Coke Kahani Episode 6 – Mission Patch up!

This show is always a treat to watch. I always have a smile on my face when I am watching it. Amidst all the serious dramas on TV nowadays, a lighthearted show like Coke kahani is always welcomed. This show is a combined effort of a brilliant director and hardworking actors. The script and dialogues both are well written.

Now coming to the episode, Maya overheard Rayaan and Zoya’s conversation. Now she knows what Zoya wants and that she has an ulterior motive to stay in Pakistan. Now Rayaan, Zoya, Saad and Ruqaiya are on a mission! They want to patch up things between Zoya’s parents. The precap seems interesting. Saad wrote a hilarious love letter to Maya on behalf of Asfand and Asfand got a good bashing as a reply from Maya. Poor Asfand did not have a clue about what was happening!
We also got an insight to the reason why Asfand and Maya separated. Maya did not want to stay in Pakistan because of its worsening condition and Asfand did not want to leave Pakistan. He did not want to leave his forefather’s house and restaurant. Both are right in their own places. Maya wants security which she does not find here while Asfand gives importance to his values. Maya and Asfand have come to a kind of truce now. They are no longer fighting and making decisions on behalf of Zoya. Asfand and Maya have decided that they would let Zoya reach to a decision by herself without pressuring her in anyway. I think this is a really good decision.

Zoya is getting more desperate by the day to arrange money to revamp the restaurant. She is thinking of taking a loan despite her promise to Asfand that she would not take one. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Let’s see if she is able to find a sponsor or would she would end up taking a loan.

The highlight of the show was Mr and Mrs Mutmain, they are also attempting to patch up things between Asfand and Maya. Their scenes make you laugh like anything. I loved the scene when they both took Maya to a mall and she got scared when she heard a sound that seemed like a bomb blast. everyone who comes from outside behave the same way since everything is so exaggerated in the news. Now coming to the three employees of Al fonso, Maria is interested in Bedil the ‘ultimate’ flirt. Wow! I did not expect this. Bedil, however is unaware of her feelings while Jugnoo knows about it. I love the way Bedil teases Jugnoo. Jugnoo was trying to learn German secretly, but Bedil exposed his secret. These three are the cutest. I simply love their cute fights.

Ruqaiya, her mom and not to forget their ‘gujrati’. I could not stop laughing at this scene. Ruqaiya’s mom wants her to get married because she thinks she will ‘run away’ with some guy. Zoya was somehow able to convince her to give Ruqaiya some more time. I loved the scene when she imagines the kind of guy her mother would select for her. Poor Ruqaiya!

Every single scene of this episode was superb. There was nothing unnecessary or boring. Each character in this play has its own charm and makes you laugh. I am still not able to choose one as my favorite. I find each of them interesting and funny.
Will Zoya be able to get money to revamp the restaurant? Will her efforts be successful in patching up her parents? To find out tune into Coke Kahani next week on Saturday!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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