Tanhaiyaan Nayee Silsilay Episode 8 – Smiles All The Way!

First thing is first, someone please tell me what is in the box? I am guessing Zara’s photos, diary and letters. But if that is the case than why is Zain hiding them from Serena and Zeenia? I can’t wait to find out! Serena is too cute for words…have I said this before? well I must say it again then! Syra Yusef has an excellent chemistry with all her co-stars and I must give her the entire credit. I thoroughly enjoy her “confrontations” with Zeenia and all of the scenes with her father are too sweet. I thought the way Serena explained to her father who Zarak Barak was and what he does was too funny. I must give due credit to Jaleel Akhtar and Mohammad Ahmed for the script, coming up with the new characters and the screenplay. If anyone noticed in the credentials three different writers were credited, the credits went something like this , original story and characters developed by: Haseena Moin, story Nayee Silsilay: Jaleel Akhtar , screenplay and dialogue: Mohammad Ahmed… good job all of you, the end product is spot on so overall it is a good team effort.

Zarak and Zeenia have more in common than they could ever have imagined. The Zarak/Zeenia scene in the coffee shop was very well written and directed but I must say that Shehryaar Munawar’s weak dialogue delivery killed half of the fun for me. Zarak Khan the character is absolutely adorable, he is kind, intelligent and caring but Shehryaar Munawar really needs to work harder on his expressions and dialogue delivery. Despite of this I am hoping that Zeenia will decide to stay and Zarak will manage to change her mind.

Serena makes me laugh every time she comes on-screen. Kishmish and Serena are picture perfect and both the actors are ideal for their roles. Serena has everyone wrapped around her little finger and the way she convinced Kishmish to invite her for dinner was just out of this world. Not only this, she is also trying very hard to get Sanya married even against all the odds. The rishta interviews were another very interesting part of this latest episode. I really enjoyed Saife Hassan’s guest appearance as one of the candidates and the duel scene.

I think it is rather odd that even after so much time Zain and Sanya are not talking to each other and I really feel that Sanya needs to ask Zain things directly rather than jumping into conclusions since she has proven time and again that she still trusts Zain.

Overall, Tanhiayaan Nayee Silsilay is an absolute delight to watch. I love the pace of the show and all the characters are simple and sweet, nothing complicated or heavy duty. Today’s episode ended on an emotional and happy note. I have to say that I am really looking forward to watching more of Serena and Kishmish more than anyone else.

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

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  • This serial is gradually growing on me.. I loved last episode and loved today's epi even more. The chemistry between Syra & Alishba is very good.. infact all the actors compliment each other so well.. liked every bit of today's epi.

  • Really enjoyed thus weeks episode, spot on review! This was a vast improvement on last week, a fun filled yet sentimental episode. The final scene brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely love serena and kishmish scenes, you are so right about wanting more, they just leave you with a big fat smile on your face. Serena has brilliant chemistry with everyone, just loving her. Yeah and the other couple, are left wanting not due to Alishba but SM us a little inexperienced so the dialogues do fall flat. Looking forward to what the big secret box is about!! SK

  • The last scene almost made me cry. The acting was superb. Behroze sabzwari and farhan uncle's acting was amazing and realistic :)

  • Fatima you never acknowledge haseena apa in tanhaiyans review…she did write the first 8 episodes…although changes were made in her script by marina and mohd ahmed but still she did write and developed the new and old characters…

  • It is said that too many cooks spoil the broth:) but here it is a different scene. all r doing good job specially Syra Yousuf and Behroz Sabzwari.bilkul u r very right about Shaharyar Munawar,ufff its irritating to watch him speaking like that,though m sure k he can do better,he really needs to improve his dialogue delivery. I liked ur review more today,coz ur style was equally cute in this one:)

  • Everytime its good to read your reviews…its like reading my own mind :)
    I am also curious about that box..what is in that box?waiting for next episode.
    Fatima ap ko yaad hai ap ny kaha tha k sukar hai typical dramas ki tarhan, anee to sanya ki shadi ki fikar nai hai.hehe lou ho gai ;)
    Serena was superb today.zarak was little weak.kabacha was funny as usual.overall good a package :)

  • Superb episode and great review. I laughed through out the episode and cried at the end. I noticed that some confusions got cleared in this episode like " Zeenia and Serena were born in Pakistan and they went to US when they were little I am saying this because lots of people were questioning the time frame that they showed and the girls ages". They showed that "zara ko US gai 10 years hgai thai so is episode mein zeenia nai bataia kai she was born in Pakistan and been visiting it also. Serena and Kishmish scenes were a delite to watch well acted and superb directed. I agreed I am also dying to find ut whats in the box and Zain and Sania should talked with each other. The rishta scene was so funny and emergency mangaitar lol so cute. Badar khalil, Behroze and Qazi wajid were excellent in the last scene superb expressions made me cry. Every one is doing such a great job love Marina khan superb acting and direction. Thanks Fatima for letting us know about script credits superb script heads off to Jalil Akhter and Mohammad Ahmed. I am lookimg forward to see more of Serena and kishmish as well love kishmish's serious acting and chulbuli Serena all my best wishes for their happy marriage life. Sorry Fatima for long comment.

    • UAg thank you so much for taking time out and reading the review and for commenting:) I know you are a busy mom. Absolutely right about when Zeenia was born but then that was never an issue with me;) And I am so bad with calculations anyway lol When you like a play so much you tend to overlook such things and enjoy the show, we all do. You know the rishta guy kabacha was having a duel with is Saife hassan , the director of Bari Apa. All the characters are so cute and lovable. really enjoying this show.

          • No problem Fatima yup u r write woh tou mein hi hoon. Yeah I know Saife Hassan but didn't know he directed Bari apa good to know that. This episode was the best one so far. Fatima do you know about Turkish drama that some channels are stopping running Paki dramas and launching turkish dramas. Here in US express entertainment is promotimg new turkish play aur uska countdown chala rahai hain not fair yaar. I was just changing channels and just saw Tishnagi was comming with no promotions yaar they just started it with out any promos. Dishnetwork just stopped Hum and I called them one representative, he is an indian and missing hum and said "Hum kai dramay dekhkar sukoon milta hai" I was so amazed and thought to share with you. Whats your thought on Turkish dramas and I saw that they uploaded them in dramasonline why? and didn't upload Laaj.

          • UAg i think these Turkish dramas are nothing compared to our own plays and I know for a fact that they are not here to stay so I think we should not worry about it. dramasonline uploads all plays that go on air on the channels that the site covers. I think they need to promote Turkish plays because they know how hostile people are about these shows.

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