Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay Episode 12 – The Secret Is Out

Dilon mei jo phul khile unhe chupanay nahi chahyeh….Waada torne se agr dosti bachti ho, koye kasam torne se agur zindagi bachti ho tu sochna nahi chahyeh.

Wow what beautiful and moving dialogues, it was like listening to heart warming poetry and they were delivered perfectly by Asif Raza Mir in particular. This was a moving episode right from the very first fiery scene till the end. Zerena’s confrontation with her father revealed the secret in the box and it was no surprise that the box contained Zara’s pictures and memories. The reason Zain held the box so close to him was that he never got over the guilt he felt because of how he did not work on his relationship with Zara and also because he still loved Zara dearly. Now we know the reason behind Zeenia’s cold and very often offensive attitude towards Zain. Zara who was very afraid of living alone was left to deal with everything on her own with no relatives to rely on. Even if Zara had relatives around she was not the one to depend on anyone. Zara did not learn anything from the mistakes she committed in the past and that is the reason she kept herself distant even from Sanya because Zara always depended on her own self for resolving her problems and until those problems got resolved she shut herself from the world. When Zain told everyone that Zara started taking anti depressants without prescription, my first instinct was how was that possible and Faraan uncle asked that question too. So who was it in Pakistan who was sending Zara the pills?

Serena was mostly away from home so all of what Zain told everyone was completely new to her. And that has to be the reason why she stayed so carefree and bubbly, ignorance is bliss. Zerena saw her mother going through such a difficult time and also saw the way her father treated her therefore she was right in not being able to forgive Zain. But at the same time Zeenia never shared any of this with Serena, which just goes to show how much she loves her sister. She did not want Serena to be affected by what was happening in the house. Zeenia only saw the fights between her parents but never knew about her mother’s medical condition, so she did not know just how hard her father fought to get Zara treated.

Zain’s conversation with Sanya brought tears to my eyes. Asif Raza Mir and Marina Khan both were absolutely brilliant today. Zain’s love for Zara and the way he explained everything was beautifully scripted. Zeenia finally realizes what her father went through and how wrong she was in doubting him. I just hope that Zeenia does not commit the same mistake that Zara did and manages to put her feelings for Zarak before her ego.

The Serena/Kishmish meeting was directed to perfection; the rose petals on the floor and the conversation that followed brought a smile to my face like always. Syra Yusef and Shehroz Sabzwari share amazing chemistry and I am hoping we will be getting to see more of them in the future too. But I must also say that no one can beat Sanya and Kabaacha. Sanya’s emergency fiancé backfired and Kabacha was relieved to know that he still had a chance. Will Sanya have a change of heart? Although I cannot imagine these two being married but I really want to see Kabaacha happy. His love for Sanya is so pure and innocent.

I must say that this was my most favorite episode of TNS, it was wonderfully written, very well directed and brilliantly acted out by everyone. Kudos to the entire team of TNS for a job well done. I am really looking forward to a happy ending.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

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  • hmm..u hv said everything which i felt while waching this episode.superbly directed.for the first tym i really loved zeenia s acting at opening scene..all the actors hv done fab job.i wish alishba yousuf could get the chance of working with more experienced actor opposite her.

    • Aimen I am glad we felt the same way about this episode:) You are absolutely right; the acting, script & direction , everything was flawless.

  • agree with u on each and every point, I have no words to parise this review so, thank u Fatima:) from the very start, each new episode of this play is good to better to best.

    • Thank you Mrs. Asim, you are the sweetest. I am really going to miss TNS, only one more episode to go:)

  • It was a very touching episode and everyone brought their A game. I am also looking forward to a happy ending! Can't wait to see Serena/Kishmish and Sanya/Kabacha pairs getting married!

    I love how concise your review are Fatima. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much Nadia for liking the review and for conmenting:) yes time to get everyone married now.

  • Spot on review! Very nice episode! Love love love the back and forth between Saniya and Qabacha! Behroze Sabzwari is amazing!

    • Thank you Sara , you are absolutely right no one could have pulled off such a tricky character with so much ease other than Behroz Sabzwari.

  • I love Tanhaiyan and I dearly wish that in this sequel, Sania and Qabacha should get married. Agree fans? Nice article

  • BHT BHT AALA episode th start me to bht rona aya pr baad me dubara set ho gya.serena r iltatmish ka scene bht mze ka tha.really awesome drama

  • Really disappointed with the episode. I loved the original Tanhanyian & Hated that Zara & zain's life was not a happy one. After everything Zara went through in her life she deserved better . I wish that the new Tanhanyian team had taken a different approach

  • Zabardast review Fatima finally the secret is revield and it all makes so much sence I just don't get it why some people are against TNS I am just loving it and its the best drama of all the dramas that are air these days. All character acted very well expressions were gr8 and very well scripted and well directed. I was waiting for your episode's 11th review but I think you were not able to write that but I am glad you wrote this review which forced me to watch it after midnight. I am sad now the last episode will come I am gonna miss TNS big time.

    • I am glad you decided to watch this episode UAg since it was the best one so far. Yes I am going to miss TNS too but so looking forward to the next episode.

  • lekin me tmhare abu ko pasand nh na aun ga . kyu …? kyu nh ao gy pasand aga mje pasand ho to ……………………………. han bs yhe sunna tha .uf kitne maze se iqrar krwaya hy.

  • VER ,VERY nice Review ,even i always like ur reviews :=),,,but now this saturday it will the last episode of Tanhayaan,…but i still didnt understand whts the theme behind the story :??? ,Tanhyaan naye silsilay is not very much impreesive as compare to origional :

  • TNS proved to be an uttter disappointent.. its even more heart breaking that it was pulled off from the likes of marina and behroze… they ruined my memories of tanhiyan, I am neva gonna forgive them….. srslyyyy!!!!!!

    • So mahi why did u let ur self to ruin ur memorey.u strongly shouldn't watch this sequal.according to me u r doing unjustice with actors whom put their efforts ,writer who's dialougs were amazing and off course director who tried her levelled best to make this plz don't watch this and let me enjoy cuz I don't want to be unfair

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