Coke Kahani Episode 11 – Positive Changes

Coke Kahani always manages to leave me speechless. It has humor as well as a concept that we can observe around us and which makes it more interesting. Rayaan and the new character Current’s bonding was a very enjoyable scene. Poor Rayaan thought that the guy on the motorcycle is coming towards him to steal his cell phone, but he realized that there is still humanity left in people and everybody in Pakistan are not as he imagined; ill mannered and selfish. There are still some people who help others just for the sake of doing a good deed and do not have an ulterior motive. He met such a person in the form of Current, the mechanic who helped him when he was stranded alone on a very dangerous road when his car broke down. For the first time, Rayaan had the desire to change people in his country instead of criticizing them. Current and his ‘fluent’ English was definitely a pleasure to watch! I am looking forward to more scenes of Current and Rayaan.
The thick headed Saad has finally realized that he likes Ruqaiya. Phew! At the speed he was going, I thought this day would never come. Zoya gives Saad some tips on ‘How to confess to a girl’ and her first tip to Saad was ‘not to behave like your own self’. Her tips were hilarious! Saad and Zoya share a cute bonding which makes you smile when they are on screen. However, Saad’s attempt to take Ruqaiya on a date was a huge flop as Ruqaiya had no idea what had come over Saad all of a sudden. The soft music, the presentable attire, the clean car and mannered behavior was very new to her and it left her boggled. And just when the poor guy was about to confess his feelings, she threw the bomb at him and told him that she was going back abroad for her Masters. Saad’s expressions on this news were mind blowing! I could not help but feel bad for him. The preview for the next episode seems hilarious. Saad goes to Ruqaiya’s mother and tell her to get him married to her daughter otherwise he will run away with her! The poor woman could not believe her ears.
We finally saw what I was waiting for so long. Mutmain Sahab and Nusrat are curious on Rayaan’s whereabouts and thinks that there is something cooking between Rayaan and Zoya. Even Maya has noticed that Rayaan and Zoya spend all of their time together and thinks something is fishy. The only one not to notice is Asfand, such an idea has not crossed his mind and he seemed surprised at the possibility. I am glad they are finally paying attention to Zoya and Rayaan. They will definitely look great together!
Asfand really needs to grow up. He wants to face all the worries alone and refuses to share his problems with anyone. This is what irritates Maya the most, and we saw a huge fight between them when she asked him to share his troubles. Maya got really upset and suddenly made the decision to go back to Florida and asked Zoya to come with her. Zoya was shocked at her sudden change of plans and started to get worried as she does not want her family to get separated again.
Asfand has got the notice from the bank and his restaurant will be sealed in a few days as he has not paid back the loan. He has resorted to the last means of saving his restaurant, that is to sell the paintings that he had inherited from his forefathers and which were very precious to him. Maya is also surprised at his decision to sell the paintings. Will he ever tell Maya about his troubles? Will Maya let go of her sudden decision to go back to Florida? I hope we get all the answers in the next episode! So keep watching Coke Kahani!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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