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Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 9 – New Realizations

A lot of development was seen in the story in this episode. It was like someone just pushed the fast forward button from a slow motion mode. Meesha has finally realized what a fool she was to run after Mayer who did not take much interest in her. He played with her feelings and used her to make Zaini jealous. Meesha was too innocent to understand what was going on but Roman was clever enough to identify this oldest trick in the book; to get someone’s attention by showing interest in someone else. In this case, Mayer was trying to gain Zaini’s attention by taking interest in Meesha in front of her. Meesha has finally realized that there is no use running after someone and degrading oneself in the process. Roman was seen giving her a shoulder to cry. This was the cutest scene of the episode. Meesha is slowly realizing what Roman means in her life, how he has been there for her through thick and thin and helped her every time without asking for anything in return. She hates it when he talks to Ammie, or when Meher mentions Ammie and Roman’s marriage.

Roman was also seen trying to show Meesha that what she feels for Mayer is not love. When you love somebody, you get sad when you see them with someone else. Meesha has always been jealous or angry to see Zaini with Mayer, but never has been truly sad. But Roman’s theory did prove to be right as we did see Meesha getting very sad when Meher mentioned Ammie and Roman marriage.

I absolutely loved the flashbacks Meesha and Roman, both had of each other. It took her some time but she has finally realized who her true prince charming is. As Dado said, when you love somebody, you can share anything with them without any hesitation; they are the ones who give you the shoulder to cry on. It is easy to share all your worries and sorrows with them. This is when Meesha remembers Roman and how he has always been there for her to fix things when she is in trouble. He is the one who consoles her in her sorrows and helps to sort out her worries. Her attraction and likeness for Mayer was just a phase and would pass over time. Meesha, however, is still in the denial phase. She still thinks Roman is not a normal human being but a fairy man! How extremely naive of Meesha to still think this. The scene where Meesha gets jealous when Roman is talking to Ammie was a treat to watch. She did not like the fact that he was giving someone else attention other than her. Meesha is slowly developing feelings for him but will she ever accept these feelings and come out of her denial phase?

Meesha always had one dream; to marry a good looking, rich guy. When she wanted Mayer in her life, it was because he was the means to fulfill her dream. She was actually running after her dream which shattered when she came back to reality and this is what saddened her the most.

Zaini has proved to be a brilliant actress. She was able to win over Bano by faking some emotional dialogues which impressed Bano completely and she forgave her. Bano also agreed to get Mayer and Zaini married. Zaini and Meher are excited as for them it is like they had won a jackpot. They left no chance to insult Meesha and make her aware of her true place. I truly felt bad for her in these scenes.

Mayer may be smitten by Zaini but he cannot help but compare both of them. One is kind, loving, with a pure heart. She respects the poor and treats them well. The other is selfish, self centered and who has no respect for poor people and leaves no chance to ill treat them.

Okay, so my prediction was right. The man sent by Shah Baba is supposed to be paired with Ammie. Their scene was extremely cute! I hope Ammie also finds her prince charming in him. Although he is under the impression that Ammie is the girl he is looking for, when it is really Meesha that he is searching for. One more scene worth mentioning is that nightmare that Meesha sees all the time. Previously, it was never clear but now she finally saw the whole dream. The person she is running away from and who means her harm is none other than Mayer and her savior is Roman. Is this not enough to open her eyes?

The pre cap for the episode seems promising. Zaini has finally confessed that she is not Mayer’s ‘mystery girl’, but it is actually Meesha. Somewhere deep down Mayer always knew that Meesha was the girl he had met, but he was not ready to accept it. He has finally proposed to Meesha. Will Meesha accept the proposal? Or will she stay with Roman whom she truly loves? Dado is also aware of Roman’s feelings for Meesha and advices him to tell her. Will he finally confess? Or will it be too late? I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode.

Mariam Shafiq

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