Aik Nayee Cinderella – Last Episode!

Aik Nayee Cinderella was a great watch. It was a show which always managed to bring a smile on my face. It was a refreshing show with a different concept. Maya Ali as Meesha was simply wonderful. Meesha’s cute antics were always a treat to watch. Maya was perfect for the role and had given a great performance for a new actor. Faizan Khwaja was the highlight of the show for me. I had not seen him as a lead in any other show and I did not expect much from him but he has surprised me with his superb acting skills. I always looked forward to all the scenes between Meesha and Roman as they both had an amazing chemistry. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed by Osman Khalid Butt’s acting skills. Since he is a theatre actor, I had a lot of expectations from him but he failed to live up to them. He really needs to work on his expressions and dialogue delivery. Haissam Hussain has shown his magic again after Dastaan. His direction was beyond excellent. He gave life and soul to Faiza Iftikhar’s script. And lastly, the beautiful places the show was shot at managed to glorify the beauty of all the scenes in the show. The costumes, makeup, and the setup all gave a fairytale look to the show.

Roman and Meesha finally got back together. I loved all their scenes in this episode. Roman finally got to know the reason why Meesha was so angry all this time and cleared things up. They took their sweet time to clear their misunderstandings! Roman manages to convince Meesha to go along with Shah Baba’s plan and agree to marry Farjad. She finally agrees as she trusts Roman now. She did not want to run away and hide from Shah Baba. Meesha’s confession to Roman about her feelings was the best scene of the episode! Meesha innocently told him that she likes him and in reply she got a smile from Roman and he also told her that he knew this from a long time.

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Mayer also tried to emotionally blackmail Meesha to agree to the marriage. He only managed to disgust me! He only cared about what will happen to him if Shah Baba locks him in the prison. Meesha finally saw Mayer’s true face and told him that she never loved him and she never will either! Way to go Meesha! She also requested Shah Baba to let Mayer leave Shahabad. She pitied him and gave his escape as a gift to him. The Prince Charming turned out to be the biggest disappointment and the pauper was actually the true Prince. How ironic! What shines may not always turn out to be gold!

I must say, I was very disappointed with the ending. I expected some power packed ending but the episode ended on a very vague note. Farjad finally managed to stop Shah Baba from getting married to Meesha. He took all his power away from him and left him helpless. But what happened after this? What happened to Meesha and Roman? I wanted to see them living together happily. What happened to Dado, Zaini and Meher? I would have loved to see some scenes between Farjad and Aimee. I really wanted to see a proper ending. They dragged the show so much but could not give a good ending to satisfy the audiences. I am sure many of you will agree with me.

Overall, this show had the perfect ingredients to impress the audiences. It had a good cast, a superb director, a brilliant writer, beautiful locations and last but not the least a good OST. It had suspense, drama, entertainment as well as comedy. I am really going to miss this show! I hope we get to see more shows in the future with such refreshing concepts.

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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  • Way to Go team ANC.
    Its funny how different people perceive things differently, I thought Mayer was the best out of all the younger acters. His character was very interesting as well. He was introduced as a Prince Charming but later unraveled as the going got tough. I really enjoyed his acting alot.

  • I will miss this drama a lot. The story was sweet, direction amazing, scenery beautiful & acting by new comers n older actors was spot on.

  • Wow , another good play has ended. I will miss this show on Saturdays, which had really become fun for the last few weeks.

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