Mera Pehla Pyar Episode 13 – 15 – Review

Sorry for the long gap but I’m back with Mera Pehla Pyar reviews. Episodes 13-15 had some stuff going on, especially the 10 last ten minutes of episode 15. We start with Episodes 13 and 14, in which Taha and family decide to take a vacation to take Hira’s mind off of the divorce and the neglect by her mother. Taha also invites Maira and Bilal on the trip. Bilal is actually happy and wants to go. I felt sorry for him when he said that he thought all men were like his father. Can’t imagine what such kids go through. They all actually end up going on vacation and having a good time. Maira and Taha seemed perfect as parents and were really acting like a couple. Bilal and Hira fought like siblings, making it an actual family. Coincidentally enough (or maybe not) Ayesha was also there to shoot for her movie and saw them together. She gets jealous and takes her anger out on the director (clearly she hasn’t grown up still). After they all return from vacation, one morning while driving Maira notices that she is being followed. She recognizes the guy to be someone who used to be friends with her ex-husband Irfan. She justifiably freaks our and calls Taha when she gets home. He tells her to pack up as her and Bilal are coming with his to his house, where he can protect them. Of course Maira agrees and they are off to Taha’s and episode 14 ends there.

Here’s my question…does that not sound weird? I know that his intentions are well and he even has the support of his parents. Actually it’s a very smooth transition, but honestly, does it sound normal that your girlfriends from 12 years ago is in trouble and you automatically invite her and her son to come stay at your house. Couldn’t they have stayed at a hotel nearby? I mean I realize why this was done, but to me it all seemed strange.

Episode 15 starts out with Taha requesting Hira to be nice to Bilal while these guys are there and of course Hira says ok, but these two are always fighting going forward. Once at the office Taha is distracted and can’t find a file. Zara reminds him that he took it home with him. He then tells Zara about what happened to Maira and that’s why he is distracted…and of course Maira over reacts. Apparently it is her birthday and she even wore a new suit that Taha didn’t notice…nor did he remember that it was her birthday. Dear Zara, take a bloody hin!!! This guy doesn’t even remember your birthday!! She even tells Ziad that she is in love with Taha and would never fall for someone like him (Ziad). Of course Ziad relays this to Maira who is now feeling insecure as she suddenly decides to leave Taha’s place. Aisa lagta hai sab pagal hain! Ziad also tells Taha this who then talks to Zara about this. OK, another thing I don’t get. In most of their scenes, Taha and Zara are always in the privacy of his office, but today when Taha rejects Zara and they are having that conversation, why are they standing in the middle of the hall way? Of course after Taha is ‘samjhaeing’ Zara, she understands and says yes to Ziad.

The last 10 minutes of episode 15 were probably the most important. Zara says yes to Ziad, Hira and Bial on their own decides to never fight again as they will miss each other if Bilal leaves, and last but obviously not the least, Taha proposes to Maira.

Mera Pehla Pyar began with such promise…it was fresh, it kept me waiting each week to find out what happens, but somehow the story seemed to have gotten lost in the last few episodes and came back in the last 10 minutes of episode 15. Acting wise, no complaints at all (although I could have done without seeing Maira sleeping with so much make-up even in so much tension). The script sometimes is fantastic and other times it feels like someone completely different has written some parts, and that is the biggest problem. No consistency. Lets see what happens in episode 16.

Sheeba Khan.

Fatima Awan

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