Bari Appa Episode 14 – Typicality of Zubaida revealed

So this was the very first day of Neelam at Farman’s home & it was full of shocks for her as well as for the viewers too.

All this while I have seen the character of Zubaida as someone who’s dominant but caring at the same time & her character had so many other positive dimensions that made her likeable but to see the streak of jealousy & the negativity was not a treat to watch. It seems like now the director or the writer is trying to make Zubaida look bad in front of ‘sati savitri’ Neelam who for the sake of her husband would tolerate anything just to make her mark in the hearts of the whole family.

I thought Zubaida’s character was way too ahead of all such typicality that we see in many women dominant dramas but to see the similar actions of Zubaida made me feel like I wasn’t watching something new. Ohkay, we get it that Zubaida is hurt & can not accept the defeat in terms of Neelam but it would’ve been better if they had shown that Zubaida accepted the arrival of Neelam & her relation with Farman with all the grace & dignity with which she announced their wedding & how she whole-heartedly introduced Neelam to her family.

Zubaida really doesn’t need to stoop to such a level which is so unlike her because all this while everyone has loved the main trait of her nature & that is dignity. Just to snatch useless Farmaan from Neelam she is twisting her words which seems so uninteresting. I felt that the scene where Farman, Zubaida & Neelam are in conversation was handled so poorly with such confusing dialogues that no one could actually make out where it was going & what was the main reason of Farman calling Neelam so that Zubaida could shed off her frustration at her? Zubaida kept on blowing things out of proportion & all the things went into the thin-air because they made no sense at all. I wish the dialogues were a bit better or the direction was paid heed to because nothing seemed to be in the right place & it seemed totally unnecessary.

Sharmeen disappointed big time with her acting. She seemed so artificial & someone who really can not act. All this while I found her scenes pretty average but the scenes in this episode & her dialogue delivery were a big downer. She should at least work a bit on her emotional scenes because I really like the way she talks but in today’s episode she came as a shock to me.

I really hate to see the fact that they have brought Bari Appa to such extreme edge. Zubaida is shown as a complete devil where as Neelam is being shown as an angel who can’t do anything wrong & is way too polite. I think they should maintain a balance that Zubaida should not make a mountain out of molehill & Neelam should take a stand & Farman can go wherever he want to because he is useless.

I feel Farman actually should start to handle the conflicts a bit wisely & without the favoring Zubaida. All this while we see him as a stammerer who can not utter a single word in front of Zubaida but on the other hand we see his eyes bulging out with anger for Neelam. He has spent 25 years with Zubaida & he knows that it was her attitude which drove him towards Neelam. So, he should man-up a bit & should stop taking sides with Zubaida because it was him who approached Neelam for marriage.

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Fatima Awan

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  • good job Zahra! agreed that sharmeen seems so artificial! i wonder k neelam jaisi aurten hoti hen is dunya may kahen???farman is hopeless he wont go against zubaida!

  • Sharmeen and adeel are actually perfect for each other…sorry to say but horrible acting skills and adeel's Urdu just kills every scene. I found myself correcting his Urdu in my head whenever he spoke a dialogue. The amount of rudeness Sharmeen has when talking to Neelam's brother makes me wonder what draws him to her in the first place.
    My favourite character is Zubeida's sister. I just love every scene with her. Neelam's crying is getting old and drawn out and should she should take a firm stand already. I mean I've seen her take Kind of a stand for her son but she apologized for it later. She should go all the way now and go home. Maybe then, Farman will figure out her importance in his life. As for Farman, I really despise him even more than Zubeida. At least Zubeida is still true to herself in that she has a goal: to snatch Farman back, Neelam has a goal too: to make place in everyone's hearts…but Farman, no goal, just a fuzool character not worth fighting over. They should both (wo)Man-up and throw Farman our of their lives for playing with their lives like this!

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