Bari Appa Episode 20 – Smooth yet rough

So this episode was again based on the bits & pieces that we have been seeing in the previous episodes. It does not mean that I did not enjoy watching it, obviously I did but now I want things to get settled quickly as we’re already on episode 20 & still the climax is unclear & unpredictable. I guess the unpredictability adds to the beauty of the drama & enhances the originality of the script but still some more progress please!

As usual in the very first scene Zubaida once again got the chance to rant. How easily she manages to look down on anyone even if a person is standing right in front of her face. While she was at Sharmeen for her single decision that she took to go to her Granny’s house, Zubaida involved Essa in between & right in front of Neelam she regarded him as some cheap goon. Sharmeen has completely given up her hatred for Neelam & now seeks her support whenever she can.

Firdous on her own was furious at how easily Ghazanfar has forgotten about her. I guess Ghazanfar at least should have made a move because it’s the first time that Firdous took such sort of a step. He can not ignore all the sacrifices she has made & how happily she has accepted whatever she was given by him. I hate to see Ghazanfar acting all mean at this point especially. Sharmeen, who has no wisdom is still trying to handle the situation but little does she know that it won’t make a difference because she is the one who caused all the chaos in Firdous’s life.

Farmaan’s awakening was dreadful once again & came as a thunder bolt to Neelam. After all that she has done for him & his extended family, this was the least that she expected. She still made her point very clear that money is the last thing she needs from Farmaan because all this while she only has waited for his company, his presence & his role in their son’s life. Farmaan’s realization which was obviously in the favor of Zubaida came after her rant in the morning after she confronted Sharmeen. I couldn’t stop wondering that how easily Zubaida claimed that she has a lot of people who still look up to her & who can look after her but she is definitely unaware that these sort of sweeping statements look perfect hypothetically & when it comes as a reality it is as harsh as let’s say her husband’s second marriage. Farmaan’s claim that he was at fault when he got married to Neelam took her down to the shambles. He could’ve said anything but this that too after seeing how patiently she has been dealing with the situation where she sees that he can not utter a word in front of Zubaida & she keeps him on the edge.

Zubaida once again in order to take care of Ghanzanfar forgot that she left Farmaan & Neelam alone in the house. She never misses a chance to hound them but as usual when it came to Ghazanfar everything became secondary for her. She left the house & knowing that no one can call her or keep a track of her, she posed that no one is calling her or is worried about her just to gain more sympathy. It is obviously crystal clear that she still has some strong feelings for Ghazanfar & this time in clear words she admitted that she regrets not getting married to him as she said she didn’t like big bungalows. Definitely she got money that she wanted so that she could support her family but she couldn’t come to the stage where she could forget her fiancé. That is the reason she has always detested Firdous because she got what Zubaida wanted. Even though she had no such money that Zubaida had but Firdous had what Zubaida wished for & to some extent still wishes for.

Essa-Sharmeen-Adeel trio was boring to the core. I didn’t find even a single scene of them interesting nor I wanted to know what they were up to or what they are planning. Once again Sharmeen lied & sneaked so that she could meet Essa. Adeel swooped in at the right time & saw what he wished he had not. Essa has bid his final good bye to Sharmeen but we still got to see what is going to be the next move in the scenario of this trio.

The preview of next episode was engaging & Farmaan is finally going to make some move. Seems like he is coming to a stage where he will sternly make his point clear to Zubaida. Can’t wait to see more of this.

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