Coke Kahani Episode 9 – Bondings

Another mind blowing episode! Coke Kahani fulfils all the requirement of a ‘must watch’ show. It has humor, a good story, brilliant actors and an amazing director who has introduced a new kind of show to the audience.
Asfand and Maya are slowly opening up to each other and we saw a lot of development in their relationship in this episode. Asfand told Maya to accept the fact that she still loves him like before and it is obvious that she still does. The misunderstanding is finally getting cleared and they are getting more and more comfortable with each other and the rift between them is finally fading away. But the question is will Maya stay back with Asfand now that all misunderstandings are clear or would she go back to Florida?
The most hilarious part of the show was when Saad was ‘describing’ Ruqaiya to Murtaza. It made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes. It was a treat to watch! Saad’s guilty expressions when he was being scolded by Ruqaiya, Rayaan and Zoya were extremely cute. Saad and Ruqaiya both look great together and I look forward to their scenes. Saad is just too thickheaded to realize how much Ruqaiya likes him. I agree with Rayaan when he told Ruqaiya: ‘Iske ilawa sab ko pata hai tum isse kiya kehna chahti ho’. So true!
Saad is finally noticing Ruqaiya but it is still very hard to tell at this stage whether Saad likes Ruqaiya back or not. I hope he does! They make a nice couple.
We got to see a very stubborn side of Maya, she refused to go to the restaurant opening because nobody invited her. She got so upset when she thought she was not invited to the restaurant opening but what she did not know was that a surprise was in store for her. Another heart-warming scene! Nazia also clears the air about her and Asfand’s relationship which was very important for Maya to know to clear the doubts in her mind about Asfand.
I really do not want Jugnoo to leave the restaurant. I hope he stays back! Maria’s advice to Beydil to try to take Jugnoo’s place as the Chef was laughable. Beydil is not at all experienced and I doubt he knows anything other than his famous ‘shayari’.
Mutmain Sahab is one of my favorite characters in this show. He is currently feeling useless because Nusrat has joined university. He misses her company and the petty fights which kept them both busy. I loved the father son bonding when Rayaan tried to console his father. Till now, Mutmain Sahab was only seen scolding Rayaan about one thing or the other but now we saw an endearing bond between them. I hope we get to see more scenes like these.
Rayaan should listen to Zoya’s advice and start thinking seriously about life and his career. I hope Zoya is able to put some sense into Rayaan! And I hope they end up liking each other too. They look nice together.
Overall, it was a good episode. I am looking forward to the next episode as we would see the introduction of Nusrat’s young university friend and Mutmain Sahab’s reaction, so stay tuned!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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