Daagh Episode 15- Guilt and Regret!

A superb episode! One of the best episodes of Daagh so far! Meher Bano has given a spectacular performance once again. Her silence spoke louder than words. Her pain reflected in her eyes and it was evident to the viewers. But the star of the episode was Sana Askari. She has played Deeba’s character to perfection. The rapid change in Deeba’s behavior has been depicted brilliantly by her. We saw a totally new Deeba in this episode that is spoiled, selfish and ill mannered. She can go to any extent to get what she wants. She wanted Murad in her life and she did everything in her power to get married to him. She has every intention to take revenge from Umama for stealing Murad from her. Frankly, she seems mentally unstable to me because of the way she behaves.

A total disappointment in this episode was Murad. He needs to speak up! How can he let Deeba humiliate Umama? I cannot believe he is the same Murad who moved heaven and earth just to get married to Umama. Deeba badly insulted Umama and practically kicked her out of her own room and Murad did not say a word to Deeba. He also watched her rude behavior with his children quietly and only spoke up when Deeba slapped his daughter. It was the best scene of the episode when Murad screamed at Deeba for misbehaving with his children. Umama was happy to see that Murad still loves his children and stood up for them. But her happiness was short lived as Atiqa asked her if he would be behaving the same way when he gets a son from Deeba.

Murad is angry at her mother for getting him into this mess. But I personally think Murad and his mother both are at fault. Murad knew what he was doing and now he is stuck with Deeba. He cannot even think of divorcing her because Deeba’s clever mother had kept 25 lakhs as Mehr and Murad can never pay such a huge amount.

Another heartwarming scene was when Umama was leaving her father’s house. She had never gotten a proper rukhsati on her wedding but this scene seemed as a compensation for it. Umama’s father apologized to Murad for his behavior and thanked Murad for taking such good care of Umama. There was only guilt on Murad’s face as he knew he did not deserve the thanks after what he had done to Umama.
Umama’s cries made my heart go out to her. She had the flashbacks of all the promises Murad had made to her and she kept on thinking what a fool she was to believe them. I was happy to see that Murad went to Umama despite Deeba’s disapproval and anger. He clearly told Deeba that she cannot stop him from going to his first wife. Way to go Murad! I doubt Murad will ever learn to love Deeba. He can barely stand her at this point. Fahad Mustafa has done a brilliant job as Murad!

Aqeela has finally started to value Umama and for the first time I saw her showing love towards her granddaughters. She has stopped taunting Umama and started appreciating everything she does for the house. She has finally seen Deeba’s true face and cannot help but regret her decision. Deeba’s behavior with her is completely unacceptable. I have a really strong feeling Deeba will start scheming again to win over Murad. She will follow her mother’s advice and start behaving differently. She has already made Umama’s life hell; now we have to wait to see as to what extent she can go to further humiliate Umama. Let’s see what her next plan would be!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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