Daagh Episode 22 Review – Nearing Towards Its End!

This show is nearing towards its end and we got to see remorse in Aqeela and a bit in Murad too. Aqeela is regretting her decision of getting Murad married to Deeba, she has now realized that her desire for grandsons had led her and her son’s life into misery. She cannot help but remember her sweet granddaughters who used to take care of her despite her rude and nonchalant attitude towards them. She is now realizing how well Umama had trained her daughters and what an obedient and caring daughter in law she was. I wish she would have realized this earlier then a lot of lives would not have been affected by her haste decision.

Murad came to his senses when he heard about Nimra’s accident. He came running to the hospital and completely broke down when he saw Nimra on the hospital bed. The way he cried showed that he regretted leaving his daughters and he still loved them a lot. Nimra’s accident managed to bring Murad and Umama closer once again, as the saying goes that children are the binding thread for parents. They can keep their differences aside for their children and this is what we saw Murad and Umama doing in this situation. Murad stayed at Umama’s house for the whole night and they were finally civil to each other.

I felt bad to see Umama going through a financial crisis after she had lost the job. She is finding difficult to care for her daughters alone and calls Mushtaq to help her find a tenant but the cold reply she got from her Phupho clearly indicated that she is not going to get help from them either. Since Mushtaq spoke to her mother about Umama and his willingness to marry her, her attitude towards Umama had changed. It was kind of predictable since Umama is still married and she has 4 daughters with her too. Mushtaq is trying to help Umama but he needs to understand that she is still a married woman and it is extremely wrong to think of her as his future wife.

Nimra’s accident was the highlight of the episode. I personally think that Meher Bano over acted a little during the accident scene and there was something definitely wrong with her expressions in a few scenes. The scene where she rushes to her house because her kids are alone was a bit exaggerated. But overall, Meher Bano has done a very good job as an actor in this show. Fahad Mustafa was just outstanding in the scene where he cries in the hospital! For me, that was the best scene of the episode as we could see emotions like worry, regret, and relief all at the same time!

The bad editing was a bit annoying as they showed the morning scene where Deeba gets to know about Murad spending the whole night at Umama’s house and in the next scene they show that its night and Murad is asking Umama if he can stay at her place for the night! I am sure many of you would have noticed this because it was very obvious.
Deeba once again managed to irk me with her behavior. She seems mentally unstable at times with her cold attitude and child like behavior. She will definitely do something now that she knows where Murad was the whole night. I am curious to know what will happen in the last episode. Will Murad finally leave Deeba and bring Umama back to his house? Will he finally realize all his faults and see Deeba’s true face? This show has been a roller coaster ride for me and I am really looking forward to its last episode!
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Mariam Shafiq


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  • Deeba's true face??? are you kidding me .? He knew deeba as his cousin and then she proved herself to be a nasty person several times before but Murad is still "unsure" ??? Deeba is not the villain it is MUrad .

    • He knows her true face but chooses to ignore it because she is the mother of his 'sons'!
      I just want him to come out of his bubble and see what is right and what is wrong! He needs to realize how wrong he did to Umama and her daughters.