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Tanhaiyaan Nayee Silsilay Episode 8 – Smiles All The Way!

First thing is first, someone please tell me what is in the box? I am guessing Zara’s photos, diary and letters. But if that is the case than why is Zain hiding them from Serena and Zeenia? I can’t wait to find out! Serena is too cute for words…have I said this before? well I must say it again then! Syra Yusef has an excellent chemistry with all her co-stars and I must give her the entire credit. I thoroughly enjoy her “confrontations” with Zeenia and all of the scenes with her father are too sweet. I thought the way Serena explained to her father who Zarak Barak was and what he does was too funny. I must give due credit to Jaleel Akhtar and Mohammad Ahmed for the script, coming up with the new characters and the screenplay. If anyone noticed in the credentials three different writers were credited, the credits went something like this , original story and characters developed by: Haseena Moin, story Nayee Silsilay: Jaleel Akhtar , screenplay and dialogue: Mohammad Ahmed… good job all of you, the end product is spot on so overall it is a good team effort.

Zarak and Zeenia have more in common than they could ever have imagined. The Zarak/Zeenia scene in the coffee shop was very well written and directed but I must say that Shehryaar Munawar’s weak dialogue delivery killed half of the fun for me. Zarak Khan the character is absolutely adorable, he is kind, intelligent and caring but Shehryaar Munawar really needs to work harder on his expressions and dialogue delivery. Despite of this I am hoping that Zeenia will decide to stay and Zarak will manage to change her mind.

Serena makes me laugh every time she comes on-screen. Kishmish and Serena are picture perfect and both the actors are ideal for their roles. Serena has everyone wrapped around her little finger and the way she convinced Kishmish to invite her for dinner was just out of this world. Not only this, she is also trying very hard to get Sanya married even against all the odds. The rishta interviews were another very interesting part of this latest episode. I really enjoyed Saife Hassan’s guest appearance as one of the candidates and the duel scene.

I think it is rather odd that even after so much time Zain and Sanya are not talking to each other and I really feel that Sanya needs to ask Zain things directly rather than jumping into conclusions since she has proven time and again that she still trusts Zain.

Overall, Tanhiayaan Nayee Silsilay is an absolute delight to watch. I love the pace of the show and all the characters are simple and sweet, nothing complicated or heavy duty. Today’s episode ended on an emotional and happy note. I have to say that I am really looking forward to watching more of Serena and Kishmish more than anyone else.

Fatima Awan.