Daagh Episode 16 – The Annoying Obedience!

We saw new twists and turns in this episode. Amazing performances by Sana Askari and Meher Bano! They both have played their roles brilliantly and it gets better with each episode. Fahad Mustafa was also superb as usual! Deeba has made every possible attempt to make Umama’s life miserable and Umama stands her rude behavior and cruelty silently to maintain the peace in the house. Umama’s never ending patience and obedient behavior seems surreal at times. Does people like Umama still exists in our society? She is fulfilling all the demands of Deeba without uttering a single word or complaining. Umama’s over obedient nature is managing to irk me now!

Aqeela’s behavior towards Umama has changed yet again. Deeba has won her over yet again through the means of her money. Deeba is also trying to win over Murad by her money. She just cannot stand Umama helping him during his financial crises and she herself gave him 35 lakhs. That’s a lot of money! Murad is completely in debt now and is grateful to Deeba for her help. Now he is bound by the debt and has to stand Deeba’s rude behavior towards him and his family quietly. However, he cannot stand Deeba’s rude behavior with his daughters and I was glad to see that he still speaks up against Deeba when she mistreats them. Umama seems happy and satisfied that Murad always protect his daughters. Umama does not speak up for her own rights but when it comes to her daughters she always speaks up.

Aqeela’s sudden change in attitude towards Deeba was a complete disappointment. She immediately forgave Deeba for all her rude words and treatment when she helped Murad financially. She does not even feel ashamed to ask Umama to do all of Deeba’s chores. Umama is practically treated like a servant in the house and Murad never notices or cares. Deeba ordered Umama to pick up all the dishes when her friends came and Umama did everything quietly. How pathetic!

Umama was seen at the constant beck and call of Deeba when she was expecting. Her burden further increased as she had to fulfill every demand of Deeba at the behest of her mother in law. Deeba did not lift a finger and Umama was seen looking after everybody. Murad is tired of Deeba’s rude behavior but his hands are bound by the debt and by his wish for a son. Will Murad’s attitude towards his daughters change when he gets a son? Will he able to do justice with Umama and her daughters? How long will Umama be able to stand this treatment from everybody in the house? So many questions need to be answered. Hope we get all the answers soon.

The highlight of the episode was the father daughter bonding. Murad still loves his daughters and it was a delight to see him spending some quality time with them. I personally love his eldest daughter. She is so mature for her age. She takes care of everybody around her; her younger sisters, her mother and father as well as her Dadi. Umama’s upbringing reflects in her behavior. Her acting is superb! It is really not easy to make a child artist act unless there is natural talent in them and this young girl has a lot of talent. It is refreshing to see new faces of child artists as it was tiring to see the old faces in every other serial.

The drama is nearing towards its end. I am eagerly waiting to see what happens next in this serial! Will things get worse for Umama now? Will she lose Murad’s support too?

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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