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Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 9 – Extremely Engaging & Funny

This latest episode opened with Kabacha attaining the impossible; making Faraan uncle smile and restoring his faith in the people around him. I absolutely loved this first scene, it was touching and sweet. Kabacha is spot on with his ‘kabhi ap mere dil se khelti hai, kabhi meri jaan se’ dialogues and the poor man is facing a predicament now with Sanya telling him she will kill him if Faraan uncle and Aani move out! Marina Khan and Behroze Sabzwari still have the same chemistry which they did years back and you can’t help but smile every time these two come on screen.

Why does Zeenia have such a wrong impression of her father? She actually expects him to be interested in other women. I have a feeling that she derived the wrong conclusions from the arguments that Zain and Zara had in the past. When Sofia said to Zain “kiya tumhei isi liye tu use dekh ke ghussa ata hai kyun ke vo Zara ke jaisi lagti hai”, it really made me think what she meant. There is definitely a lot of mystery surrounding this family and it just makes me want to know more. Syra Yusef and Alishba Yusef make the perfect sisters on screen. Shehryaar Munawar’s acting was much more convincing today and he acted perfectly all through the “interview’ scene with Serena’s father. I really like Zarak’s character; he is a very patriotic person and is very positive as well. Zeenia has finally approved of him and we also found out that Zain also knows Zarak’s family. Zeenia refuses to stay in Pakistan and Zarak cannot hear anything against his country. Mona and Serena’s commentary in the background when Zarak and Zeenia are having an argument just added to the fun. The script has been brilliantly written and the acting and direction is just as good.

Faraan uncle is finally out of his room and actively participating in what is happening around the house. Zeenia is already willing to make changes for Zarak and the way Sanya convinced her to wear shalwar kameez was so appropriate. Later on when Bibi jaan says that she will not leave without getting the two engaged, Zain looks at all the elders in the room before saying yes. These are small details which we really don’t get to see that often anymore. The engagement scene was very nicely done and it looked like there were happy times ahead. Zain really needs to act like a grown up and sort things out with Zeenia.

In my opinion this latest episode was the best one so far. Shehryaar Munawar’s acting is improving by leaps and bounds and I am looking forward to seeing more of him. I really missed the Kishmish/Serena scenes today and I hope we get to see enough of them in the next episode. Kabacha’s dialogues are so in line with his character and so are Sanya’s. They are the same people there were so many years back. TNS is just getting better and making me smile without even trying very hard.

Fatima Awan.







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