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Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 7 – Love Is In The Air!

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay has given us some of the cutest characters and I can’t help but fall in love with them. It is a simple and honest story that helps me unwind on a Saturday night. Every character is different from the other but equally adorable. Kishmish se kisi ki pareshani dekhi nahi jati and the way he tried to help Serena out was too sweet. I don’t blame Serena for falling for this young gentleman; even with all his flaws he is very likeable indeed. Shehroz Sabzwari has done complete justice to his character and whoever chose him to play this role made a very wise choice. Chandni has definitely grown on me and I enjoyed the bickering between Chandi and Bibi. I must agree with Bibi it must be very painful for Chandni to stay quiet even for a few seconds! The two have a love-hate relationship and I can totally relate to Bibi’s character, that is how most people get in their old age. No one that age would have the patience for someone like Chandni.

The Mona-Serena scenes were also a treat to watch today; the dialogues were brilliant and so was the direction and acting. Serena maybe like Sanya in many ways but unlike Sanya she does not seem like the kind of girl who would wait forever to find the perfect man. In fact Serena is obsessed with Sanya khala’s shadi and Sanya won’t hear of it. The scene on the dinner table was very well-done too. TNS has a very sitcom feel to it and half of the credit goes to the script and the direction. Everyone in this play has such an eventful life, I feel like my own life is very grim compared to theirs!

Zeenia is finally warming up to Zarak; well the poor guy has worked hard enough, so that is well deserved. The way the two sisters have a heart to heart conversation at night is also another thing that is so relatable. I am sure all sisters who share a bedroom have these conversations before sleeping. Zeenia and Serena may argue all the time but the fact is that they cannot do without each other.

Behroze Sabzwari is absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed all his disguises and his repeated attempts to get close to Sanya. It does not seem likely that Sanya will ever accept Kabacha’s proposal but I really do wish that the two end up together! So, how many marriages will take place in this sequel? I can’t help but wonder. Kabacha is a man on a mission and something tells me that he will be able to achieve what he is working on. He maybe simple but he is also very smart.

Zarak Khan has much more to his credit than what appears on the surface and the traditions of his family were nicely portrayed too. The young man has a lot going for him so in my opinion Zeenia should not even think twice now!

Today’s episode revolved around all the “girls” (young and old, after all they are all girls at heart). The episode ended on an exciting note and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of TNS. These are Naye Silsilay for sure and I have no reason to complain. I must appreciate the way Mohammad Ahmed has taken the story forward and Marina Khan has done a very good job with the direction.


Fatima Awan.