Daagh Episode 18 – Height of Insensitvity!

I have no words after watching this heart breaking episode. I have no respect left for Murad after this episode. He finally spilled to Umama what was in his heart all this time.

“Tumne mujhe aj tak diya hee kiya hai siwaye 4 betiyon ke, Deeba ne mujhe mere waris, mere bête diye hai”

The heart wrenching cries of Umama after hearing these words made me switch the channel. Meher Bano’s acting was spot on! Murad finally voiced out the one thing she dreaded to hear the most. Umama was quiet as long as her daughters were given their rights but now Murad’s attitude towards his daughters has changed drastically after the arrival of his two precious soon; Azher and Waleed.

Deeba has become adamant on making Umama and her daughters’ life miserable. Her tactics are extremely annoying and cheap. First, she kicked the kids out of their own room as she wanted the room for Azher and Waleed. Then she told Murad to shift the 4 of them upstairs in a store like room and if this wasn’t enough she wrongly blamed Hira for dropping her son purposely which led to an argument between Deeba and Umama and resulted in Murad slapping Umama! This was the last straw and Umama’s patience completely gave away and she moved back to her father’s house.
This time she told everything to her father about how she was being treated in the house and he supported her and her decision. At least she can live peacefully there. I really hope she does not go back after this humiliation. Murad has completely become Deeba’s personal puppet and does everything that she asks. She asked Murad to transfer the house to her son’s name and he agreed despite Umama’s protest. I could not help but laugh at the irony of the situation when I saw Murad tailing after Deeba. Previously, Deeba followed Murad and he did not pay heed to her and now Murad is completely at Deeba’s mercy.

The only person in the house who still values and cares about Umama is Rehana. The main reason for her concern is because she is indebted to her as she gave her the child she always craved for. Rehana tried a lot to make Murad realize his mistake but it was all to no avail as he did not pay any heed to her words. I loved Rehana’s dialogue when Murad said that Umama will regret leaving the house and she bluntly told him ‘Kahi pachtana tumhe hee na parh jaye’. This dialogue brought a huge smile to my face. Murad and his selfish mother will definitely regret the way they have treated Umama. Rehana also tried to make Murad realize that Deeba is not capable of providing a good upbringing to his sons, only Umama can do that. So true! Her upbringing is brilliant and it reflects in her daughters.

Here we go again! Whenever Aqeela feels like she cannot do the house chores alone anymore, she remembers Umama. How pathetic! She only sees Umama as a working machine with no feelings and emotions. How insensitive can people get? She wants Umama back in the house so that she would do all the work 24/7 while she lays back and get some rest. Umama has become nothing but a scape goat for everybody! Its time she realizes her own value and leaves these selfish, good for nothing people. I hope she takes Atiqa’s advice and start her studies again and stand on her own feet. It is about time she learns to live without the support of others.

Fahad Mustafa never fails to disappoint me with his superb acting. The character of Deeba suits Sana Askari perfectly. Her acting is so convincing that I cannot help but hate Deeba from the bottom of my heart! She can do positive as well as negative roles perfectly and this is one quality which few actors possess. I really hope Umama does not return to that torture house! I am eager to know what happens next. I really hope we get to see Murad and Aqeela regretting their behavior soon.
Keep watching to find out what happens next!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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  • I wish Murad would just die or get swallowed into the ground, same for Deeba! Ahaha! I can't wait to see how he realises his mistakes. I felt so bad for Hira, such a sweetheart and Murad was horrible to her. I hope people realise that it doesn't matter what you end up with, be it a girl or boy they both deserve equal importance and love. Having a son doesn't mean you will get a world of happiness, but by putting a girl child down you are definitely ruining you akhira.

  • People like Murad need to remember that they are the son of a mother and a mother is also a daughter. All daughters deserve to be loved and Murad's character is so blind in the love of his sons that he disregards all of Deeba's disrespectful and despicable actions.