Daagh Last Episode – A Beautiful Ending!

Daagh finally came to its end this week and in my view it was a brilliant serial. All the actors especially Fahad Mustafa, Meher Bano, Sana Askari, Yasra Rizvi, Shama Askari have given their best in this show. And most importantly the director, Sarmat Khoosat has outdone himself by the beautiful portrayal of this story. He turned an ordinary and common story into a masterpiece by his beautiful direction. Honestly, when I first started watching this serial I did not expect much from it as the story is a very common one and dramas have been made on similar concepts many a times in the past. But somehow when I started watching it, it kept me hooked throughout. There were some points where the story seemed dragged but it never discouraged me from watching one episode after the other.

There is a lesson in this story for all those people out there who consider daughters inferior to sons and condemn them. Sadly, not only illiterate but many literate people are seen blaming the woman for having daughters when it is scientifically proved that a woman has nothing to do with the gender of the child. This story told us how a man’s obsession for sons ruined his life and how he paid for the injustice done by him to his wife and daughters. There is a lesson for us in the story and I hope it reaches out to people far and wide.

I was excited to see the last episode and I must say it did not disappoint me. We saw how Umama and her daughters’ life finally became better overtime and how their lives improved after they came out of their financial crises. I loved the scene when Umama asked her daughters if they would stand beside her through the worst situations and the innocent reply they gave. They had finally given up all hope on Murad and wanted to stand on their own feet now.

‘Hosakhta Hai Mein Apko Nayee Bag Na Dila Sakun, Aur Yeh Bhi Hosakhta Hai Ke Apko Bread And Jam Khana Parhe, Kiya Ap Phir Bhi Mera Saath Doge?’

This was such a heart wrenching dialogue spoken by Umama to her daughters and her daughters assured her that they would always be by her side and would never complain. I simply loved the mother daughter bonding!

I really felt bad for Azhar and Waleed as they did not deserve to be punished for their parents’ deeds. Okay, so I personally love the two babies who play Azhar and Waleed and whenever they are on screen I am busy ogling them so I felt even worse when I got to know of their condition. Murad wanted sons and now he has two sons who are not mentally stable, he rejected the 4 healthy and normal daughters just because they were daughters and the nature ended him up with his much beloved sons who would never be normal. Well, this is what we call Karma!

Deeba finally realizes her mistake and so does Aqeela and they both ask Murad to go and bring back Umama. I was happy to see Aqeela regretting her decision of getting Murad married to Deeba in the first place. If we come to think of it, Murad would not have been encouraged to marry if it was not for her. Murad finally goes to get Umama back but Umama refuses and says the most beautiful dialogues:

“Mein Apni Bachion Ko Apni Zaat Per Mukamal Yakeen Kerke Jeena Sikhana Chahti Hun,

Unko Is Baat Ka Ehsaas Dilana Chahti Hun Ke Who Mukamal Insaan Hai, Kisi Se Kamtar Nahi”

“Auraat Hone Unke Liyeh Kabile Faqr Hai Na Ke Kaabil e Nadamat”

daagh 1

All I wanted to do was to clap for Umama when she said these dialogues! These are one beautiful set of dialogues that stole my heart and the respect for Umama in my eyes increased tenfold. She no longer wants to rely on anyone and has decided to look after her daughters herself and she did not want her daughters to feel that their father accepted them a last resort, when he had no other choice left!

The last five minutes after this scene were beautifully directed as we got to see full blown remorse by Murad. He was helpless now just like Umama had been before and he could not do anything now but regret his unjustified behavior whereas Umama was finally seen happy and the show ended on her self satisfied smile. I wish every woman would try to be as strong as Umama!

daagh 2

A special mention for the beautiful OST of this show sung by Alycia Dias which always managed to uplift all the emotional scenes by its beautiful tune and lyrics. Sarwat Nazir has brilliantly penned down a common story in a very unique way and hats off to her for that. I will surely miss this show! I hope we get to see more shows with lessons for the audiences in the future too.

Thank you all for reading the reviews! What are your views on the last episode? Do share them!

Mariam Shafiq



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