Bari Appa Episode 17 – Move On Please!

Today’s episode was again on the similar pace & I am kind of disappointed by seeing no such progress in the story. It seems the story is stuck from the last 4 episodes now. Few of the scenes seemed unnecessarily stretched. The end of the episode was interesting with something to look forward to.

Zubaida; as usual, is against Neelam. She is not entertaining the fact that Sharmeen took sides with Neelam too. Sharmeen is the only one till now who has felt some pity for Neelam because of her diligence when it comes to their family & her tolerance when she is being cussed. But Zubaida was not at all amused by the fact that Sharmeen mentioned it all in front of her. I guess seeing it all happening again & again is monotonous & one can’t say much about it because Zubaida has shown all her weaknesses which she carried behind the façade of being a head-strong & ‘honest’ woman. She is equally good at scheming & plotting too.

I thought it would be the limit for Neelam to see Farmaan indirectly taunting her for not taking care of Zubaida, Sharmeen taunting her about the home & the property, Zubaida trying to tell her indirectly that there is no need of any other person when she & her husband are together. Neelam took a good step in talking her heart out to Essa because at the moment he is the only sane person who can understand what she is going through & actually feels for her. But I guess Neelam should take a stand as well either politely or strongly, but she must do something on her own because weeping in seclusion won’t do any good to her & she will be oppressed.

I totally didn’t enjoy the scene of Adeel & Sharmeen today as I thought it wasn’t necessary & even their encounter with Essa & Sharmeen’s confession about her affair with Adeel that too in anger. I find it odd that Sharmeen uses Adeel’s name whenever she deems fit & Adeel acts as a stooge of hers or is so blindly smitten by her that a distant green signal from Sharmeen is considered as a life-saving opportunity . Sharmeen has totally disappointed because the way her character has un-winded is shocking. I find her irrational opportunist who just wants to turn things the way she wants to whenever she finds a chance. For now I am not at all interested in seeing what happens to the trio of Adeel-Sharmeen-Essa just because of the lady in between. Plus I feel Zubaida has failed as a parent because all this while she was so busy in ruling her brother’s, sister’s & mother’s lives that she forgot she had a daughter to take care of too. I recalled what I thought after seeing the first episode that she is the one who is acting totally perfect but as the story will move on we will see she has imperfections within her house & this is exactly what we are seeing. Sharmeen can claim in front of Zubaida that Adeel is her cousin but she can not utter in front of her mother that she wants to go for an outing with her bestfriend/cousin? It shows what sort of an attention Zubaida has paid to her ONLY child.

Finally coming to something which we were all waiting for. “Essa-Zubaida confrontation”. Essa was completely spot on & precise when it came to dealing with the situation of her sister. He didn’t beat around the bush & was to the point. I absolutely enjoyed the dialogues as they were filled with mild taunts yet were sharp enough to leave a mark. Farmaan needed that reality check in what he was doing. & for the first time I felt the ice broke & Farmaan started seeing around apart from the veil of Zubaida which he had wrapped around his eyes. He was actually feeling bad for Neelam & realized what he had been doing was wrong because Neelam didn’t deserve all this after how she has taken care of Farmaan & his extended family.

The flick of Firdous was one again appeasing to see. Her unnecessary haul over the dream she saw was amusing. But right now she has to finally face what she was dreading as Adeel has declared about his feelings for Sharmeen. I can’t wait to see more of their situation & I wish Adeel improves his acting because he looks like a Robotic-Zombie who is expressionless be it terms of facial or vocal expressions.

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Fatima Awan

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  • No.I think the story moved in this episode.Finally Eesa showed that he's a man and Neelum also showed confidence when she thinks about leaving the house.I love the kid playing Farjad.What i missed was Riffat,Shakeel and Amma scenes.I love them a lot.And i've heard that the last episode is going to be the last one.How are they going to sum up all that ? I find Eesa better among the three.While the worst is Mustafa.But still i love Bari Aapa due to the tremendous acting of Ayesha,Savera,Noman and others.They are completely un-ignorable!

    • Thank you for your input. I did mention that it was only the last scene which seemed something new in the last 4 episodes that we have seen. I don't see any change in Neelam's attitude because she was scared & was escaping without confronting. Yes, all the actors have marvelled in portraying their characters & each & every character has to offer so much except Adeel & Sharmeen.

  • EXCELLENT REVIEW…I cant stand the acting of sharmeen and adeel —both are such hopeless actors—-minus these two the drama is superb … waiting for the next episode —-

    • Thank you so much Ghazala for your response. I agree, their flick is totally unnecessary & it is something which they could've ignored while writing the play as well. I am waiting for the next episode too. :)

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