Tanhaiyaan Nayee Silsilay Episode 10 – Kabaacha You Are Adorable!

Kabaacha is too cute and adorable for words and I may have said this before but I have to say it again that only Behroz Sabzwari could have done such a brilliant job of portraying such a difficult character. Kabaacha may love Saniya a lot but he is not selfish, he wants Saniya to be happy even if it means she marries Iftikhar. Kabaacha may have many flaws but I have to say Saniya is truly blessed to have someone like him to love her; I would really like it if Saniya has a change of heart and the two live happily ever after. Although for now all this seems next to impossible.

It was so good to see Faraan uncle resolving Kabaacha’s problems and even nicer to see him ignoring Saniya’s lies which she is telling so that she could avoid the marriage. Saniya is trying her best to convince her family that she actually wants to marry Iftikhar but no one is being fooled although they are playing along with it all.

Zeenia is still not sure whether she wants to stay in Pakistan or not and I absolutely love Zarak’s attitude. He is optimistic and has faith in his love for Zeenia. He is most certainly one of his kind too, very liberal but also much attached to his country. Zarak’s life takes an ugly turn in today’s episode and the moment I heard the news, I started wondering how Zeenia would react to it. She is already so scared of staying in Pakistan and after such an incident she will be even more convinced that this country is not the safest place to live in. or will she decide to stay by Zarak’s side now that he needs her the most? For now Zeenia’s biggest concern is Zarak’s safety but what Zarak had to say in response to Zeenia’s question was not at all like him. I would not expect someone so positive to even think about taking someone’s life; I have a feeling that his plan does not include killing anyone.

Kishmish finds out Kabaacha’s “masterpiece” and shared the details with Serena instantly. The scene in which he tells his father about the ‘script’ was too cute. I find it hilarious the way Kabaacha can never figure these things out; like the time he was wondering just how Faraan uncle knew that his love life was in trouble and won’t tell him the name of the girl he loved! Kabaacha is one person who never bores me and I would like to see Behroze Sabzwari doing more comedy roles.

This latest episode had bits and pieces of everyone’s life, like all the previous episodes and I really enjoyed watching each of these characters on screen. The part where Iftikhar tells Saniya how someone told everyone about the marriage via facebook was also very interesting. I am waiting to find out how Zarak avenges his parents’ and uncle’s death and now I am really into the Zarak/Zeenia track as well, hoping that Zeenia will accept Zarak and living in the country whole heartedly.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

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  • really this drama is like a breath of fresh air. qabacha is just the same old Qabacha :) ,Faran uncle's character portrayal is very effective, very natural.well done Qazi wajid . good review Fatima:)

    • Thank you Mrs. Asim, yes I am really enjoying TNS too. All the actors are doing a commendable job.

  • Fatima review is good as always…kabacha is so innocent.
    fatima you know serena and kishmish got best jori award for 2012 by tvkahani.

    Fatima, i found two youtube channels for subbed pakistani dramas. I thought to share it with you one is veslam2009 and another is is new, created by pakistanidrama(facebook page).

    • Thank you for liking the review and sharing the links. We are hoping that youtube will be unblocked in Pakistan soon.

  • this drama brought my childhood back….. n i miss my Pink Panther…… i also had it….. Thanks TNS team…..

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