Actresses who need to show versatility!

There is no doubt about the potential that the Pakistani Actors have. These days when we see the local audience loving our dramas, praising our actors for the good work, it has been seen that there are actresses who are mostly coming up with similar roles. By saying so, I really am not criticizing these talented celebrities but that is what I have been observing that the following actresses are often casted in similar roles, probably because of the fact that they have received popularity for those specific acting skills.


1) Nimra Bucha

As far as I have followed her serials, the two major ones indeed, “Ek Nazar Meri Taraf” (aired on GeoTV) and “Mera Yaqeen” (been aired on ARY Digital these days) are pretty similar if we talk about her role in both of them. Though she compliments the roles that are given to her, she really need to come up with something new other than being a wife who suffers, gaining sympathies of the audience.  Going in more detail, from her wardrobe to the delivery of dialogues, there is nothing new or different in ‘Mera Yaqeen’ from her character in ‘ek Nazar Meri Taraf’.

img_17422_mera-yaqeen-13-october-2012-episode-11-in-high-quality-full-part-2nimra bucha

Nimra is a talented actress but she should now choose some different roles where she can expose her capabilities to a greater extent. I would love to see her experiencing a working lady role on screen who is career-oriented and well dressed.

2) Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain comes next in my list. Though she is one of the best models of Pakistan, She really needs to work on her acting skills when it comes to acting. What I have noticed is, no matter whatever the role she picks, her face expressions and dressing sense is pretty same. Either she seems to be an angry young lady on screen or a seducing girl who have nothing else to show as an actor.

nadia hussain

Nadia need to pick some eastern roles and must work on her delivery and expressions to prove herself as a versatile actress.

 3) Sajal

First time when I noticed this young actress was for her role of ‘Shifa’ in ‘Mere Qatil Mere Dildar’ which was telecasted on HumTV.  I do like Sajal for her looks and the fact that she is young and talented, our industry needs such celebrities. However, taking her new serial ‘Sitamgar’, all I could say is that she needs to come out of the roles where the character is dying for a married man. Moreover, her tone and the style that she carries as an actor seems to be static enough for both of the roles.  I would love to see her differently in her upcoming projects.


 4) Sanam Saeed

Choosing Sanam Saeed for my list is really what is contradicting my own likes. Truly speaking, I, in fact many of us love Sanam for her acting. Whether it is ‘Daam’, ‘Mera Naseeb’ or ‘Zindagi Gulzar hai’ now, she manages to portray herself as a rude one on screen. If you notice closely, you would see that in all three hits stated above, she has been a bold one on screen, a girl who knows her direction.











How about having Sanam Saeed in a role that resembles to the role of Khirad or Falak? I guess, it would really fascinate her fans if she comes up with something like that.

It is obvious that actors have a command on few types of roles and that’s genuine too, however, what gives an extra weightage to an artist is his versatility. Knowing that all of these actresses have so much potential in the field of acting, it would really be great to see them working differently on different projects.

Share your views about how far you agree on the note. Also add few if you think I have missed them.


Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi




My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Hina Bayat should also be on the list for appearing in almost the same role as in Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan, Shehr-e-Zaat aur Aik Nayee Cindrella….She's always the very concerned mother of Sara Jani, Falak Jani etc….

  • why have you forgotten the two sisters Urwa & Mawra? They should be top on this list! one is always a mean villain, the other is usually a suffering innocent heroine!

  • Nimra is already playing the role u suggested in drama Bandi!! and her role is Daam was quite different too, I think u should have atleast search for her work n should have seen few clips before writing about her,she is not that much in need of versatality.

  • I dont agree with u about Sajal too, she has proved her versitality in mnay different plays, its totally wrong about her! u could say it about urwa yes..but not Sajal..even to some extent u could add Aiza khan.

  • here the reviewer has not just talked about the verstality issue but also about being type cast. sajjal ali is talking in the same way as she tlked in mehmoodbad ki malkain…mohabat jai bhaarr mein or in meri ladli or mastana maahi. here in sitamger she is a teen of an upper class. she should have had taken some accent and good grooming lessons. aiza on the other hand has proved her self wya back in pul e sirat as a loving wife and true muslim girl and in zrd mausam as spoilt brat. rest of the actresses mentioned in the article and by the posts are correct. hina khwajaa byat, zalay, nadia, aisha khan, mahnoor baloch, all are plastic faces. they need to work hard on acting rather thn make up.

  • Many serials r also being typecasted— sick of 1 sister seducing the husband of the other n cruel mother in laws creating hell at home . Maat, Yahan piyar nahin hai , and now Madhiha Maliha. Mehreen Raheel also needs to diversify as since Dastann her roles r similar n Ayesha Khan just keep crying in all her serials.

    • I quite agree with you. I think now an article needs to be written on the most 'ghisa pitta' plot : one sister seducing the husband of the other sister. It is nauseating!! As if we did not have enough of Saba qamar that the two sisters were thrown at us in MM and YPNH. MR and Urwa also need to change their style of acting. Nothing subtle. Why do they have to be so forced?? I am also sick of the Pir Sahib and the feudal Gharana. Lets close the chapter on that too please!!!!

      • U r absolutely rite. about the gissa pita plot of dramas. but we can't deny the truth that all of this is still happening in our country and other male dominant societies . We do have to do something about this but this must be practical. a few headlines or dramas will not do what we need to do….
        I want to end this but don't know how!

  • iam not agree to add sajjal in this list..
    hina bayat , madiha maliha girl , urwa in meri ladli and kahi un kahi.. these are the people which should be added in the list

    • yess i agree with you….because if we consider sajal's character in meri ladli serial, it was totally different….. and also in muhabbat jaye bhaar mein, qudoosi sahab ki bewa …… she z a versatile actress……

  • Sajal was different in " Meri Laadli " and Nimra is also playing role in " Baandi " which u ve suggested :) , all others really need a change . specially Nadia saleem , i strongly feel all new young faces like Marwa , Urwa , Sajal are stick to same roles , i really wanna see Sanam Saeed in different and challenging roles , she will do full justice to those roles .

  • About Sanam ,isn't that what she is doing? In ZGH she is playing a Khirad type role. Sometimes I am not sure what you mean exactly. Do you mean you want her to play glamorous roles? Let us hope all these actresses are listening to you .

  • Sanam Saeed's acting is many thousand percents better than mahira khan… Mahira Khan shud also be in the list that actually she dont know what is acting. she cant fill real expressions in the dialouge dilvery… she is no more than a show piece in drama.. whereas all thoes who have read Zindagi Gulzar hai they can easily judge that sanam saeed is acting simply superbbbbbbbbbb according to her role… salute to her acting…she is really a best actress… i didnt watch any of her other drama nor her modelling projects etc… i saw her in this drama..zindagi gulzar hai n now m a fan of her acting…she do justice with the role of kashaf… whoever has selectd her for this role…thats perfect choice….

  • I agree with u Nida, Sanam Saeed really needs to show some versatility in her acting skills. The projects she did like Daam, Mata-e-jaan, Mera Naseeb, she played the role of a erogant and rude lady, same is playing in ZGH, sirf dupatta pehan lene se acting change nahi how jati, wohi straight forward dialouge delivery, expression free face and laraka rawaiya, all is same. I don't know who are people that say she is a good actress, she is not an actress even, good and bad is not worth debating about her. She has been just promoted by Hum TV because of being a Sindhi, otherwise there is nothing in her.

  • Normal Bucha iz just a fazool actress, hr role me ak hi style, gurdan Ander kr k shakal birgartk rehti hai, fazoooooooool

  • what abt saba qamar??? she also acts the same way in her all dramas her dialouge delivery and tone is same in all he serials like thakkan,na kaho tum meray nahi,yahan pyaar nahi hei etc etc.

  • Sanam Saeed should not be in the list. For the first time I noticed her in Mata e Jaan Hai Tu as Yamina and she did justice to her role. A modern young lady who fought for her rights. I don't know about Daam and Mera Naseeb. I did not watch these plays.

  • Nida,Nimra is in different role in "sabz pari laal kabotar" and "baandi" but yes in "ek nazar meri taraf" and "mera yaqeen"almost same type of roles.
    Nadia hussain can't be called as an actor.others i agree
    good work :)

  • What about Hina Khawaja? She always plays the role of a mother whose child is facing problems. Like in Humsafar she was the mother of Sara, in Mata e Jaan Hai Tu she played the mother of Aabi and in Shehr e Zaat she was in the role of mother of Falak. All of them had problems in their lives. Aabi even died. She was the woman who had to cry for her child. This type roles do suite her. She should do them.

  • saba qamar is my favourite actress but i have seen her doing same roles in every drama where her husband hates her like thakan,ypnh,naho kaho tum mere nahi,paani jaisa pyar.aiza khan she always do arrogant or muzloom girl roles.she did muzloom girl roles in kaala jaado,shaadi mubarak,in zard mausam she was arrogant but her step mother tortured her,mera saaein 2 where malik shazman forcefully married her,in mi raqsam moulvi tortured her,kahi aks she is playing negative character.saba pervaiz always do the same evil saas type of roles and urwa always stealing other girl's husband or boyfriends in every other serial.

  • i really don't agree with ur inclusion of either sanam saeed or sajal ali………….u should include mahnoor baloch who i think has been taken in lead roles since her debut in 1990 mainly because she's good looking……….and if female-oriented dramas are made it is important to get over with the obsession of "Khirad or Falak" type roles and cast actresses in powerful roles to give a positive message to the mainly female viewership…..

  • I disagree with every person on this list except nadia hussain, who proves that some models can't act.
    Nimra Bucha is playing a different role in sabz pari laal qabootar, and she played a different role in badtameez.
    sajal ali is playing a flirt in mohabbat jaye bhaar main, and she had a very innocent role in meri laadli, mastana mahi, and chaandni.
    the fact that u put sanam on the list is the most shocking. I mean give the person a chance. she has only done three roles, and one lead up to now. her characters may be rude, but daam was the only negative one, and we will see a more romantic side of her in zindagi gulzar hai.
    so, I don't mean to offend you, but I highly disagree with you.

  • i want to mention some more names doing same kind of characters in every drama:

    1. savera nadeem: same personality in bari aapa as well as mera yaqeen

    2. mehreen: always fighting with heroine to get the hero as in ashk, zindagee gulzar hai, and meree zaat zarraebenishan and also in dastaan.

    3. i dont remember the name of the actress: the girl in meri ladli, madiha maliha and in kahi an kahi,,, loving the hero but the hero doesnt like her

    so wut do u think?

  • mahreen raheel ko bhi list main shamil hona chahiye jis ne ashl,zindagi gulzar hai aur meri zaat zara be nishan main aik jaisey hi role kiye hain

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