Mera Pehla Pyar Episode 9 – Review

Episode 9 continues with University life. Ziad is trying to get Taha to talk to Maira about him and Taha is clearly hesitant because he too has feelings for Maira. However being the good friend Taha is, he talks to Maira and she was under the impression that Taha would confess his feelings for her. Maira, completely disregarding Ziad, professes her feelings for Taha, reiterating that looks are nothing in front of good manners and kindness. Taha is clearly happy that the feelings are mutual. Bechara Ziad though…upon hearing this, he decides to settle for Ayesha.

Speaking of Ayesha, I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone more selfish then her even in real life. She doesn’t even want Taha to attend the same University as her, but as soon as she finds out that 1) he is always seen with Maira and 2) that these two will be performing together at the farewell party, she wants him to perform with him. I was aghast at the way she gave an ultimatum to Taha that he hasn’t signed any Nikah papers with Maira, take his name off the list and perform with her. Well madam, he did sign Nikah papers with you and look where it got him!! On top of that she still is the same selfish Ayesha. She thinks they are all trying to keep Hira away by not taking her calls. She clearly has no shame is admitting “ek to mein itna kam phone karti hoon Hira se baat karne…” UGH! I haven’t yet met a mother like her and I hope I never do.

The university life flashback ends when Maira doesn’t show up for the farewell party. Taha was apparently telling Hira about Aunty Maira and university life. Hira is sad that ‘Romeo aur Juliet ka drama adhoora reh gaya.” Why would you want a complete Romeo and Juliet drama? Doesn’t she know that they both die at the end? Khaire, Hira tells Dado that she heard the story of Maira Aunty that grandpa was also in it. Dado asks grandpa and he reminds her that ‘aap ki wajeh se Taha ne Maira ka haath chor ke Ayesha ka haath pakra.” Here is my question though. If Maira never showed up for the farewell and Taha never heard from heer again, when did Taha leave her for Ayesha? Did I miss something? Anyways, Dado decides to help Hira find Maira Aunty. She also wants Taha to get married again; a thought to which he adamantly contests.

We also see Zara in this episode. Apparently she needs to go home and her car is broke. Taha offers to take since he forgot his laptop. The plan is to swing by Taha’s then Zara’s and then come back to the office. Zara meets Hira and Aunty for the first time and tries to score points with Hira.  I know this is mean, but I enjoyed Hira’s attitude towards Zara. Aunty ne bhi aunties wali he baat k waise…shadi hui hai? Nahi, per abhi tak kyoon nahi hui? Way to completely invade someone’s privacy…and that too when you are meeting them for the first time.  Dear Desi Aunties, please learn to respect people’s privacy…Thank You! I’m glad Hira didn’t like Zara either J. She is again trying way to hard and that too after getting rejected so badly.

The episode ends with Dado and Hira going to meet Dado’s friend. As they are going up the stairs in the apartment complex, Hira sees Maira come down and recognizes her. It was a nice and light episode. I like Hira and Dada’s comical moments when she asks him ke Aunty feroza ka kya chakkar hai.” The relationship between Hira and her grandparents is a treat to watch. Dado is really doing her best to be a mother figure in Hira’s life and is succeeding well. I wish divorced families are watching this and learning a lesson as to how to deal with the kids and raise them in a positive atmosphere. As always all the characters have performed fabulously, however Sheheryar Zaidi and Laila Zuberi were my favorite in this episode. Again, well done Team Mera Pehla Pyar!!

Sheeba Khan.

Fatima Awan

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