Coke Kahani Episode 7 – Mission accomplished!

Do I have to say again what an amazing show this is? It is 15 to 20 minutes of pure pleasure. Each character has its own charm and there is not a single scene that makes you bored. All the actors in this show have performed brilliantly and given their 100 percent, the new comers as well as the old ones. I never thought Muhammad Ahmed or Shamim Hilali would be able to do such good comedy. I have usually seen Shamim Hilali in negative or serious characters. Sonia Rehman and Faisal Rehman both are looking great together and so are Yasir Hussain and Maheen Rizvi as Beydil and Maria, and not to forget the ever green Jugno uncle played by Adnan Jaffer. Everyone’s comic timing is outstanding!

Now coming to the episode, Zoya is still trying to patch things up between her parents. She wants them to spend quality time with each other and sort things out. Asfand is trying his best to win over Maya. Poor guy is trying to make food to impress her! And the best part of the episode was the ‘shayari’ that Saad took from Beydil’s phone. I just could not stop laughing at this scene. It goes like:
“Kis Baat pe Khafa Ho, Mujhko Kiun Nahi Batati
Khuwaabo Main Aati Ho, Kamray Main Kiun Nahi Aati”

This scene is a must watch! The look on Asfand’s face when he read the card was priceless.

Saad is so blind. How can he not see that Ruqaiya likes him! Their car scene was a cute, lighthearted scene. Ruqaiya’s mum is again pestering her to meet a guy. Saad asks her if she wants to marry someone else, and she imagined confessing to him that she wants to marry him. This scene was extremely funny!

Rayaan has finally succeeded to get a sponsor. And who is the sponsor? Coca Cola of course! They are the actual sponsors of this show too. They have no doubt invested a lot in this show. Muhammad Ahmed’s script and Mehreen Jabbar’s direction has turned it into a master piece. I always thought Mehreen Jabbar was more of a serious director. She always did the same genre of plays like Vasl and Malaal. It is good to see that she is also very versatile. I never thought she could portray comedy so well on screen, and not to forget the dialogues. They are absolutely fantastic!

Another scene worth mentioning is the one where Saad, Ruqaiya, Zoya and Rayaan are interviewing people to employ in Al fonso. The magicians, the dancers, and that weird guy with the guitar, they all were hilarious! Another must watch scene.
It is still not clear why Maya left Asfand. They are trying to create an air of mystery around Asfand and Maya’s relationship. We got more insight as to why Maya left Asfand. She thinks that Asfand is an indifferent and a useless person who has not done a single thing properly in his life. We also got to see Asfand angry at Maya for the first time, he clearly tells her that you may think I am useless and indifferent but in reality I am just a very patient person. This is true! Asfand is seen as a very calm and patient person who rarely loses his composure. Maya was also seen trying to make Zoya admit of her intentions of patching things up between her parents. Zoya somehow managed to convince her mother that she has no such intentions. Phew! That was a close call.

Maya’s anger has also dissolved overtime. She is finally speaking to Asfand politely. She keeps on pestering him to tell the reason behind the selling of his restaurant. But everything he manages to change the topic. Why is he not telling her the reason? I guess it is because he does not want her to know that he took a loan for Zoya’s education. My guess is that he does not want Maya to feel bad or guilty about his situation.

How can I forget to mention Nusrat and Mutmain Sahab! I love the way Nusrat gets jealous when Mutmain Sahab goes to Nazia’s place (their tenant). These two are extremely cute! I am curious to know who this Nazia is now. Is she a friend of Asfand? There was pure jealousy on Maya’s face when she came searching for Asfand at their house. Let’s see what is in store for us next week! Till then, have a wonderful week!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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