Bari Appa Episode 13 – Zubaida in Action.

The scene where Neelam enters the house of Farman was really well executed & Bari Appa’s expressions were beyond perfection. At that particular moment the viewers were revealed at what she will be doing to Neelam, because at the beginning we saw how Bari Appa confessed in front of her daughter Sharmeen that she is not going to accept humility & can’t stand seeing people pitying her, now we clearly know what she was talking about.

There was a bit of confusion whether Neelam’s cousin should stay at the dinner & how Neelam should enter but Neelam’s cousin kept on insisting he would stay with Neelam just to support her so that she doesn’t feel awkward in the circle of unknown people. That was the first plot of Bari Appa against Neelam & she played it very subtly & decently where she told Neelam to come with her cousin but told Farman that she wants Neelam to enter with Farman. Now we can expect more of it in the upcoming episodes. Farman’s claim in front of Zubaida that he will shift Neelam back to her old house was a really good suggestion but Zubaida insisted & he had to agree but he actually doesn’t know right now that what he’s going to get into. Neelam would be the one who’d promise the support & accept everything that Farman will offer to her but Zubaida is going to make it really difficult for them.

Sharmeen flirt with Adeel to make Essa furious was below the belt on Sharmeen’s part. They shared such a nice bond but Sharmeen is being irrational towards Essa. She should understand that Essa had nothing to do with the marriage of Farman & his Cousin Neelam but Sharmeen’s emotions are clouded by her affection towards her mother. I hate to see Farman fixing his own things & forgetting that Essa’s proposal is still pending & he should make a move in the favour of Sharmeen & Essa as well.

I personally enjoyed the scene of Zubaida & Sharmeen & felt that Zubaida looked stunningly elegant in that very dress. She has carried herself really very well & I admire her wardrobe too. Another favourite yet funny scene was Firdous’s & Neelam’s encounter & her out of the blue comment about some past experience she had. She has played this character so beautifully that even if she acts dumb at times makes her look completely adorable.

We still have a lot more to see in this drama now especially when Zubaida is going to make it impossible for Neelam to stay with her & Farman but I feel Neelam should get a hold of herself & shouldn’t go with the flow too easily & quickly because she has been married to Farman for more than 3 years & she should have understood the nature of Zubaida by now. No doubt she must take care of whatever Farman asks her of but she legally has nothing to do with Zubaida. Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode & can’t wait for the next one.

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  • I also enjoyes this episode alot, u r so true about Firdos,I just love her. I cant understand k if Sharmeen is really against Essa now? she said she knew all about this marriage then she should be aware of Essa's part in all this!, let c when she strat thinking rationaly, I like the almost real like atmosphere of Zubaida's mothers's house.

    • Yes, I enjoyed the episode today a lot as well. I wrote more but I don't know where did the other paragraphs go? I know & I feel Sharmeen is being irrational towards Essa now. It's not his fault but I guess things will sort out between them too. :)

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