Tanhaiyaan Nayee Silsilay Episode 6 – Simple And Sweet

There wasn’t much development in the story in today’s episode but it had quite a few scenes that made me laugh and one scene in particular which was very moving. The scene when Serena and Zain are having a heart-to-heart conversation with each other right after Zeenia once again makes her father feel like he has never been a good father or husband. I simply love the faith Serena has in her dad and when Zain said “mujhe tum se batein kur ke aik dafa phir apne aap pe yakeen aa jata hai”, I could feel his pain. It happens so often with everyone of us when people who we love make us feel like we are not good enough or that we don’t give our relationships our best. It seems like Zain and Zara had a rocky relationship. Was it that Zara was very possessive about Zain and they fought a lot because of that? That is what I gathered from all the conversations regarding Zain and Zara today. Zeenia says to Zain that he used to shout at his mother like he was shouting at her and that Zara never liked it that Zain worked with women. Zeenia’s stubbornness and her attitude not just towards her father but also towards her sister and everyone else around her is getting to me. Serena lives life to the fullest but is sensitive and caring at the same time. While I understand that Zeenia is still trying to recover from the shock of her mother’s death but even then it seems like she is stubborn by nature. I am definitely loving Serena’s character; she is bubbly, fun and loving. Syra Yusef is turning into a brilliant actress and I expect a lot more from her in the future too.

Aani is always the voice of reason and I like how she explains everything to everyone without sounding too assertive. Kabacha is on a new mission to take revenge from the people who got Faraan into trouble and his plans made it sound like there are many interesting things to look forward to…bring it on Kabaacha.

I felt really sorry for poor Kishmish today, Serena will do anything to be a part of his film and the poor fellow does not know how to deal with Serena and Chandni both. I must add here that today for the first time I really enjoyed Chandni’s scenes, they were so hilarious! But I would not want a maid like her in my house, God the woman talks so much! Kaif Ghaznavi (Chandni) performed really well today and she is another person I am looking forward to seeing more of now.

Zeenia and Zarak Khan are still fighting like they just walked out of a Bollywood flick. These two actors definitely don’t have the kind of chemistry that one would wish for. Shehryaar Munawar was much better in today’s episode as compared to the last one but I am not exactly sold yet! By the way I did not quite get it, where did Zarak Khan get Zeenia’s number from since he had her number saved in his phone…maybe Sanya gave it to him since everyone is trying so hard that they should be friends. It was great to see Nosheen (Sophia) on-screen after such a long time, even though it was only for a minute or so. She looked radiant even after so many years.

Overall, this was an engaging episode, I definitely enjoyed most of the comedy scenes and in my opinion today’s episode belonged to Syra Yusef.

 Fatima Awan.



Fatima Awan

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  • i completely agree with you in terms of everything and especially Serena, but i kind of feel like the zeenia-zarak track is growing onto me. i feel like alishba yousuf is acting good too although her character is getting annoying. but she is like zara, and i remember that i got irritated by Zara's stubbornness and untrusting type of nature too when i was watching tanhaiyan. but , definitely, i love Serena and her chemistry with Kishmish is alot better than Zeenia-Zarak. however, i do hope that You and I enjoy zeenia-zarak alot more.

    • Dex thank you so much for the comment. Yes definitely Serena and Kishmish are so cute and You people are so right about Zeenia , she is like Zara.

  • g as ususal u left nothing for us to say MASHALLAH.really I also liked todays episode better,comedy was also almost natural.I was thinking same about Zeenia and Zarak scenes.but Zeenia's attitude suits her since she is portraying new Zara,n if u remember Zara was just same,stubborn and annoying for others.I think Haseena Moeen is quite successful in continuing the story in logical way,It all seems natural now.

    • Thank you Mrs. Asim. It is great to know that you enjoyed the comic scenes:) You are right about Zeenia but I definitely like Serena more:)) I hope the Zeenia/Zarak track grows on us!

  • you explained everything so well Fatima. I love Syra and her rang birangi chooriyan. Her attitude is infectious.
    I am a little concerned about Kabacha and his plans to infiltrate the gang. Poor Kishmish is stuck between Serena and Chandni lol Huge applause for Kaif Ghaznavi – it takes a lot of courage to make a complete fool of yourself on screen and look good while doing it. She was just Awesome :)

  • Yeah! I agree with you about chandni
    It was good to see Nosheen Quereshi.. I still remember her play tum yehi kehna

  • In this episode I enjoyed Serena and Chandni's acting a lottttt…. I was laughing so much at Chandni while she was singing and dancing in typical heroine style infront of Kishmish…that was too funny and in the end when she says that next time she wud come in a MOD style :D Hahahahaha and at the same time when Serena pokes Kishmish again and again and He gets tease…hahahaha

  • serena's performance and character blows me away while in zarak and zeenia's regard i totally agree with fatima awan… by the way what a coincidence that Z for Zain and Zara and now Z for Zarak and zeenia :)

  • Nice episode…..just want to say that american grown desi kids only know aasan Urdu….and zeenia and her sis are speaking very good Urdu.they should make some mistakes regarding their character.

    • Saima you are right but I think the essence of the characters is in their attitude, Zeenia is a perfect ABCD;)

  • Very nice fatima :)
    my fav scene was Of chandi,kishmish and qabacha..auditiOns :D
    it seems histOry is repeating itself…serena z like sanya(ss cOmbinatiOn),zeniya z like zara(zz)…and kishmish like kabacha(kk).
    Kishmish's SeriOus attitute always make me smile :)
    fatima…sOme peOple are saying that TNS is nOthing Other than OVERACTING…especially zarak n kishmish…(hOnestly.i feel very sad when peOple give such statements..i mean is me kuch khas hai tabi tOu itz One Of the tOp 3 dramas frOm the very first episOde)wOt r ur views ?

    • Wow great observation, how could we not notice the two ss and the two ks! Xadee there is hardly a play that everyone likes so it really does not matter, if you like it you can still enjoy the show even if others don’t. They may like a play that you don’t like, there is no accounting for taste you know. There are many things about TNS that i like and top of the list would be that for a change it is not the same old story of a woman getting abused at the hands if her husband or susraal. I like it how Sanya is not married yet but has a purpose in life, is fun & bubbly… Now how often do we see such characters on screen! Yeh koi aur drama hota tu Aani ko tu bus Saniya ki shadi ki fikar hoti lol!! The Serena kishmish scenes are too cute & i love Serena’s character too. Kabacha is an absolute delight but Zeenia/Zarak have yet to grow on me.

      • Am feeling sO GOOD after reading ur pOsitive views…thnx fatima
        and yes it is different n all characters r very clOse Our hearts… we lOve it.TNS rOcks :)
        jOu thOry bht gaps hain..Lets hOpe it will be filled sOon.

        • Every drama has some flaws but the most important thing is that the viewers should be able to connect to the characters and I am really into almost all the characters. They make me laugh and cry and for a change no second marriages, sibling rivalry and love triangles!

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