convince her as he told her that if she goes, no one would be able to point fingers at her family background. This made Meesha agree but she still sought Dado’s permission but thanks to Zaini, she could not even meet Dado. Meesha is in serious trouble now as Shah Baba will force her to marry Farjad and the hoity toity Mayer would not be able to save her. Mayer already smells something is fishy about Shah Baba. Personally, I have started to seriously dislike his character. First, he raised his hand at Meesha and now we got to see the spoiled brat side of him. He expects Meesha to simply forget about the slap after his so called apology by which he managed to make Meesha even more upset. Well Mayer, Meesha does not forgive anyone so easily! She wants to give him the same treatment that he gave her. Way to go Meesha!

Roman will surely be Meesha’s savior. Dado has revealed everything to him and now he is the last hope to save Meesha from the evil clutches of Shah Baba! I hope he reaches in time to save Meesha. Bano’s attitude towards Meesha has completely changed after she got to know Meesha’s family background. Previously, Meesha did not meet her standards and she could not digest her son marrying a girl like her. But now it is enough for her to know that Meesha belongs to a rich family to change her opinion. Now according to her “Mayer and Meesha are soul mates”. How pathetic!

The person who was the most shocked by this news was Meher. She could not digest the fact that Meesha could belong to such a rich family. She now regrets all the words she had said to Saifullah, and blames Dado for not telling them about this before. Thanks to Zaini’s carelessness, Dado is in a very bad state. She made Roman promise that he would take care of Meesha and bring her back safely.

Roman finally raised his voice and told a big ‘NO’ to Surraiya. He clearly told her that he would never marry her. It’s about time he stopped being black mailed by her. She finally kicked him out of her house and he is now free to go wherever he wants. Another scene worth mentioning is of Aimee and Farjads’. Farjad finally gathered the guts to release Aimee from the prison. Warda Butt once again gave a brilliant performance. She is very talented and has the potential to go very far.

The show has revealed its climax now the ending is near and you wouldn’t want to miss a single episode! How will Roman save Meesha from Shah Baba now? I can’t wait for the next episode!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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