Daagh Episode 13 – Heart wrenching Episode!

I have only one word for the episode: Heart wrenching!
This episode completely belongs to Mehar Bano. I was completely taken aback by her brilliant performance when she entered the house and saw her husband getting married. Her screams tore through everyone’s heart and I had tears in my eyes during this scene. Only a handful of actors have the power to make viewers cry, and I did not expect Mehar to act so well in her very first serial. Kudos to her!
Murad has finally given into her mothers’ pressure and agreed to marry Deeba. Her mother’s constant emotional blackmailing and demand for a grandson made him take this huge decision. A moment of weakness made him take such a big step which shattered Emama’s trust and belief in him. It was crude of him to marry without Emama’s consent. He did not even bother to inform her about his second marriage. His second marriage came as a very huge shock to Emama as he had promised her that he would never marry for a second time. He has now promised Emama that he would love her and her daughters like before and nothing will change, but the question is: Will he be able to keep his promise?
It is evident that he has no feelings for Deeba but his attitude towards her has changed drastically. Previously, he could not stand her cooking for him or taking care of him and he had only one feeling for her; annoyance. Now he is polite to her and appreciates her for taking care of him and her daughters. Even when he is with Deeba, he cannot help but think about Emama. He is feeling guilty but at the same time, his hands are bound by his need for a son and the demands of his mother.
Rehana was a total disappointment in this episode. She should have taken a stand for Emama and should have tried harder to stop this wedding. Emama has done so much for her, she had given her the most precious thing; her daughter Soha. It was useless to talk to her mother but she could have tried to put some sense in Murad. Rehana’s mother in law is still not ready to accept Soha as her grandchild. Her attitude towards Soha is completely unacceptable.
On the bright side, I was extremely glad to see the changed attitude of Emama’s father. He has finally realized what a blessing it is to have daughters and how wrong he was to think of them as a burden all his life. I really liked this dialogue spoken by him:
‘Yeh betiyaan na hoti to yeh duniya veraan hojati’ How true!
He also asks Emama if she is really happy with Murad as her eyes tell a different story altogether. She quickly managed to make an excuse and change the topic. Murad’s attitude is far from polite towards her. His sudden coldness is making Emama disturbed and upset as Murad has always been polite and loving towards her. Her father also advised Emama to never treat her daughters like he did. He believes that Murad is a very different person and his mentality would be different from his. I could not help but think how wrong he is!
I was also surprised to see Emama’s eldest daughter. She is way too mature for her age. She looks after all her sisters so well and talks and thinks like a grownup. She respects her Dadi even though her attitude is cold towards her. Emama’s upbringing reflects in her daughter’s behavior and attitude.
Emama has decided to leave Murad’s house and go back to live with her father. Emama’s anger is completely justified. It was wrong of Murad to take Emama for granted and not even bother to take her consent before getting married. I do not think she will be able to stay angry or upset with Murad for long though. Murad’s mother has a very high opinion of Deeba but I have a feeling her true face will be out in front of her very soon and that is when she will realize Emama’s importance. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode now. Will Murad be able to convince Emama to come back once Emama’s anger subsides?

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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