Geo TV brings Nadia Back! A New Move!

Geo TV can surely be considered as the first channel of Pakistan that opened new doors of success for the country.  Whether it be its News channels or the entertainment one, Geo Network has been coming up with something new each time, showing what its audience wants to see. Although Geo TV  is been criticized by every alternate home for the telecast of Turkish shows on prime time, Geo is now all prepared with another strategy to bring back the audience that seems upset with the channel.

At the time when we see Noor and ‘Bare Achay Lagtay hain’ been aired on the channel,  mirat-ul-uroos  and dramas’ like Ghao are appreciable too. To add more spice to its popularity, Geo has now announced that Nadia Khan would be back soon on the channel, probably replacing Shaista in the morning show.

Although there is no news about something going wrong between Shaista and the channel,  Nadia has been chosen again for teh fact that she was been loved by the audience like anything. There are no doubts about the potentials of Nadia who knows how to keep the attention of viewers grabbed.

Probably the new move would neutralize the hot air around the channel.

Best Wishes,

Nida Zaidi

  • Zahra Mirza

    Oh god please! Nadia Khan is OVER-RATED & has completely lost her charm. People has seen her enough for the 7 years & if they (GEO) thinks people would love watching her again is a wishful thinking. She came back with a very warm welcome & started 'The Nadia Khan Show', but what happened after that, it failed to draw the attention even though it was fully spiced up with the mirch masala & tarka of Nadia Khan which happens to be her signature style.

    I have a suggestion for GEO, why not bring some intellectual common lady with some decency & sense & let her host the show I am sure many people would be able to connect & relate to her rather than Nadia Khan!

    • nida_zaidi

      Hate her or love her, but we are the ones who have over rated her.

      • Zahra Mirza

        @ Sumbal: I agree!
        @ Nida: I proudly say I haven't at least!

    • Sumbal

      well they have nothing to do with sense n sensibility , all they want is mirch masala,3rd rate dances,stupid games n cheapness in their channel.ladies like nadia khan n shaista suit them

      • baacha

        100% agree

    • Palwasha

      After her divorce she has to search for some job to earn a living for her children. Now this is the only job she did through out her life. But if she has talent then why any other channel invites her why only GEO.

      I think she should get married again and live a happy life after finding Mr Right.

  • ash

    i dont know why when any one come the morning host on geo tv after some time she becomes over and start doing over acting drama in their show, and this is also strange that after some time their married life also goes in crises ends on divource. So its better to host the morning show of geo tv who is already divourced. PLZZZZZ stay away all the happily maried wives to host the morning show of GEO.

  • kauser

    Nadia has to Go. she always talk about Male gender in wrong sense and other Hand all the Mother_in_law are Bad ,
    why she has to over dress up ?why she can't use proper Urdu ,she speaks we called Gulabi Urdu. the words she use it is not our national language words .it is totally fine IF u speak words in English but words that are not nice to say .and esp in the show . PHADA TOPI PENA DI MUCHI MUHCI SALI
    She could do more other than just dress up like barbie and fee lother be pity .she can do show in decent out fits.
    film and gossip what else left ,she admit in her last show (gossip karne me buhut maza aata hey )and when her host came she said i hate to be gossiping ,
    so what r u trying to show her outfits
    her out spoken talent but it is not working MS NADIA
    Be decent ,be polite and get some topic from ur own house? Don't blame poor maids they r made of different , I AM SO EMBARRASSED WHEN U DID THE MAID SHOW AND I GOT DISGUSTED LIKE I HAVE NO WORDS TO SAY ,ALLAH does not ask us to treat the way u told or rather Demonstrate it and ur Cheap guests too .
    i hope ur mom was not a bad mother in law and ur Father is not a victim of ur mother act so pls think all is not equal ,which Society i live there are so many male is victim so what do u say about them .
    my mother inlaw passed 10 years back such a humble personality . My mother was also moth in law she was also loved by her daughter in laws .so correct ur figures
    unless u doing this show just for ur own personal experiences,
    thanks i hope u learn fro my mail some thing .

  • kauser