Daagh Episode 17- Injustice!

Finally, Murad and Aqeela’s wish came true as Deeba gave birth to not one, but two sons. Can things get better for Murad and worse for Umama? Umama had never wished ill for anyone despite everyone’s’ intolerable behavior towards her but she could not help but get sad after hearing news of the twin sons. She could not help but complain to God that if he wanted to give Murad sons then why not from her? I felt extremely bad for her and I got even sadder thinking that many women in our society face similar situations. It is extremely upsetting to see that despite being so educated people still have such orthodox views.

Unfortunately, there are still people in our society who discriminate between sons and daughter and Murad is shown as one such character. He is the most disappointing character in this show for me. At first, it seemed like he cared about his daughters but now we can see a totally different side of him. He did not even care when Umama told him that his daughter Fiza was unwell. Instead of taking her to the doctor, he chose to take Deeba to the doctor and then they were seen shopping for their unborn sons while Umama was worried about her daughter’s worsening condition. Umama was aware of the fact that she had been replaced in Murad’s life but she seemed satisfied to see that Murad still cared about his daughters, but now even that illusion is broken. Umama’s mother in law also showed no concern for her daughter. How indifferent can people get!

Murad’s change of attitude is very hard to digest. I cannot believe that this is the same Murad who loved Umama so much. Umama still never complains about Deeba’s demanding behavior and her servant like treatment towards her. Murad has just become a selfish person and only cares about his sons. He even puts up with the annoying and demanding attitude of Deeba for the sake of his sons. I literally clenched my teeth when he got angry and told Umama to stop competing with Deeba when she told him to keep his daughters’ Aqeeqa with Azhar and Waleed’s Aqeeqa. But I was really glad to see that Umama and her daughters did not go to the Aqeeqa as a form of retaliation. One of the best scenes of the episode for me was Atiqa and Umama’s conversation. Atiqa was trying to console Umama and was telling her to be patient and be thankful to God for whatever he has bestowed on you because there are a lot of people in the world who are not blessed with a single child. It is easy to advice someone to be patient in such a situation but very hard to implement. (rockstarjackets.com)

Umama is slowly realizing that she made a huge mistake giving Soha to Rehana because her sacrifice did not bear any fruit. Murad still got married again and she was not able to make a place in her mother in law’s heart either. Umama is still tolerating all the injustice done to her but for how long? She is on the verge of a mental breakdown and her anger and frustration is now visible to her daughters and it will also affect their lives. Will the situation ever get better for Umama?

Meher Bano was the star of this episode! I have no words after seeing her wonderful performance in this episode. The pain and emotional trauma was depicted perfectly by her. Her expressions, dialogue delivery and timing were just perfect!

Do keep watching this wonderful show!


Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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