Aik Nayee Cinderella Episode 13 – Schemes and Secrets

At last we saw the story moving ahead. A lot of development was seen in this episode. Meher has started scheming again and she has managed to convince both Dado and Meesha that she has changed and wants to repent for her behavior. Meher suddenly has a ‘change of heart’ when Meesha consoles her when she was crying over Aimee. She manages to persuade Dado to allow her and Meesha to go and stay at Bano’s house for a month and fulfill Banos’ condition. But she has an ulterior motive behind this as she wants to ruin things for Meesha and make Bano realize that she cannot change or mold Meesha according to her standards and criteria for a daughter in law. Bano is also seen unhappy that Dado has agreed to the condition. She can barely tolerate Meesha but has agreed to give Meesha a chance for Mayers’ sake but she has sworn to make things difficult to Meesha. Mayer, on the other hand is seen happy and excited at his and Meesha’s upcoming wedding.
I could not judge Meesha’s sentiments in this episode. It was hard to determine whether she was happy at her dream finally coming true, or sad at losing Roman. It is important at this point for Meesha to talk to Roman and clear things between them. One thing I am extremely surprised about is Roman’s decision to marry Surraiya. Surraiya has finally managed to convince Roman to marry her through her blackmail. Poor Roman has agreed so that Meesha’s life would not get ruined. The scheming and foul woman has told everybody about her upcoming marriage to Roman. Meesha also got to hear it from Meher and it came as a huge shock to her. Roman’s image has further been reduced in Meesha’s eyes. What an ironic situation! I do not know whether to laugh at the irony or be sad at Roman’s situation. Roman has managed to get a job at Bano’s house as Mayer and Meesha’s wedding planner! I cannot help but feel pity for Roman.
Aimee and Farjad were the stars of this episode. The look extremely cute together and their scenes are always lighthearted and enjoyable. Warda Butt and Mukarram Kaleem have done a great job. Farjad has finally brought Aimee to his house. Aimee was shocked to see the huge mansion and could not help but think that she has finally managed to find her prince charming in Farjad. Shah Baba gave a very warm welcome to Aimee as he thinks that she is Meesha. We also got more insight as to why Shah Baba was so desperate to find Meesha all those years. Meesha is supposedly considered lucky for his family and he wants his son to get married to her. The surprising twist that we got to know is that Farjad and Meesha were about to get married in their childhood but it could not happen due to some turn of events. I am curious to know what really happened and how did Saifullah come in the picture? But the main question is what will happen once Shah Baba gets to know that Aimee is not the girl he has been looking for? Will Farjad leave Aimee or will he marry her against Shah Baba’s wishes?
The most hilarious scene of the episode was when Zaini was left to care for Dado. Zaini, who had not lifted a finger all her life, was seen taking care of her granny and is completely at her granny’s beck and call. It was one of the best scenes of the episode for me.
Bano has also started to place restrictions on the free spirited Meesha. She is attempting to tame a lioness but will it be possible? Meesha has had a very simple upbringing. Will she able to fulfill Bano’s criteria for a daughter in law? The preview for the next epsiode did not look convincing. Meesha faces Bano’s displeasure at whatever she attempts to do. Will Meher makes the situation worse for her? What is the secret of Meesha’s childhood that only two people know so far; Saifullah and Dado? Don’t forget to watch Aik Nayee Cinderella next week to find out!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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  • Wow, a really wonderfully written review to such a sweet play. I have a silly smile on face while watching this play.

    I love how you've described Meesha as a free spirited girl & called her a lioness, because she really is one.
    Zaini & Aimee look like two cartoon characters from a Disney movie. They are both so much fun to watch.
    I'm glad the writer Faiza Iftikhar has shown Mayer as a nice, well brought up boy & not a spoilt rich brat, because the other writers always make one person in a love triangle mean & villain.

    • Yes, Aimee and Zaini really do look like cartoon characters! LOL!
      Mayer is not the typical spoil brat and thats what i like about him. :)

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